• You were travelling, and currently you were in region where mamonos werent exactly welcome, though they werent hunted either.
    They were barely ever seen among humans, althuogh it was known that there were more than just few of them living outside the cities, towns and villages.

    You had stopped for a night in a amll tavern in small village that offered bead and breakfast, and on the evening while you were eating some dinner at the tavern you overheard some other patrons talking about a "Crazy snake".
    You didn't pay too much mind about their discussion, but what you heard gave you understanding that somewhere around this village lives a Lamia that isnt very bright.
    He is quite proefficient on what it comes to capturing men, But she doesnt have a clue what to do with the men, all she seems to know that she is "supposed" to get a man.
    Escaping from her is rather difficult, as she is both fast and strong, how ever according to what you just heard yet another man escaped from her, although it had taken bit over a week to do so.

    On next morning as you were continuing your journey a lamia came out of nowhere and grabbed you.
    After she had coiled around you she started dragging you off the road in to the woods constantly talking, You werent quite sure was she talking to herself or to you.
    -"Got you, Now you dont leave me, right? You're going to be with me long time. We have fun together, Right? I'll take you to my home and you stay there, right?" and so on.
    Althuogh you cant really answer to her, as yuo had hard time to even breath as she had coiled around you so tightly.
    Then again saying something the could upset her, might have been the worst thing you could do. As the look in her eyes was completely wild.

    Couple hours later you arrived what apparently was her home, which wasn't much more than just a cave.
    -"You want food, Right? you eat, right? Now dont go anywhere and I go get some food!" and with that she left you in the cave, while she darted out of the cave apparently trying to find something edible for you. Still that completely crazed look in her eyes.

    Assessing your own situation, it's not that bad, bruized amd scraped as she didnt really hold back her strength, just about everywhere hurts, but on the positive side every place seems to be working properly.
    How ever how mad she will be if she catches you trying to sneak away from her is completely different story.

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    • I check through my pack.

      I've got nothing better to do and nobody else I'm tied down to, I think I'll ride this one out and help the townsfolk.

      I find my soft jerky, far better than the tough, leathery stuff most places sell.

      I set it out on a small cloth on a ledge, and pulled out the bottle of wine which was (thankfully) not broken.

      Next came the small cookpot, and the clay jar sealed with wax, which contained a highly concentrated beef broth.

      These things I set into the cookpot, and then I layed out my bedroll, awaiting her return.

      I was startled awake by the feeling of being crushed, and found the lamia constricting me like a snake.

      I had seen her "wild" eyes before, but only now did I realize that her pupils were slits, her hands were tipped with claws, and her arms covered with scales.

      This is no ordinary lamia.

      She continued to apply the same amount of pressure, not completely crushing me, as I knew she could.

      I pulled my arms free ever so slowly, seeing that she was asleep.

      Her coils got tighter, excruciatingly so.

      Pulsating squeezes came and went, and I pounded on her smooth-scaled back in an attempt to wake her up.

      She stopped crushing me, and groggily mumbled something unintelligible.

      She shoved my arms onto her back again, and ceased moving.

      Dawn came and woke me again, everything still hurt, but my legs were worse, and my arms were improving.

      She sat couled in a large alcove by the mouth of the cave, staring intently at me.

      Her eyes seemed to glow in the gloom, and I carefully approached her, making certain not to look at the exit.

      She tensed, but when I collapsed with a pained moan into her lap, she gave a small shocked gasp.

      She carefully befan to stroke my head, excited, certainly, that I seemed to be warming up to her.

      She slowly pulled me up on top of her coils, and I reached out to touch her lips.

      I then touched mine.

      When she sat staring at my lips, seemingly as dumbfounded as tavern tales suggested, I grabbed her long silky hair and yanked her down to my face.

      Her shocked cry gave way to cute moans and a loooong tongue in ten seconds flat.

      Though the fangs eagerly piercing my lip I could do without.

      I reached up and cupped her face, deepening the kiss, and I felt tow large sacs in the roof of her mouth.

      Gently prodding them ellicited deep moans, and so I continued to massage them with my tongue.

      They pulsed, and I felt my lip grow very warm where her fangs were planted, and then I got hard, so hard it hurt.

      Her arms were wraoed tightly around my back, stroking gently as she just barely began to coil around ny legs.

      Her soft belly felt amazing, and so I found myself thrusting against it.

      She broke the kiss, panting in excitement.

      I collapsed against her, still mindlessly humping her belly despite the pain.

      "That feels wierd, why are you doing that? None of the other men did."

      I feel little relief, so I collapse onto her soft, muscular coils.

      "Please, it hurts too much, I can't relieve it, my arms suck. Could you. . . uhm, put your hand on my stomach?"

      She does it immediately, probably glad I'm relying on her.

      "Okay, now move slowly towards my feet."

      She does it, her hand trailing down to juust above my-

      "Stop there!"

      Startled, she stops.

      The bottom of her arm rests atop my erection, and it feels great.

      "Tilt your arm down, slowly."

      She does it, and it feels so good I almost climax right then.

      "Okay, now grasp that, gently."

      She does as instructed, through my pants and underpants.

      "Okay, no. Take off my clothes, and put your tongue on it."

      Now this feels amazing, and with little other instruction, her tongue has coiled until I climax, yaking her hair and releasing down her throat.

      Her tongue continues to greedily coil thrkugh it all, squeezing in just the right spots to somehow drag my orgasm out by several minutes.

      I finally release her head, but she just keeps going, and soon it's happened again.

      She won't stop, and I have no desire to make her.

      Feeling tired, I begin to doze off.

      I wake to a new ache in my shoulder, a pair of fang marks the obvious culprit.

      Her tongue is still coiling around me, but now the orgasm really won't stop.

      And I feel a great churning in my lower abdomen, most likely because I heve yet to run out of semen.

      Even though she wrung me dry the other day.

      I conclude that her venom is stupidly powerful, and decide to put that to good use.

      "Hey! Wanna feel good?"

      She looks at me, her eyes ravenous, and nothing else.

      Her breasts have swollen, effectively making them the Ideal size I'd always imagined, and her hips were quite wide now, as well, her tail having grown to match.

      I pull free with a loud, wet pop.

      The white liquid keeps flowing, and then abruptly stops, It feels excruciating, and all I now feel is a burning need to cum.

      I drag myself over, realizing that my legs have simply vanished below the knee, replaced with massive genitals, muscular thighs, burly arms, and a buff torso.

      I gorilla crawl on top of her, and soon we're coupled, the need being sated.

      I greedily paw at her figure, pumping what feels like gallons into her and never stopping.

      A few weeks later. . .

      I've made a lovely beef stew for myself and Catherine, and with a baby on the way, she's agreed to let me out to tend to a small garden each morning.

      She's certainly warmed up ever since I found her desirable, but tha time we spend going at it sometimes startles me.

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    • Madness has causes. And they're not usually good.

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    • Once again, you've shown me up.

      And I'm delighted!


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    • Well... That's two awesome stories right there.

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    • I don't mean to do so, Just.

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    • A FANDOM user
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