• Your a cartographer, in the frozen tundra. Due to a sudden heavy wind, alll your maps are blown away. Now you don't know where you are. Suddenly in the distance you spot a small red light, you pull out your binoculars to have a closer look.

    You see a white horn that seems to be creating a red light from her nose heading inside a house. Wait a house! Shelter, warmth, and some company. You immediaty start to head to the house. Upon arriving you knock on the door... no response. You knock again... no response. You open the door to lit up house, but there is no whitehorn. Not a single trace of her. You've looked upstairs and downstair but no whitehorn.

    You give up searching for her, and try to start a fire in the fire place. After you start a small fire you notice a small button in the fireplace. You grap the firepocker and push the button. Suddenly a drapdoor drops form underneath you. 

    You land on some pillows, and you stand up to look around and see a bunch of gremlins working on toys, a total of 9 white horns (you see the nose glowing one from earlier, and finally a Lilim in a red and white outfit talking to a gemlin. A couple of seconds after your fall all eyes are on you. Wwyd?

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