• Recently, you had gone to survey the ruins of some ancient city with two of your friends, Aaron and Chelsie.

    Your expedition was interrupted, however, when a swarm of Khepri burst forth from the shadowy halls and dragged Aaron away.

    Booking it for the exit, you and Chelsie barely escaped the ruins, and the mamono never followed you past the doirway.

    You had immediately departed on your camels, leaving his behind in the hope that he would return to you.

    But, alas, the pair of you had not heard from him in all of the two years you had stayed in the town your merry trio initially set out from.

    Disheartened by his absence, you had departed, heading to tell his family the news.

    Upon your arrival, the town was in an uproar, strange cloaked figures had kidnapped young Holstaurs, and many Human women had been invited by letter to visit some far off kingdom.

    Aaron's family were shocked by the news of his death, mostly because he had written to them, and you.

    He had directly requested your attendance at court, the king was he.

    Upon your arrival at court, with his family in tow, you had witnessed several women seated in chairs near an empty throne, and nearly every monster, no, every woman in the kingdom had been a Holstaur.

    But these women were human, all from the village your friend had grown up in.

    A few black cloaked figures stood, knelt, and bowed in the shadows at the edges of the massive room, torches hung on the pillars, which lined the massive stairway up to the throne.

    The stairway landings were quite wide, allowing even a lamia (Aaron's adopted sister) to stretch out fully with room to spare, and cushioned chairs were affixed to the walls on each landing for added comfort.

    As your merry party reached the top of the stairway, you found a deep-set bowl-shaped indentation in the floor. It was currently empty, and so you went to sit in it, but one of the cloaked figures, who you now saw to be a Khepri, her robes fluttering open in her frenzy, pulled you back.

    You were suddenly seated on a chair, so heavy you couldn't tilt it and fall down the stairs, though the last landing was only three steps down.

    Then your friend Aaron stepped out, his hair salt-and-peppered, as well as his beard. He seated himself at the throne, and rung a small bell.

    Two uncloaked Khepri rolled large spheres of black sludge into the pit before you, on closer inspection, the sludge was dappled with large white blotches.

    It pooled easily in the bowl of the floor, and soon more sheres were rolled into the pit, it took ten pairs to fill the hollow, and by then the clamor of the hall had fully silenced.

    A woman from the row of chairs was selected seemingly at random, and she tensed up, fighting off the Khepri who jad come to collect her.

    Chaos broke out, but soon the guards had swarmed her and dragged her to the pool.

    They threw her in without looking at her again, and returned to the shadows.

    She writhed and squirmed, her arms slick with the liquid, it clung to her flesh, and slipped on the stone, seeping into her swelling body.

    Ten minutes passed, and a particularly buxom holstaur emerged, the pit was empty, and the pit was once again filled. . .

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