• You are a normal person in mamono friendly territoy. You were taking your nighttime walks in a near by forest. It's a full moon that night, but you really didn't care. Until all of a sudden a rock falls from the sky and hits the ground near you. You look at the crash site, and in the center is a purple glowing rock that you've never seen before. Being the curious person you are, you walked into the small hole caused by the rock. You walk up and look at the rock, you pick it up to get a better look at it.

    But when you pick it up, the rock becomes a dark mass and surrounds you. You start to feel like your changing in some kind of way. When the dark mass disappears you take a look at yourself. Your a werewolf (just a place holder, you can choose any mamono you want)! And your not just any werewolf, because your still a male! What ever the rock did to you has made you a permanent male mamono! You hear a howl in the distance. Wwyd?

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    • (I might do this one a few times... this one has a lot of things you can go for)

      This is amazing… *I look at my new paws and start rubbing them against near by objects, they are sensitive. Probably even more so for me being pretty much a newborn wolf. I do wonder if I have children… can they also be like me… This asks so many questions I want to answer.

      I then hear the howl, I can tell it’s from far away. Even my senses have got better haven’t they. My Eros this is truly a gift,but if I’m a monster does that mean… *i quickly run to the howling, I’m even faster than normal. Geez, did this also make me instantly addicted to this form since it seemed to have done that.

      I do stumble a bit on my way to the howling, I’m not used to this form… don’t laugh. I do get there though, even if it took longer than I hoped. I see a few female werewolf’s...geez it feels weird to have to specify they are female. They don’t seem to notice me, and a few are just howling in the air...probably what I heard earlier.

      I feel weird now, just as I expected. Lust is starting to build up, I am a mamano now so my emotions are going to act like one. It will probably not be healthy to hold myself back. I start instinctively licking my lips and walking through the pack.

      After about a couple of minutes, one of the werewolf’s sniffs the air and a hear them bark out,”THERE'S A MAN HERE,LETS GET HIM,”. I then giggle as all the werewolves start sniffing the area around me before one finally starts sniffing me. The werewolf then looks straight into my face and covers their mouth.

      After a couple a seconds of shock, she screams out,”THIS MAN IS A WEREWOLF”. All the wolf’s just look straight at me. my lust is building immensely at this point… and it’s visible. The wolves look in shock as they look at my crouch, then a few approach me and grab in that region. I moan a little, seems they just noticed how true it is.

      One of the werewolves look at me ,Then shakes her hips kinda curious herself. Once she does that I couldn’t control my lust… actually I didn’t try but still. I attack the werewolf, and now I’m sleeping with them all. They seem to be incredibly happy at the Male werewolf that can keep up with all of them. A couple are even pregnant… I might get to see if my previous theory was correct.

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    • (Now with 100% more red slimes…)

      I look at myself stiffly, it’s hard to even move right now. What has happened to me, all I see where my body should be is a pile of red goo. What did this rock do, whatever it did I am not the same as I was before, and that makes me curious. *i try moving and do end up moving a bit, Seems I am having a hard time.

      This goo is certainly my body, I just need to learn how to use it. I do suddenly hear a scream in the distance. The sudden sound rushes through my body… I felt the sound. It rushed through me like a physical force. This caused me to right myself up from shock. I then start moving towards the sound, incredibly curious of how my body works. I barely even noticed how fluidly I moved now… pun not intended.

      I move at the same base I used to walk. There is something almost relaxing about having the dirt just pass through you as you try to move. I may or may not if also ran through a tree… I didn’t see it ok.

      I do eventually see the source of the scream from earlier. I see this women with a baseball bat and a Succubus lying on the ground. Probably hit her out of reflex… Right now she seems to be curing up in a ball like a little kid… something about her…

      I go up to her without thinking and pick her up. Right when I touch her she tries to swing the bat, but it passes right through me. Her struggling in my touch actually feels quite nice. I want more…

      I move my slime across her arms, rubbing them, causing her to struggle… just what I want. I can’t help but to smile, but I feel like I should do more. Before I can even think about stopping myself, I kiss her. Her saliva tastes delicious. She starts to stop struggling, and I don’t want to stop this kiss.

      Without even think some of my body jumps and enters into her womb, ripping off any clothes stopping it. I would try to stop it, if it didn’t feel so good. I keep at it for a while, even tho she on and off struggled. Eventually I feel stratified with the pleasure and I exit her body, but I leave a bit of my body in her womb.

