• Family:Parasite

    Type: Bug

    Habitat: Any area where a type of Lamia would be

    Disposition: Maniputive, Lustful.

    Diet: Men’s spiritual energy

    A variant of Dani that no longer has a hard shell and instead has fur covering her back. They tend to be a lot more aggressive then normal Dani.

    Unlike normal Dani who will run away from men they spot, Lamia Mites will agressively attack them and hold them tight like a lamia normally would. The issue is they do not have long tails so they try to use their arms and are normally incredibly angry in bed that they can’t hold their man close like a lamia can.

    For the reason above when they spot a lamia or a monster with a long tail like a Lamia, they will try to either bite them or have them touch their fur. If they are able to do either, the tail of the one that they touched will become irritated and they will aggressively attack any man around to have sex with to stop the irritation.

    Even if the one effected is already married or hates the man that’s nearby, the irritation will be to much to ignore and they will still try to attack the man. Most who are effected have mentioned the irritation is so great that even trying to stay still hurts.

    Most monsters with long tails like the lamia hate cheating, so if a married Lamia does end up attacking someone that isn’t their husband, they are know to immediately go to wherever their husband is and have them punish them for what they did. Most men who already felt the pleasure of her already will normally take this in a very sensual direction.

    If the lamia wasn’t married already, they are know to call the man their husband on the spot. This normally not a issue, but if the man they attacked was a man they hated, the lamia starts forming more sadistic behavior when dealing with the man and will take even the slightest thing as a cause for punishment.

    The Lamia mite “infection” also lets them feel the same pleasure as the one effected is having and letting them siphon some of the spirit energy the effected should get for the Lamia Mite. After “infecting” a monster with this they normally run to their husband in search of sex so they can feel both the pleasure of their man and the pleasure the infected is getting at the same time.

    The infection normally only effects Lamia and ones with long tails but when they figure out their man is cheating on them, this infection changes into something more that can effect a man. This infection causes irritation even greater then the irritation the long tailed monsters feel. This irritation only goes away when the man does whatever the Lamia Mite says, so usually when a man is infected like this, they will become more of a slave then a husband

    (I would love any feedback... and yeah nit even I know why I’m so obsessed with Parasites in MGE lately) (...Geez these would be a pain in the reptailian kingdom...)

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