• You're newly wed man named [Insert Name Here] to a manticore you had always loved you from the past to today and you finally reached your dreams.

    While you're sleeping your wife tends to have dreams mumbling to her self and creating sounds like purrs and etc while also tossing and turning on the bed and one night while you were sleep you felt something wet and sticky touching your crotch you shrugged it off but it won't stop all night and causes you get tired in the next morning.

    You told you wife about about the problem last night and she thought it was just a lucid dream and shrugged it off.

    So on the next night and you prepared yourself for the supposed weird experience and so you felt it and woke up to see you wife's tail conscious and sucking on your crotch.


    (Finally I finished making this post)

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    • If you could link to wherever the heck this is from (I honestly forgot, go figure) that would be great.

      Anyway, cool!

      On with the show!

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    • Well, it happened again...

      Ted felt himself drafted from his dream for the second time. A very pleasant sensation had found its way to his trousers, easily shedding off his underwear. The lad wasn't the kind to 'play' twith himself at night. Really, what man would make use of their hands with a willing and wed wife?

      Well, Ted might be one such a man. Considered weird around for his reluctance at 'assaulting' his own wife. A funny coincidence as Teressa was far from your average manticore, being a shy gal compared to many of her kind. Married as they were, happy as they were, marital activities were as dry as the Sahara, no, the Sahara desert couldn't be as dry as the couple.

      Even at the time of his proposal, the folks parent to Teressa had told Ted he'd be the one to take care of her for her exceptional timidity. And that, he did. Her spiky hair dressed in a elongated way falling down, complimented by her gray-white appandages. Wings, tail, limbs. A real beauty, anyone would agree. Any man wed with a woman like this, they'd rush to consumate their marriage the very night.

      But not Ted. No, he wanted to be chivalrous. He wanted to be fine toward her. The first time had come and passed. Then the second. And the third. And the fourth. And so on, and so on.

      Nothing. Not a thing. Now, one might be mistaken to think that the folks over at her family had told him not to take advantage of her innocence. So far, each member of her family was distraught at the couple's inaction, judging by the severe lack of true ushering as a tender wife, waiting to be loved physically. Seems just about everyone could see it, except Ted.

      Most of Ted's memories concerning her mother were filled with nothing less than a reprimande for basically failling to fufill his duty as her husband.

      "Ted, how goes my daughter? are you taking care of her well?"

      "Of course, ma'am. The pearl of your eyes is as shiny as the day I've met her. Unspoiled, unharmed".

      "Now Ted, this isn't what I wanted to hear, dear. You may not see it, but my little girl's yearning for her baptism. I told you you're the one supposed to take the first steps around".

      "I will...eventually. Just need to wait for the right time".

      "Well, you best muster that commitment before even my snowflakes tire from those idle hands. You know how she can be if neglected for long. Her tail doing the talking long before she realizes it".

      So far, she was being proven right. Teressa's tail was going down on Ted's pants with no regard for the man's involvement in the act, rushing his meat pole midway before he suddenly, but slowly gets himself off the bed, leaving her tail reeling and trashing in his direction, almost whimpering in his absence.

      Now Ted had basically hit the jackpot with Teressa's hand in his. His childhood friend now wife. Unfortunately, Ted had the misfortune to mistake her timidity for negative answers to many things. Yea, Ted wasn't the best body language reader around. And nowhere is that as painfully blatant as the bland marriage the two were in.

      Now, seeing the extension of her body reeling for his return would set any normal man a set of bells indicating of her subtle permission to hop in and ravish this fine lady, a strong signal that'd easily overpower whatever her mouth had to say about the matter. It may say no...alone by itself while every inch of her say yes. Ted don't read that far. No, Ted goes goes the stairs to sleep on the sofa, oblivious to said signals.

      And of course, the morning sees teressa standing before the man in her pajamas. Pajama featuring nothing more than the top and a sly underwear just barely present. Her top kept open to showcase her cleavage, her way of giving consent to the husband Ted, who everyone could see miles away. Once again, except him.

      "Honey, what are you doing here?" she asks, a gentle voice unlike the typical manticore. Her tail growls in a dim pitch directly at poor Ted, still ignorant of his act.

      "Ohh, good morning, dear" he rises awake, ever divert to her standing form. Her arms joined at the low middle, causing her breast to push forward, threatning to burst beyond the pajama, a head sulken as well, seemingly awaiting something "Well, you seemed somewhat agitated last night.  That, and I wanted somethign to drink. So, I left you to move as you please while getting myself some water".

      "Ohh, alright then. Very sorry for that. I did have weird dreams, though I'm not sure discussing them would bring about anything".

      "Alright, maybe I should get you some sleeping pills" he suggests, blissfully unaware of the slight disappointment shining in her eyes as he walks away to the kitchen "My turn to mend the stove today. You get yourself prettied up while I fire it up".

      Another night, another tail action on Ted, who immediately recognizes the pulse of the tail's maw. His mind spikes to the door, thinking of letting Teressa move as she will.

      He moves from the sheets, causing the tail to screech in a hollow fashion, fiercely clapsing on his manhood. Now, this act in itself was already a first for Ted, who was wholly unprepared for her tail's vehement protest, its declaration of war at his obliviousness. The part that really give the man a panic attack was unseen. The suction of the tail, an equivalent of branding a strong offensive manifesting the intention behind the act.