      Right when I exit, she fall on the floor passed out… how long was they passed out. Later they do wake up, but different. They are no longer a human, they are a Succubus that immediately starts clinging to me. They seem to be begging for me, without saying a word.

      A while passed since they day, I been feeding on her throughout this time and they been feeding off of me. It seems every part of my body contains spirit energy so just touching me is a meal for a Succubus. Now for the part I left inside of her Womb… it’s been growing inside of her… I made her pregnant by just leaving a part of me inside of them.

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    • Great stories Butterkingly. I think I might even create a response, but I don't know what mamono to become.

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    • ...well I will say I do have plans for Chimera and Kamaitachi later

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    • (once headless, always headless)

      I barely feel any different, looking around my body, nothing, other than a seam on my neck. When i was dark massed, all i felt was a brief loosing of all my senses, but nothing else. I'll look into it next morning, so off to bed i go.

      I wake up and roll out of bed, then i see it, my body moving without my head. Panicing, i throw my head on. Am i a dulluhan? Well obliously i am, but how? Is this proof the demonlord is winning the war? How much more different is life going to be? What will other mamano think of this? What will dulluhans think of this? What would the demonlord think of this? So many questions and so little answers, so i do what any person would do. I begin practicing my headless horseman routine.

      First i need to learn how to be a better fighter and not "good enough, stop pestering me". Thankfully there's people who can help me. I also needed to be able to keep my head off for half an hour. Finally, because why not? I educate myself further in magic *insert rocky training montage here*

      After a few months of training and properly arming myself, i'm ready. I sell my home. And now i am ready to become a legend. I set off to territory that borders that of the order to save mamano. I see a werecat running, and pursing her an order soldier. Finally put all my skills to use, i charge the soldier on horseback, head in hand, DRS axe in other charging the soldier who is paralysed in terror at the sight before him. One swift swing to the neck, and he's out cold. And a few seconds later, as if it were on que, a squad of goblins takes the man away to be violated.

      I ride off in search of more order soldiers to defeat, managing to save some villages. After gaining a lot more experience over the course of half a year, in that time gaining a reputation that strikes fear into most order people. Still can't shake the loneiness. Maybe one day i'll seek marriage, but until then, might as well continue being the headless horseman

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    • TheSnakeLover wrote: Great stories Butterkingly. I think I might even create a response, but I don't know what mamono to become.

      Same here I don't know what mamono fits me tbh I need opinions from some you guys I can't seem to get any ideas for a mamono I become I prefer the ones that fits with my profile pic.

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    • the rapey one

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    • Just imagine a male [insert rapey mamono here] with a gun in hand with a mask.

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    • Skipped the others coming bit, you'll see why.

      Well, shit.

      I'm a Hellhound now.

      While the new abs are a nice perk, and the dark skin with black fur is very handsome, it doessn't really make up for the ALL CONSUMING LUST.

      That hardon is not going away, just gonna stay there all-

      "My god, I have paws!"

      The pads are soft, and squishy, but also slightly rough, the claws are surprisingly dull, but hard.

      I feel the side of my head, sure enough, my ears have migrated upwards.

      Damn, that's weird.

      I sit down, no sense walking around with a boner and a body like this, some man or woman'd scream and I'd be blessed to death in moments, I am in order slums, afterall.

      Soon, I hear footsteps, a woman jogs up, her baggy sweatpants a soothing sea-blue with gold trim, her long blouse printed with white flowers on a sky-blue background.

      She comes to a stop, a crucifix dangles from her neck as she leans over to stare at the meteor.

      I sit still on the opposite side, staring intently at her now slightly exposed bosom.

      She stares at the faint purple glow, as if mesmerized, and I slowly creep into the woods along the path, moving further along to better ambush.

      Sorry lady, but you're gonna be a doggy.

      I wait for quite a while, but she doesn't come.

      I carefully creep back, only to find her still staring into the ditch, sweating profusely.

      I slowly lift her blouse, reaching higher and higher.

      I strike brazier, and slowly claw at the straps until they collapse.

      Tossing the ruined undergarment aside, I grasp the gold chain around her neck, I tear towards her toes, and it snaps off.

      I chuk it aside, eager to continue despite the line of seared flesh on my paw.

      I gently fondle her breasts, paying special care to her nipple.

      She smooshes backwards, into my touch.

      I eagerly thrust, quickly nestling my aching member between her meaty thighs, she squeezes it, and I howl-moan with pleasure.

