• Last night you had received a letter from someone simply named "A.B.". It requested that you meet them by sunset on top of a specified cliff that overlooks a known Sabbath camp below.

    The next day, when the sun is beginning to set you make your way to the top of the cliff while carefully avoiding the Sabbath patrols. Up top you find an adult woman seated in a lawn chair with a sniper rifle mounted on a bipod next to the ledge that is aimed in the direction of the camp. A scythe with a purple sheen is leaning against a tree, and you realize that this isn't just any woman, but an adult Baphomet.

    She raises her hand to you in a peaceful gesture and says, "Do not fear, for I mean you no harm. I summoned you here because you're an experienced hunter, and I thought you'd be interested in some fun."

    A wicked grin forms on her face as she nods toward the sniper rifle and continues, "Down there as you're already aware is a small Sabbath camp, full of those...eugh...girls. They think they're so much better than everyone else and it pisses me off."

    She then gestures to herself, "I saw the light when I ate that cake from Wonderland. Saw the joys and benefits of being a beautiful adult woman. I tried to convince them of these benefits, but they refused to be convinced and kicked me out, branding me a traitor for falling away from their traditional ways."

    The adult Baphomet points toward the sniper rifle and says, "Which is why I want you to show them the light. That sniper rifle is loaded with magically enchanted darts that are capable of changing those little troublemakers into gorgeous adult women. Don't worry, I have an illusion field around this cliff so they won't be able to see us."

    She isn't wrong about you being a skilled hunter. You've been hunting game since you were a teen, which must be why she called you up here specifically. Plus, if you're up for it then there is the potential for some fun to be had.


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    • I peruse the encampment, and an hour later, spot a lone witch seated in a pool chair, sunbathing.

      I take aim, mindful of the wind, and fire.

      Bullseye! Or, rather, witch's foot!

      She yelps in pain, sitting up to reach for the dart, but her feet shoot away from her, her thighs thicken, hips widen, butt gets jiggly, arms stretch out, breasts swell, her hair grows, stopping just above her butt.

      And of course her seat collapses under her weight.

      She just sits there, groping her new curves, and as the wind changes, I can her a deep, womanly giggle.

      All of this has understandably made me boulder solid, but my companion has me covered, her hand already snaked into my shorts, and her breasts in my lap.

      She doesn't tease me to orgasm, but instead strokes just enough to ease the pain of hardness, her hand enchanted to be cool and soothing.

      A familiar walks up to our first target, and begins to launch into a tirade about how she has betrayed the camp.

      I take aim, and again hit my mark.

      "Right in the nipple!"

      Ooh, that's gotta sting.

      Her left breast swells first, then her right, and so she topples face first into the witch's lap, her arms, butt, hips, thighs, and feet follow suit, her hair grows down past her waist to near her knees.

      Her tail has grown longer, and thicker, and begun to wrap about the witch's legs, squeezing and massaging the plush flesh like a stress ball.

      The fuzzy paws drip with sweat, it is rather hot today.

      I mumble an old verse from my father's hunting journal,

      "Freuzzle, frazzle, heart of gold, spread the pollen, spread the mold. Give me wind to fill my sails, bring my summer chills and hails, make an icy [north] wind blow, bring it to me, make it grow," and the wind picks up speed, the tents in the camp begin to ruffle.

      Frzzulknif must be feeling generous today.

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    • Heh, nice.

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    • Wait how many bapho's are within an average Sabbath camp meh maybe a few of them.

      I would choose the sniper to be a a bolt action hunting rifle of course wouldn't it be obvious because it's a forest duh and theres a slight chance a bapho can get a military grade sniper I mean a semi auto could work but bolt actions are much more accurate based on people's opinions.

      First off I would ask her, "Any important figures you want to fire at?" so she replied, "Probably a few baphomets." But first of course an important figure wouldn't be outside exposed unless they're doing something important.

      So I checked on my phone for the weather and it was in clear conditions and so I looked at their flag to see there are no winds which is quite surprising and so I fired and.... the wind came back which caused the dart to fly into a window i was silent for a few seconds then I heard a scream from within the camps building I accidentally hit a baphomet which causes the whole camp to panic and trying their hardest to find the mysterious sniper and before the panic started a witch shouted at the whole camp saying, "BETHANY HAS BEEN SHOT BY A DART TO THE ASS!!"

      I looked at her to see her laughing while trying to say, "hehehe! You hit her I don't know how you managed to do so!" and I replied with, "Luck I guess." so I continued to fire at the camp's inhabitants first a familiar to the kneecaps because I like to and a few witches running around.

      With a of the ammo gone I took a rest sitting down on the cliffside grass she looked at me and talked to me saying how great I was doing there until she pulled out a potion saying adult and she stated, "I had saved this baby for last I had created a potion that can create any Loli mamonos into adult mamonos." I asked her a question, "Do we have to throw it?" so she replied with, "Yup plus it'll turn into a gas form so they can't escape for it."

      So I threw the potion and she told me that my job was finished I could go home I ask her before went to my truck, "Do you need a ride home?" and she replied with, "No need to." I said alright to her and a goodbye and went home unscaved.

      A pretty fun day I had to say to my self.

