• Family: Tricera

    Type: Ancient Reptile

    Habitat: Found in grasslands usually protecting someone who needs protected (only in the Reptile Kingdom)

    Diet: Plants, particularly leaves and grasses

    Disposition: Strong Willed, Stubborn, Honorable, Protective, Devoted

    Styras are a subspecies of Trikes. The Styra is known as the Lesser Trike. For physical looks they are about the same as a Trike, but are different when it comes to horns. The main difference is the number of horns growing out of their head, they only have one horn. This is why they're called the one horned Trikes. The horn is found in the same position as the center one that Trikes have, but the horn is longer tha. However they make up for this by having horns around other parts of their head. They have 4-6 deadly horns on their frill, and a small horn under each eye. Their frills can be used to regulate their temperatures. They dress in a matter beseeming a knight or paladin. They always carry (in hand or very close by) a large shield and are seen using a sword, mace, spear, or a trident. Like the Trike they have the ability to change into their more bestial form from before monsterization. They become much like the Trikes bestial form but have only have one large horn, and a large shield like frill that has 6 horns coming out of it that could be used to hurt enemies. A Styra will live with a herd that contains at least another Styra, it is rare to see only one Styra in a herd. 

    Styras have the same ideals as a Trike, as in that they feel the duty to protect the weak. They take this job very seriously. They will sometimes go into bestial form out of the blue to scare away predators. They will stay up long into a night to make sure their herd is okay. A Styra may go into a life threatening situation to save even an alone Steg. They have a reputation for saving even the weakest mamono if it's the last thing they do. Styras see retreat or surrender that could causes the death of another living thing as selfish and disgraceful. They prefer fighting alone or with other Styras. When fighting with 3 or more other Styras they can become very powerful. This is because when they are in groups they can hold off powerful predators with ease.

    Styras see Tyrannos as a disgraceful creature that kills anything that it deems lower than themselves. This causes Styras to be very agressive around and toward a Tyranno, and are said to not act like themselves around a Tryanno. When these two meet a Styra becomes EXTREMELY violent toward a Tyranno even if she has not done anything. The Tyranno happened to be crossing by her herd and wasn't intrested in it, but came to close for the Styra's likings. The Styra will attack first and demand that the Tyranno leave immediately. The Tyranno will usually see them as a worthy fighter and a deadly fight will start. Styras can both use a defensive and offensive fighting methods but prefer defensive methods. They prefer blocking then countering or give a powerful charge.

    While a Styra will use most of her time taking care of her herd, she will often imagine about finding the perfect husband and fantasize about having sex and protecting others with him. When they meet any man they try to decide if he's the one for them and will take frequent glances at him. If he strikes her fancy her frill will stop it's cooling affect, she will instantly become flushed and aroused. They will to brush it off and get back to protecting the herd, but she will soon start paying more attention to him then her herd. She will soon be near him regularly (If it be if he's bathing or even going to the bathroom), will frequently and unconciusly show more and more of her body to him. But they eventually realize their feelings for him and ask him to be her husband. If he says yes they will be overjoyed and have sex with him. But if he says no she will become very gloomy but will rape him.

    Just like Trikes, a Styra will take off her armor and try to give her man as much pleasure as she possibly can during sex. They will try to force him in her as wildly as posssible and won't act like her noble self. They will push her hips into him and try to get him as deep as possible in her. Sex with them is said to be rough and long, as she will be able to keep going for a long time.

    A married Styra will stay in her original herd but will mainly focus on protecting her husband. She will still protect and help the weak but she will now fight to protect her husband and her herd.

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