      A small jet escapes me, but there's plenty more where that came from.

      She begins to moan, quiet at first, then louder and louder.

      I watch her ears slowly climb her skull, her skin begin to darken slightly, the beginning of a tail swishing agains my abs.

      Soon, we're joined, our claws tearing at our clothes, and the rest follows suit.

      Needless to say, we gained quite the following in the area.

      Conversion rates were high.

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    • Looks like I finally got an idea

      was walking down the streets near the forest in nighttime in an mamono friendly territory at that very moment I saw a giant rock or meteor falleb near me I came close to investigate it until a black mass engulfed me.

      That was the very moment I had finally turn into something.

      I woke up with no traces of the black mass but my outfit still stays the same besides the shoes I'm wearing was torn to shreds after my feet size had grown I took it of to see that I had paws I couldn't make out the fur colour because it's night time however I do felt a tail moving so all I can guess is that I'm either a hellhound or manticore and kept walking.

      So I kept walking to the nearest town no one had recognize me because I had never been to that town I asked the townsfolk if they know the way to the nearest demon realm so they knew about an order nation that had recently been taken over by a lilim so I went there.

      I had finally arrived at the my destination it was quiet I couldn't hear any sound from both mamono nor the order until I heard a shout from an order soldier trying to attack me since I have my trusty MP5 SMG in hand with DRS bullets I had an advantage over him and fired at him soon enough he fallen to the ground moaning loudly I walked towards him as some kind of unknown creature while he's trying as hard as he can to crawl away I hold him trying to tell him everything about me and he said while trying his hardest not to moan, "You're... you're a manticore..." and started moaning loudly again so I looked back and saw the tail moving by its own with no tail pussy I was relieved to see that I had no pussy.

      I put him down "That's everything I all need to know." i said to him until I heard giggling from behind me I looked behind to see the lilim who had taken over this very nation "Well well what do we have here?" the lilim said as she was floating towards me "You know I had never seen a man like you before in my life~" she says "I don't know how I got into a mess like this!?" trying to explain everything to the Lilim "It's alright we don't discriminate gender~" she said and I responded "what do you mean!?" soon I realized that my personality had changed of a manticore's

      She was thinking of an answer and finally replied with, "Do you know how are we going to conquer the order?" I was confused but he continued, "A man with the powers of a mamono can make a difference on the demon realm army you'll make a great asset to us." So I agreed to do so.

      A few months later.

      I had been working with the demon lord army as a commander gaining trust with many members of the demon lord's family so with my gun in hand and my mask intact I can lead an army that can cause the order to fallen into submission to the demon lord.

      (Took me long enough to make this)

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    • Umm, what just happened. I see a pot in front of me, so I reach out for it… WHAT THE EROS. As I reach out for it I see green fur along my wrist with a tiny scythe poking out from it. It’s as this point I also notice, my clothes are to big for me now, so they are baggy. What the Eros happened.

      I then grab the pot and look into it trying to find a reflection. I see I have a new set of animal ears, and my hair is also the same shade of green. I start rubbing my face to check if this is a dream… I then feel as I touch my face a soft wind comforts me. This is no dream.

      I look in the pot and see some blue liquid made of 3 oz liquid demonic energy,1 Sticky mush- Wait how do I know the recipe. I know I been saying this a lot but WHAT THE EROS IS GOING ON. The pot has a green diamond on it on two sides.

      I suddenly hear two men screaming in the distance. I can get used to the hearing increase. I run towards one of the sound out of pure curiosity, while bringing the pot with me. As I run I notice I am a lot faster than I was before. Even when I’m about to Hit something from the speed I feel a wind push me out of the way to safety.

      I do get find one of the men quite quickly. They are are the ground covered up with their clothes. I feel compelled to walk up to them, so I do, and start comforting them. “Hey, what’s wrong man”, I say in a must lighter voice then my normal.

      He quickly yells out,”SAY AWAY FROM ME IM A FREAK”. After saying this his pulls the clothes tighter, and I see a little bit of green fur popping out. He’s like me. I’m not the only one. Without thinking I poke one of my scythes into a crack.

      “I’m like you, don’t worry”, I say still trying to comfort them. He peeks out and see me for the mamano I became. He gets up and I see he looks quite similar to me but taller and their scythes look a lot sharper.

      “What are we”, He says scared.