      A silent brawl ensures, with Ted standing before the bed, his mandhood knitted inside her tail massaged like in a saloon on overdrive. All to the poor man's attempt to tug himself from it's dismay. So focused on the tail he was that his eyes had failed to notice Teressa now sitting on her knees on the bed, watching with curiosity as to why he was acting like this.

      "Darling, what are you doing?"

      "Ohh, hum..." Ted struggles to keep a lid on his mind, most of it focused on the pleasuring sensation of her tail. Never the less "I need to use the bathroom. You know, the amount of water I've downed today and all".

      "Ohh, alright..." with a sigh, Teressa's tail concedes to its dismay, allowing the man to venture forth. Once. Again, merrily blind to his wife's stance on the bed. A maiden awaiting her faithful back to the marital bed with a shine in her blue-gray eyes across the moonlight.

      Being who he is, Ted's previous assault was easily forgotten, accounted by her strange dreams. A phase he thought was common with her kind, relieving himself in the bathroom.

      His path sees him return to the sofa as opposed to the bedroom, unsure of how much trashing Teressa's tail was still. Here he sleeps, returned to the dreamland...

      ...for five minutes.

      The tender suction hath come back.

      His eyes spring open followed by his body "What the...?"

      They meet Teressa's gleaming irises, sharp as a reptile's " Teressa?" What are you--

      "I'm hungry, so I went down", she responds, her gentle voice ever at her side, but different. The look she gives him...the eyes of a predator having cornered a prey. A sentiment made manifest by the weigh of her body straddling him. Just as a breeze came to him, for him to realize his pajama's pants were pulled down. He could not move, he could not turn away.

      "Well, I can cook you something if you want?" asks Ted, yet deaf to her words.

      "No, honey. I'm hungry. Famished. I have what I wish to devour right here..." her hand gently taps on his chest, rushign down to his bulging pants. A frantic panic strikes Ted as he remembers the words of her mother echoing through his mind You know how she can be if neglected for long.

      He panicks. Profusely "Hold on dear, I'm no brochette! I can whip something up for you at the stove!"

      She shakes her head, eyes lowered at his pants, close to her tail salivating in a purple viscous matter. Liquid demon energy. Her voice rings more "All this time, waiting on you to feed me. Yet you sat, idle. Mother was right after all..."

      "Right?" Ted turns profusely around, seeking a way out of this predicamment. Alas, not even his sight was free from the incoming onslaught as his wife had her fingers gently cup his chin to her direction, her lips open.

      "But then again, mamma's always right. If I can't bring diner to me, then I'll go to diner myself..." With that said, Teressa plunges for a kiss. A wet, sloppy kiss on Ted, who's mind had already given up to the pleasure. The softness, overwhelming. The taste, heavenly. The passion, burning bright in the darkness. Her kiss, a strong statement to he tipped famish.

      What was forgotten about the two was that they were married for about a year. And before that, they were already coupled as everyone in the neighborhood had 'pressured' them that they'd were compatible. As expected, the pent-up hunger was a result of Ted ignoring the blatant signals given over and over, for a year.

      And now, the lid was burst open. Teressa reels back from a sloppy kiss, no illusion of decency anywhere. A trail of saliva yet connected the two, the pants of Ted slapping any notion of control far from him.

      "You've had the taste of my tail, did you not?" she asks, a grow in her voice with a clear demand for an answer, devoid of obliviousness from her husband.

      "Well, it asserted itself, to be honest". Ted's exhausted voice inquires her atop her licking tongue across her lips.

      "Then we won't need it this night. No dear". she whispers, a honey-trap in her voice, sprung so easily by her ignorant husband.

      "Oh good. Then I'll go and--

      ~No, you will not. Right now, I need you to witness what you're in for, darling~ Her finger point to her lips, subject to her smooch across it, smooched against the lower lip while she bites the upper, periodically pouted in a thirst. Her other hand, holding his shaft firmly in place, forcing a jolt out of him.

      "W-w-wait! I thought you were...there's food in the fridge!!" he tries to protest, a dart at his flank, deeply embedded in his flesh, yet no pain lashes at his nerves. No, sensibility washes on his manhood, increasing its blood accumulation. Harder than a diamond, impatient on 'releasing' itself.

      ~Yes, and there is dessert right here~ Teressa whispers once more, a sultry voice mixing a maiden on her first night and a predator playing with her prey ~A thick and creamy dessert waiting to be tasted. Devoured to its last drop~

      Her tail runs to her panties, tearing it in a surgeon's precision, instantly soaking the sofa...and Ted in her woman's fluids. Should he look, he'd see it shine under the dark.

      ~Now, I will taste you, honey. I will taste you with my lips~ she points to herself, quickly rubbing off the tip of his 'tip' with a finger before bringing it to her tongue, thoroughly sucking on it, her eyes closedin bliss.

      ~And then, I will devour you and your strong and pulsating shaft with my lips~ she utters, lowering her finger down, below his 'package', lovingly rubbing her womanhood under a brieft spurn of pants from her.

      ~And the warmth of passion will wash over us, embraced in each other under our overdue marital rites~

      She speaks no more, bound by hunger. He speaks no more, tied by desire. At last, she lowers her lips, her tongue the first to slide across his 'shaft'...

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    • Justheretowrite wrote: If you could link to wherever the heck this is from (I honestly forgot, go figure) that would be great.

      Anyway, cool!

      On with the show!

      This is the thread you posted if your wondering your post is right at most bottom.

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    • A bit late to give a compliment about jester post but whatever it's great a response.

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    • Late would be half a year past. This is fine, dude. Thanks for that.

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