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    • (Ouh, I almost entirely forgot about the baphomet.)

      I look at the Adult Baphomet, damn shes better than I thought an adult would look like. "Are you  Mr. Schuttle?" she asks me as her grip tightens on her scythe.

      "Yes, I am Skye Schuttle." I say to her. She lets out a puff of air and loosens her grip. "What do you want?" I ask her when she stands up. She stands at a little less than 7 feet tall, towering over my puny 6 foot 2 inches.

      "Down there as you're already aware is a small Sabbath camp, full of those...eugh...girls." she starts to say, a hint of disgust can be heard when she says girls. "They think they're so much better than everyone else and it pisses me off. I saw the light when I ate that cake from Wonderland. Saw the joys and benefits of being a beautiful adult woman. I tried to convince them of these benefits, but they refused to be convinced and kicked me out, branding me a traitor for falling away from their traditional ways..." she begins to trail off, she's beginning to look angry. 

      "So what exactly is your plan? And what am I getting out of this?" I interrupt her, causing her to give me a shocked look. But, that look quickly turns back into a smile.

      "Cutting right to the point I see, intresting." she says giving me a smile. "But as you wish. The plan is to use these bullets," she says showing me the pink glowing bullet. "It will turn any mamono into an adult form. You'll use this sniper.."she points to the sniper next to her, "and fire these bullets and show these girls the gifts of adulthood."

      "Sorry I already have my own sniper," I say pointing to the sniper rifle strapped to my back, "But I'll ask again, what is the payment?" She sighs.

      "You'll get this," she says tossing me a bag almost overflowing with valuable gems and crystals. I smirk and place the bag in my pocket. "You'll also get one of the bullets to keep for yourself." she says handing me the glowing bullet.

      "Deal." I say almost immediately after she tells me my full payment. I pull out my sniper and load it full of the magic bullets.

      I take aim at a Familiar talking to a Baphomet. I can feel the wind picking up and readjust my aim and fire."Nice shot," says the Adult Baphomet as I hit the Familiar right in the side. The Familiar starts to freak out as she begins to glow pink and grow in size. I shake my head and look through my sights again to make sure I wasn't dreaming. The paws growing twice their original size and her tail growing longer. I take aim again at the now running away Baphomet trying to warn everyone, but I fire and hit her as well.

      I shoot a total of 28 shots and created 2 adult Familiars, 8 Adult Baphomets, and 18 adult Witches. Me and the Baphomet next to me kept laughing at their confusion and chaos. They all looked like chickens with their heads cut off. We then became very good and close friends, until we got married.

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    • ...But Baphomets are rare, high level mamono. The Dragon equivalent amongst beastmen.

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    • Very nice responses SnakeLover and BigJohn.

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    • I look at her for a long moment, considering the offer. On the one hand, the Sabbath has been pretty aggressive around here, but on the other hand, I've never really been one for the 'fight fire with fire' motto.

      "If I do this, You'll keep the Sabbath from coming after me, right?" She laughs, holding a hand on her breast.

      "Oh, dear. If you do this, nothing will stop the Sabbath coming after you." She gives me a smouldering look, "But, I can keep you safe from them, besides, this branch follows Keroferuru. They're about as innocent as an Order commander." I know the name, and have seen some of the aftermath's of their aggressiveness. I give her a long hard look, before stepping up to the rifle.

      "Alright, let's see what we have here...." Lowering the rifle I look down at all the mamono. Looking around I pick out some high value targets. Devils and demons, even a strange jabberwock that was roaming the camp, shouting orders. Careful aim, then pop. The jabberwock grabs her chest, and before my eyes she grows, fills out and ages to a girl in her late teens.

      I shot a few of the devils before the panic set in. After my fourth shot I heard a deep moan from behind me. Turning around I saw the baphomet who'd brought me here, groping and fingering herself.

      "Keep going, please, keep going my dear." She moans, far more into this than I expected. I shrug and try to ignore it, aiming back at the camp and putting the last two rounds into a couple of demons.

      "Alright, gun's empty, now, can we get the hell out of here befor-" I'm tackled as I turn around, the baphomet's lust having gotten the better of her.

      "Oh, we'll get out of here, but first I'm going to need something from you...." I roll the two of us over, the curvy baphomet pinned underneath me.

      "It can wait. I'm not doing this so you can get us caught by fucking us both senseless." She just smirks, a sound of fast-moving metal behind me. Rolling off of her, I look up to see her, back on her feet in a crouch, holding her scythe in both hands.

      "Very well. We shall take this... elsewhere." She leaps at me, one hand grabbing my shirt, the other swinging the scythe and seemingly cutting a hole in the air. With a casual tug she pulls both of us through the protal, and into... a mushroom forest?

      "Where the abyss-" I'm cut off by a sudden liplock, her eyes digging into mine. As we part I'm once more on the ground, my clothes vanishing in a puff of smoke. As she mounts me, she leans in and whispers into my ear, "Welcome to Wonderland."

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    • Very nice Red! Loved the twist at the end!

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    • Well, if she's been there before, it's not hard to imagine it as a good place to make a quick getaway.

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    • I personally thought that to be a genious reuse of prompt data, and I wish I'd though of it. Cheers.


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    • A FANDOM user
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