      “Mamano is all I could figure out… yet we are still Male”, I say unsure myself. He nods and punches a tree out of frustration. Before his fist lands, winds springs out of the scythe and cuts the tree clean in half.

      We both look at each other in amazement. He starts shaking in his boots of what he just did. I then remember what happened when I touched my face, and touch his. He slackens and smiles.

      “Seems we control wind now”,he says happily.

      “That we do,”,I say relaxing seeing that he is getting comfortable. I then remember there was a third scream, so I start running torwards it. The other man sees me try to go and stop me.

      “Where are you going”,he says worried.

      “There was one more scream, their might be one more like us,” I say in a frantic.

      “Well gives me a excuse to atleast test drive this new body”, he smiles while saying. I nod and get back to running. As we start running he yells out,”So what’s your name”.

      “Butter”, I say smiling brightly as I almost run into a tree but the wind guides me around it.

      “Mines Jeff”, Jeff says going faster than me. He almost runs into a tree himself, but instead of the wind guiding him to safety, he cuts it in half. He starts laughing to himself and yelling,”Geez is this amazing, why the Ares was I scared before”

      “Well suddenly not being yourself is scary,” I say giggling. Jeff starts to try tricks using his scythes. He’s quite hyperactive,huh.

      We are almost to where I heard the scream when suddenly I see Jeff get knocked down by something. I then look at what knocked him down, it’s a big guy that looks close to us,but everything about him is bigger. Bigger scythes, bigger body,bigger tail, more fur, and their ears are pointed downward instead of our upwards.

      I then see the big man squeeze Jeff while saying,”Oh my Bacchus, I’m nit the only one, thank Bacchus for this wonder of not being lonely with this form I know nothing about, oh my Bacchus, we should be best friends, yes”. For someone so intimidating, they are like a little kid.

      “ your szzeing me, let goooooo”, Jeff says weakly. The big man let’s go embarrassed.

      “Sorry, I got excited, my name is Sky”,Sky says with a smile.

      “Well I’m butter and the pancake over there is Jeff,” I say laughing.

      Jeff weakly blurts our,”Ha Ha, very funny,”. Me and Sky laugh a bit.

      “So we should learn a bit about each other,” I say nervously.

      Sky agrees and over around a hour, I learn Sky is a bartender with dreams of being rich by selling alcohol, they are a giant believer in Bacchus. They are even technically a Hero of Bacchus. Jeff is 22 and lives with their parents. They do have the credentials to be a construction worker.. but Monsters made it hard to find work.

      I even talked a bit about myself, I’m a nurse to a unicorn. Don’t really do much but it gets me paid. I have been a proud believer of Eros, and have been looking for my special someone. Well I doubt that will be easy with what I have become.

      I also did learn that liquid in the pot heals wounds, I used it on the pancake known as Jeff. It always seemed when one of us was happy we were all happy, when one of us become sad we all were sad. It’s kinda interesting.

      Afterwards we all get up and try testing our bodies a bit more, I seemed to be the weakest but my pot made me just as good as the others. Heck we also learned Sky doesn’t cut trees like Jeff… He blows them off of the roots tossing them like a pebble.

      We have a lot of fun testing it out until he all get knocked over. I look at what happened… I am on the ground with a me but a girl on top of me.

      (To be continued… Geez this one is longer then my normal and I need a break)

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    • (when can we form the avengers? i call dibs on ironman)

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    • (Where did that come from?)

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    • (i just had a stroke of genius)

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    • (Oh no)

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    • (Ok, if we're going for werewolf, I'm going to go with the werewolf from skyrim for this one)

      "What. The. FUCK?!" I yell in a low, animalistic voice. face, my hands, MY TEETH, MY BODY!!! I'M LIKE A WEREWOLF BUT MORE PRIMAL AND MONSTEROUS. What did that meteor do to me!? Am I like this forever?! can I reverse the effects somehow?! Are all male monsters like this? Too many questions and not nearly enough answears for them. I then start to have a certain feeling stirring up inside my body and my crotch. "Oh, of fucking course I have to have that incommon with a monster aswell" I say as I look at what used to be an average sized human penis to a massive, girthy, gray-skinned rod, fully erect and threatening to burst out of it's skin.

