• family:Parasite

    Type: Bug

    Habitat: Wherever Harpies live

    Disposition: Maniputive, Cheerful

    Diet: Men’s spiritual energy

    A variant of Dani with a soft back and has a childlike appearance. Their face is incredibly scaly and hurts when it rubs against a persons skin.

    When they spot a man they will run up to them and start walking up to them and do their best to help them in anything they need done. They normally don’t do this to get a mate but out of the goodness of their heart. The issue however is that they are not very proficient in very many things, so they have a hard time doing even the most simple things like carrying a bag.

    This infuriates them greatly whenever they try to help and fail. After failing multiple times in a row they will lay on the ground trying to pretend they don’t exist. When like this, their soft back acts as a special soil and plants grow incredibly quickly. These plants attract a large amount of normal insect to feed off of the plants.

    The insects get infected by a special venom that is found inside the Harpy Mite. This poison makes the insects incredibly appetizing to harpie type monsters and any they see or smell them will instinctively try to grab some to eat. When they grab a insect in this matter, the Harpy Mite will feel it and become really happy that they were able to help atleast someone.

    The issue comes when the harpy eats the insects, the poison will infect the harpy. This poison that made the insects seem appetizing makes the Harpies skin on their face and legs scaly like the face of the Harpie Mite, And hurts just as bad. Harpies say it is normally fine, but when they try to have fun with a man, their face starts inching and they start rubbing it against the face of the man, making small cuts on his face. Luckily never anything to harm the man seriously.

    Once the Harpie notices this issue, they will go to where they got the food, and see the Harpy Mite, laying down in the same spot as before. They will start to beg the Harpy Mite to fix the issue. The Harpy Mite are normally clueless to their own poison so they will initiatory confuse, but will later agree when they notice they can use the Harpie to help more people saying they will help only if the Harpy does whatever they say.

    The Harpy will usually agree incredibly quickly and tend to enjoy the fact they are just using them to help others, until it comes to the Harpies breeding season. When the breeding season hits, the Harpy will try to get away for a bit because of instincts but when they grab their man like normal, the Harpy Mite will get slightly jealous of the Harpy and will ask the Harpy to let them also have sex with the Harpy catch. The Harpy will always reluctantly agree since they don’t want to accidentally cut the man again.

    As stated above they do not know about their own poison, so they won’t be able to cure the Harpy, But it seems when the Mite is around the itching will not happen. Since that seems to be the only problem they have normally , The Harpy tend to be fine with just that.

    (I would love some feedback like normal... also someone to tell me why I’m obsessed with parasites lately)

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    • I think you might want to change the whole scaly face Thing to something like their forearms have patches of abrasive fur and for the harpies it dries out the scales on their legs which causes their husband to get a rash which would lead to them seeking out the Mite.

      I remember going through a period Of time where I was interested in parasites but never as waifus. I suppose if it hasn't been done you could do something like a lamprey which would be like a vampiric unagi joro in my estimation that has sticky mucus instead of slippery. I don't think it's been done before at least.

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    • Fun Fact this is based off of the Scaley face Mite that infect birds in real life

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    • Interesting but I also don't think that makes for a very appealing waifu unless you're into bearded lady's I supposed with sandpaper beards.

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    • Remember, we have to pander to most fetishes

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    • A FANDOM user
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