• You are the Demon Lord, doing what you do best, governing Royal Makai and fucking your beloved husband. The royal shagging however was cut short when you heard one of your subjects burst into your royal chamber clearly having run out of breath. "*HUFF* *PUFF* MY MISTRESS" The Baphomet barely says "*huff* *puff* what's wrong?" you ask also being a bit out of breath from loving making you were having with your husband. "WE'RE UNDER ATTACK" she says with a fearful look in her eyes "*sigh* the order again? they always try and they always failed when will they get that and leave Royal Makai alone" you say clearly tired of the order's crap. "NO IT"S NOT THE ORDER. I DON"T WHO THEY ARE BUT THEY ARE SHREDDING THROUGH OUR DEFENSES" the Baphomet responds shaking in fear.

    With that you put your clothes back on and rush to one of the castle's balconys to see a terrifying sight. You watched as some of your best soldiers were beaten by some 8 ft goliaths of what you assume to be men. They were all wearing some sort of armor that you haven't seen before as well as holding strange metal devices that seem to fire giant projectiles that were about the size of a sword hilt. Some of the warriors were black with skulls on painted their helmets, blue without their helmets and some were even in expensive looking golden armor.

    However the one that caught your attention the most wasa soldier that was coloured red and was on top of a hill. You watched as he kicked a minotaur off of it with little to no effort and shouts "DIE SCUM, PURGE THE HERETICS, TAKE NO PRISONERS, FOR THE EMPEROR!!!!"


    (If it wasn't obvious enough, this WWYD? is supposed to be a Warhammer 40K crossover)

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    • As I stare at this tragic scene a voice speaks to me, whispering in my head.

      "Give in to me" It coaxes "I'll give you the tools to defeat..." SHUT THE FUCK UP SLAANESH! I'VE TOLD YOU ONCE! I'VE TOLD YOU A THOUSAND TIMES, I'VE GOT THIS!

      Well, time to handle this my way.

      I fly down to confront the leader of these warriors myself. I've got something to say, and he's not going to like it.

      "I get it, I do. You're the creators darlings back in your home universe.Plot armoured out the arsehole, basically gives you a certain confidence doesn't it... 

      Well let me tell you you dickless wonders. You're on my turf now. And I've got the plot armour round here. You know what that means buddy boy? You. Are. Fucked!"


      Suddenly the armoured warriors are dragged into an eldritch pit of tentacles from which there is no escape. The leader screams obscenities in my face all the way down. But I, I get the last word.

      "One Imperial Guardsman has more balls then your entire mary sue faction put together you overcompensating fuck knuckles!"

      Yeah. Got 'em.

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    • As funny as that is Beyondrapture I don't think Space Marines are actually overpowered in their own universe they are quite often get their ass kicked in by almost all the major enemies such as the tyranids Orcs And khaos( Tau are space communists, Eldar just dickish space elves and Dark Eldar just super dickish BDSM space elves). Unless you're an ultra Smurf then everything is always totally awesome and you even get your primarch back. Not to undercut the Imperial Guard, they serve a very important function in the Imperium of man. At least it wasn't primaris Marines those are the super superest super soldiers those definitely have super-mega adamantine Infinity plot armor. However this is all irrelevant because the most Superior faction is by far the adeptus Sororities, so long as you don't call them bolter bitches because you will end up in a promethium bath.

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    • Ayyy Battle sisters go alright. That and they provide pretty much all the 40k porn (well, them and both flavours of Eldar)

      Bonus points for being just about the most fucked over faction in the whole thing.

      IG are still best faction though. The unsung, unremembered heroes of the imperium, dying by the million, just so some power armoured arseholes can steal the credit in the last minute.

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    • I'm more of a Necron man myself. Pity that the Skaven aren't in 40k.

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    • EOotDqn

      In honor of the Imperial Guard

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