      I then hear a scream, multiple screams infact, off into the distance. My instincts kick in and I start rushing towards it. "Holy shit I'm fast" I think to myself as I run faster then the eye can see, jumping over rocks and crushing pretty large logs and sticks into splinters underneath my mighty, fur-covered legs. It dosen't take long for me to start placing my hands on the cold, forest floor, making me go even faster then before. I arrive at the scene to see a town being razed by a group of Order knights. Must be a mamono village for the Order to set fire to it. It is then I hear more screams coming from a?....OH NO IT'S AN ORPHANAGE!!! I go into overdrive while runnng to it, breaking anything and everything in my way while I make a beeline towards the crys for help. I get to the door of the building and peak through it's slightly open doors, only to see a bunch of Order knights surrouding a group of crying monster children, aswell as a holstaur on the floor who was weeping just as badly.

      "Please, you can kill me but just leave the children alone" she says through her fearful and teary expresson. "Why? WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?!" "Because" one of the knights say in an almost happy sounding tone that made my gut tell me he gets some sort of pleasure from fills me with a bestial rage that replaces the lust to know he gets off to this. "Not only does it get rid of filth ridden monster such as yourself" he says while rising his blade above his head, not noticing me as I slowly open the door and make my way towards him, my rage practically radiating off of me. "It gives me and my boys something fun to do, so shush, don't worry, I promise I'll be quick" *SNAP*. The sound of breaking metal echoed throughout the room. The knight then lowered his sword to his face only to see the hilt and only the hilt. "What the fu-" he asks only for it to be interrupted by low, rage-filled growls, MY low, rage-filled growls. 

      Him and his knights turn around to have their faces change from calm and slighly grinning to shocked and horrified. He looks at how my towering shadow consumes him in darkness. "HOLY SHI-" I grab his head, chucking him over the mamonos in the room and into the wall with such force that when he peels off of it, there are visible cracks. A knight tries to rush me, only to have his chest slashed by me after I dodged his sword, his armor was shredded as if it was paper mache. More and more knights try to attack me, just to get bitten, slashed, punched, kicked you know the drill. The leader who unsurprisingly was the sadistic one slowly and painfully gets up, using the sword of a fallen knight next to him for support. He yells "HOLD HIM!!" which is then followed by the still standing and some downed knights that were getting up, rushing towards me and grabbing at whatever they can be it my fur, legs, arms, one of them even gets my tail. They're just barely holding me in place as the leader charges at me with a blade in hand, looking to impale it in my gut.

      He hits his mark. My eyes tense up at the pain, he smiles at this. "*Huff Puff Huff* *chuckle* hahahahaha *Inhale* HAHAHAHAHA!!!" he laughs maniacally. "Oh, was wrong?" he says in a mocking voice while he placed his hand that wasn't holding the blade on my snout. "Is the big, bad wolf hur-AAAAAHHH FUCK!!!!" He screams when I bite down hard on his digits, crunching the metal that was protecting them between my teeth. My eyes glowed bright red with fiery and hatred as with one swift and earth shattering motion, I launched all the knights that were holding onto me into the walls around me. The leader who's sword was still in my stomach and hand was still in my jaws, yanked and pulled at both to no avail. He then looked up at me, pure rage and hatred evident in my feral expression.

      [SOUND EFFECT BUTTON] -----> {0}
      I grabbed his wrist with one hand and grabbed his elbow with the other. *CRACK* I snap his arm like a tooth pick. He screams in absolute pain and agony. I release his fingers from my mouth and then bring my arms around his torso to give him a suplex to end all suplexes. It was so powerful it actually caused a shock wave that shaked the building like there was a earthquake. I let go of his body, now completely limp and unresponding. Is he dead? Is he Alive? Is he still able to walk? I didn't know and to honest, I didn't care. I then hear the sound of clanging metal and tired breath towards the door. "BROTHER JACKSON, WHERE ARE YOU!? WE HEARD SCREAMS AND CAME AS FAST AS WE-" the tincan said with even more Order shmucks behind him who were also, just like him speechless when they saw me beside their friend's dead or unconcious body. I also saw how the all the knights except jackson the jackass, started either limping or crawling towards the salvation that was the Orphange's doors.

      I then let out a savage, fear-inducing roar that makes even the barely moving knights gain a rush adranaline and full on book it while screaming in pure terror. They ran out of the village as if their lifes depended on it which, if I think about it from their perspective, it probably did. I then felt a tug on my leg fur, a very small tug. I look down to see an Alice was the cause of the pulling and that's when I realized something. I'm a tall motherfucker, like jesus christ, even 7ft tall Orges ain't got shit on me, maybe a harpy might mistake me for a tree to perch o-"Excuse me, um...mister wolf". I am quickly taken from my thoughts by the most innocent sounding voice, which was obviously coming from the Alice that stood below me. "Thank you for saving us" I then look back to the once fearing for their lives children were overwhelmed with both joy for they were now safe and curiosity at what I am.

