• You are a policemen in training finishing your training right now. You have had a longing to help people for a long time now and are finally getting that chance.

    The only issue you see is this police department mainly uses Mamono has officers, which you have a shaky opinion of. It doesn’t really matters, what matters now is you can help people finally.

    You finish your training and a while later you go into the department to see who you will be working with. When you walk in you see four different Mamono who immediately look directly at you. A Vamp Mosquitoe, a Yuki-Onna, a Kobold and a Hellhound

    The Vamp Mosquitoe moves quickly torwards you sniffing your neck. She alluringly starts speaking,”So your the new recruit, oh I’m going to have fun with you”

    The hellhound then yells out,”HEY ONLY I CAN HAVE FUN WITH THE NEW RECRUIT}”, as she wacks the Vamp Mosquitoe into the wall. She then licks her lips and gets ready to pounce on you.

    Before she can jump on top of you the Yuki-Onna holds them by the collar and laughs. “No, K-9 unit doesn’t get to do that. Leave that for the actual officers” she says in a joking manner.

    “Girls... Everyone please stop fighting we are all on the same team,” The kobold nervously says. The others didn’t seem to hear her. She looked at you blushes then looks back to the rest of the group.

    The Vamp Mosquitoe gets ready to pounce back onto the group.


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    • Why I never wemnt into charity I've no ide-

      I'm standing at my front door, my neighbor, a baphomet, is wearing an arachne silk apron and nothing else,

      She had come to ask me to give her a hand at the local soup kitchwn.

      "What's the matter, man, the uniform's really cozy! Feels like I'm wearin' nothin' at all!

      nothin' at all!

      nothin' at all!


      I stare blankly at the others, I walj straight up to the hellhound, grab her by the breasts, and pull her into a fierce lip-lock.

      She goes limp for a split second, relaxing into my touch, before trying to assert dominance, I immediately submit, leaving her too surprised to do anything.

      I spend this precious time scratching behimd her ears, she begins to pamt slightly, resting herself in my lap, as I've taken a seat.

      I continue to gently care for her, until the squad is called on patrol, thankfully, we're partnered.

      The next day, I bring brushes.

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    • Bang the Kobold! Bang her now, right there! It's your only and last chance!

      (well, the Yuki-onna wouldn't be so bad, either...).

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    • I think to myself "This seems like the start to a buddy cop movie" i said this out loud because of course i do and they look at me like a weirdo. End up partnered with the hellhound, the one who would foil me. After the usual MGE tropes involving a hellhound and getting on with actual police work, i discover our story was a buddy cop movie, or at least it played out like one. And just like a buddy cop movie, me and the hellhound were foils to each other. And after stopping a cartel's plot of who knows what, me and the hellhound had developed a mutual respect. Oh wait this is a MGE world, back their tropes, because i didn't name off enough between the buddy cop plot. Yay i'm a dad know, married to a hellhound, higher ups don't care about "professonal relationships" because this is a different world where the other humanoids process things differently.

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    • I throw up my hands and shout, “ladies please do not fight over me! I can accommodate all four of you!” All four stop arguing, stare at me for a moment and then collectively tackle me.

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    • HoundTheDestroyer93 wrote: I throw up my hands and shout, “ladies please do not fight over me! I can accommodate all four of you!” All four stop arguing, stare at me for a moment and then collectively tackle me.

      Ah, yes, the gordian knot.

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    • I’ve survived worse!

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    • A FANDOM user
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