• Family: Tyranno 

    Type: Ancient Reptile

    Habitat: Megallos are travellers so it is not easy to pinpoint out an exact habitat, but they are always somewhat close to a water source. 

    Disposition: Prideful, Strong Willed, Independent, Violent, Relentless, Nomadic, (Obedient and Devoted to their husbands) 

    Diet: Meat, Primarily large mammals

    Megallos are considered a rare subspecies of the Tyranno. They are distinguishable from the other species by their size. They are very small in comparison to other Ancient Reptiles, they are so small that sometimes they are mistaken to be young Tyrannos. Megallos are very muscular, they have normal sized arms with razor sharp claws on the end of each finger. For other physical features it's mainly the same as a Tryranno execpt for their tails and scales. Megallos have an intresting scales that are thin, flexible, and weightless, but are very durable. Their scales are able to almost with stand the bite of a Tyranno! Because of the scales being weightless they can move very fast. Some say to have speeds on par with a Velocis. They have a long thin tail that is very flexible but it can stiffen. In battle Megallo stiffen up their tails and sometimes use it as a weapon, a hit from it feel like being hit with an iron rod at fast speeds.

    There is a problem when it comes to calling it a subspecies of the Tyranno. The problem is that Megallos have been around on the planet long before Tyrannos came to the world. However, Tyrannos were discovered before Megallos leading to the misconception of it being a subspecies. They still belong to the Tyranno family, but they are not a subspecies of the Tyranno.

    Megallos live most of their lives alone and spend most of their time traveling, eating, sleeping, drinking, and "hunting". Megallos are constantly on the move and it is hard for them to stay still. Megallos find "hunting" to be their favorite thing to do. "Hunt" as Megallos call it is were a Megallo goes on a rampage for 2 hours and sees how much it can kill. For some reason they enjoy killing little animals for sport. Megallos enjoy hunts so much that they even have created a point system for it (the bigger the kill the bigger the points). They use this game to decide who is superior (higher score Megallo is superior). The best example of comparing points is two Megallos want the same man to become their husband (Higher score gets the man). But if they're is a tie neither of them get him and they look for a different person to be her husband.

    Megallos are extremely good and very relentless fighters. A Megallo won't stop fighting until 3 things happen: 1. Her husband (if married) tells her to stop the fight. 2. When her opponent dies or yields 3. She dies or is unable (knocked unconscious or can't move a muscle). They will fight as hard as they can and release a barrage of attacks from her fists, claws, and even tail. They have large amounts of stamina, fast, and can take a beating and get right back up. But they are not unstoppable. They only have at most 5 different combos and don't change their combos very often. So if one is to learn all of their combos each of their five combos they can become predictable. They are also able to revert back to their previous form of a 9 meter long small T-rex-like creature. Ironically Megallos attack eveything but another Megallo, they won't fight each other no matter what. This is because fighting your own kind in the eyes of a Megallo it is frowned upon.

    Luckily meeting a Megallo is very rare, so you most likely won't have to deal with them. They also have no intrest in men until they reach the age of maturity. At the age of maturity they rampage throughout the land non stop until they find a man that catches their fancy. Upon finding their husband they will rape him on the spot until he passes out, they pass out, or she is 100% certain she is pregnant. Sex with them is just as rough as having a battle with them. A married Megallo is very obedient and will do anything for her husband (even if she doesn't like it). They are devoted to fit every need of their husband, going as far as to change even their personalities. They enjoy spending time from their husband and are said that a Megallo will become depressed if her is very far from her. She will then travel what ever distance it is to get to him.

    Why they are rare:

    The reason why they are so rare is that in the times of the Former Demon Lord they were hunted for their scales to be turned into armor. This almost caused the race to go extinct, and be completely erased from all of history. Megallos have yet to recover from their almost extinction.

    (RK link)

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    • i like it a lot

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    • Thanks

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    • Alright, you asked what I thought and I don't think you're gonna like what I have to say. In the end of all of my profiles I have a part about criticism and what is and isn't good criticism. Well I follow my own rules. All of this is supposed to be useful criticism, but that doesn't mean that it's nice, so throw emotions in the garbage and start learning, then and only then can you git gud scrub. Hate the criticism if you want, but hate the need for it more. Now then...

      It's overpowered to say the least... As fast as the fastest raptor and tough enough to tank shit from a Tyranno? Given what it's based off of, that's not really fitting at all. It feels like you were trying to make a suped up Tyranno rather than a megalosaur mamono.

      We're dealing with an animal that's even smaller than an allosaurus here.

      The part about them being older than the Tyranno is superfluous. So would the Allo I neglected to mention that for a reason. The family "Tyranno" just refers to the them being similar in body structure and is meant for ease of classification nothing more. They are all living in the present time so it doesn't matter. It's pretty clear that the Family/Type involved in mamono is a loose grouping as is or else a Kikimora wouldn't be classified as a dog.

      I would have understood if you had based it off of Ark and made it a nocturnal predator that's super lazy during the day or something but as it stands the thing doesn't work very well.

      In formatting and general writing style I have two main concerns,

      1) having actual numerals and making numbered lists is generally poor writing. It doesn't flow very well and makes reading it choppy. You can also work in a bit better on how the different factors interact with one another if you write stuff out more.

      2) "Why they are rare:

      The reason why they are so rare is that in the times of the Former Demon Lord they were hunted for their scales to be turned into armor. This almost caused the race to go extinct, and be completely erased from all of history. Megallos have yet to recover from their almost extinction."

      This is an issue for much of the same reason. I could give 3 examples of a better way to do this. There is no need have a separate, four word paragraph to explain what the last paragraph is about.

      I suggest you read KCs official works and the fanmade works made by Lord of Snakes, Jeiel Yozama, and of course myself. Do not just read it as a fan, read it as a writer. Do not just look at what is said but how it is said, how the words are put together and how the concepts that are being written are put together. If you pay attention, you'll see that stuff is usually put in a repeatable sequence of information.

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    • Okay, thank you for your feedback

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    • it could have been better written but if youre not reading it like a college professor (rep that means you) i think choppy was a bit of an exageration. it lached proper transition is all.

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    • He asked me for it, I simply held it to the same standards I hold my own works.

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    • Yes, I did ask him for permission and did want him to give me feedback. This is because I've had plans that I've wanted to do ever since I've seen this site, and I just starting to work on them. I'm using his criticism to help shape my future plans, trying to improve some of my skills for my plans, and to do it for fun.

      (By the way working on the next one)

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    • Cool.

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    • rep im just messin around yo. Chill bro.

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    • A FANDOM user
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