      "No problem" I said smerking a little. I then watched as the children excitely came over and checked me out. Some were grabbing my massive, clawed hands, others were feeling the fur on my legs with both their hands and faces, HELL even an Arahcne, plus a Kunoichi climbed up my back and were now fondling my long, pointed ears. I would have told them to stop but the holstaur beat me to it. She said "Children, I think that's enough". They all immediatetly stop and just look at me as the holstaur gets up and comes towards me. She was crying still but instead of sadness, they were of happiness. "*Sniff* thank you, thank you soooo much" she said through her beautiful, smiling expression. There is then coughing back towards the knight jackson which is then turned into low, sickening chuckles. GODDAMN HE'S NOT DEAD?! LET ALONE UNCONSCIOUS?! "Yo-You may think that you won but this isn't over" he said in a crazed and tired out voice. "But they will be more coming and they'll put you in the dirt where you belong, you FILTHY CREA-" *CLANG*. Yep, he's outcold, kicked right in the head by one of the orphans who was an Orge.

      For the past two months I stayed at the village, making my place their aswell as helping the Holstaur who's name was bessie run the Orphange and raise the girls there. The mad man wasn't lying, more knights along with monster hunters came to the village. All of them wanted to have my head but most of them when they saw me either A) ran away screaming or B) were too scared to move, which just led to me giving them like a present to one of the single monsters in the village. However the ones that did have the balls to attack me left with some rather nasty wounds or were knocked out and left to picked up by some mamono who was looking for someone who was on the market. However the news of a male monster who faught off a group of Iron-claded Order scum surely wouldn't go unnoticed, infact a Gyoubu-Danuki made a sort of tourist attraction from me, where people would try to last a round in the ring with me. "STEP RIGHT UP, STEP RIGHT, SEE IF YOU CAN BEAT THE CHAMP, 100,000 GOLD REWARD FOR THOSE WHO DO!" I would hear her say while she took the money from the both the people seeing the fight and the ones participating in it. I watched as Orges, Salamanders, Warriors, Wreslers, Minotaurs and other battle-loving monsters and humans went from cocky, "this shouldn't be hard" to on the floor, seeing stars.

      Not only did I get a way to gain money for the Orphange's funds but it also attracted more curious monsters, even the Demon Lord's Royal Lich came to me after one of the fights to ask for samples of me. She asked for hair, salvia, blood, even semen samples, luckily Bessie helped with the last one. Jesus with those tits, even if I was a HellHound, she could still tame me. I was approached by some Dullahan's that asked me to enlist in the Demon Lord's army to help fight and liberate some Order countries. I said yes on one condition, if the village was protected by it's best warriors I would go. They agreed and off I went to give some Tincans a bruising. I was fighting in the war for about a couple years and during those years, I built up the reputation. Monsters said I could split the battlefield in half with my mighty, two handed, DRS battle axe and could withstand a blow from the Chief God, thanks to the armor some Cyclops specially made for me. Of course it wasn't exactly true but the Order knew that when I was on the battlefield, they already lost.

      "So, you live here?" a young lizardman from my platoon asked, as we all walked towards me and Bessie's home after having finished our time of service. "Actually, it's where I moved to after I turned into the creature you see before you" I say to her as I open the door, only to be leapt upon by several different types of grown up monsters, including Bessie. "WELCOME HOME" Bessie said with tears of pure joy in her eyes. "HMMPPP" was all I could say due to the fact her breasts were burying my snout in the mounds of meat attached to her chest. "Wait? Do you have a Harem or something?" a Hellhound said who was also in the platoon. I freed my snout from Bessie's chest and said to the girl "No, before I was enlisted in the amry I helped with the Orphange here, that's were I met the love of my life". "YOU RAISED ORPHANS!? and to think this is the guy that people say Fights like a Demon Lord" The Orge who, you guested was also in my platoon. One of the monsters hugging me spoke "he may fight like a Demon Lord but he loves like a Echidna"

      I'm happy, purely happy and despite the name of the WWYD, this time it was good to be curious.

      (Hope you liked my response/story)

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    • I enjoyed all the responses, I might do mine next.

