• Family:Parasite

    Type: Bug

    Habitat: Grasslands, woods.

    Disposition: Timid, Playful, Manipulative

    Diet: Blood

    Brown insect monsters with a hard shell on their back and a childlike appearance. They are seen normally with a very playful attitude, but that can’t be further from the truth.

    They are extremely docile around humans, and can almost be called afraid of them. When they spot a man they try to hide in closest area so they are not spotted. If a man does end up finding a Dani, they will do their best to run away as quickly as possible.

    If they are raped by a man who spots them they will struggle throughout the entire ordeal. When the man wakes up after he does this to a Dani, they will be no where to be seen,but the man will have a couple bites on their neck.

    Their main food source is blood, but unlike the Vampire and Vamp Mosquitoe, they do not need it from a male and will normally drink from different animals.

    Dani’s are also known to drink from Human females and beastman type monsters, most commonly Dog or Cat family monsters. When they first drink the blood of one of these they will get addicted and inject a venom into them.

    This venom has no effects on Human Male but when used on a female of either race, it will cause them to see the Dani as one of their children to take care of. The infected monster will let the Dani drink from them whenever they are hungry, and will protect the Dani from most harm.

    If that monster they bite has a husband or becomes married during the infection, they will feel a lot more safe about being with a man and will end up having fun with the same man as the infected. They will end up biting the man multiple times during bed and even start to see them more tasty then their infected. This is most likely because both his and the infected man would combine during this time.

    The infection will normally persist for most of the infected life, and will only stop on three occasions. The first being the Dani bites a different women transferring the infection from the first one to the new one. The second being if the Dani is incredibly far away for a entended period of time. The final being when they give birth, it is said this is because they have to spend most of their energy on the birth that the infection brakes.

    Once the infection stops, even if they did not have a husband, The old infected will feel incredibly weak, having a hard time even stand. This loss of power seems to be permanent unless the old infected has a large amount of sex with a man. At this point if they do not have a man, large amount of demonic energy festers within them and causes nearby man to rape the old infected. This may also cause human women to monsterize.

    (Probably could improve a lot of this... but it was a nice first attempt)

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