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    • After the dark mass surronding me disappears, I fall unconscious.

      I wake up to find myself in a white room that is lit by lights. I have a major headache and go to place a hand on my head. But my hand seems a lot colder and rough then usual, I take a look at my hand. I see a giant red claw, I look at my other hand to see another red claw. What the hell did that rock do to me! I look at my feet to see my lower legs and feet covered in red scales, I look behind me to see giant red wings and a giant red tail. I'm a male dragon! Okay, that answers the question of what that rock did to me, but where am I?

      I start to look at the room around me. I see it has a bed, a chair, a table with a bunch of papers stapled together and a pen on it, only one door near a corner, and all the walls, the ceiling, and the floor are completely white except one wall. That one wall is made of thick glass and has some other mamono and people on the otherside watching something and writing stuff down. I count two Anubis, three Crow Tengus, a Pharaoh, a Baphomet, a Ryu, four Liches, four Hakutakus, three Owl Mages and ten humans. The humans and an Anubis are working at a section that looks like it has a microphone, some switches and some buttons. But the rest of them seem to stare at something behind me. I turn around to see what they're looking at but it's just a big empty room. There is nothing intresting in here except.... me.

      I walk to the door and try to open it. It's locked, I try pulling at it harder but it won't budge. In the corner of my eye I see the Anubis press a button. "Mr. Dragon would you please sit down at the table." a voice says over some sort of intercom system. Being the only person in the room, I can conclude that sheis talking to me. I obediently go over to the table, pull the chair out and sit down. I see the mamono taking more notes on me. The Anubis presses the button again and speaks "I know you must have a lot of questions, but first we need you to complete some tests. Please flip to the second page." I flip the page and read the title "Math." "You'll have two minutes to complete as many problems as you can. The test starts now!" she tells me. I grab the pen and start writing the answer to the problems. Damn, I thin that rock made me smarter. "You have one minute.." the Anubis starts to tell me.

      "Done," I say interupting her. They all look at me in surprise,they looked like they had just saw me running around the world in a second.

      "O-Okay," the Anubis says confused. "You may flip the page and start the next test Mr. Dragon, the same rules apply." History, my least favorite category.

      "My name is Brandon. But that's okay Clara, because I didn't have my ID chip in veiw." I tell them as I start to fill out the paper. Clara (the Anubis working the machine if you didn't get who I was talking to) looks at me in shock that I could read her small print name on a small ID card from very far away. I finish that test then it repeated for science, health (sexual and physical), writing and reading, and the last test that didn't have a name (It had a bunch of random questions). I finished each test with at least 15 seconds left.

      "Okay Brandon put your test answers in the cupboard," Clara says when she presses a button. Suddenly a cupboard opens next to the door, I walk over to it and place all my papers in it. She presses the button again, the cupboard closes. I see a kikimora walk over from the side where the door is and hand them my papers. "While they are grading your answers, I will try to answer your questions." Clara says to me.

      "First question, where am I?"

      "Your at Lescatie's Nation Research Facility."

      "How long am I going to be here?"

      "To be honest I don't know the answer to that one." Almost right after her reponse the Ryu whispers something to Clara and hands her my papers. Clara is astonished and flips through the pages. She talks a little more with the Ryu before talking to me."Here are your scores. Math: 156 out of 156. History: 156 out of 156. Science: 156 out of 156. Health 156 out of 156. Writing and Reading: 156 out of 156. On the last test you got 155 out of 156. You almost got a perfect score. Nobody who has taken that test has reached the score of 150 on any of those tests." she explains to me. "Have some sleep Brandon. You have a harder day tomorrow." Clara says as she gets up from her chair.

      (Will continue later)

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    • Part 2 of the Kama Saga.

      I look at this girl on top of me. We must be male forms of already existing mamano. I don’t know what kind we are, but we are. Maybe I should try talking to them. I feel weird.

      I start blushing uncontrollably. I guess even though I’m a male, I still have the lust of a mamano. The issue is even though I’m blushing so much at them, they don’t exactly interest me very much.

      “Hmm, Are we sure these three are very good”, the one on top of me says.

      Then another i couldn't see says,”No, I believe your right Bee. This man doesn’t seem worth while, just a weakling look-a-alike,”

      Bee gets off of me, and helps me back up while saying,”Sorry about that”. Bee then walks to the one that spoke earlier, but before they get to the other they see Jeff. Bee then pulls Jeff onto her. “Maybe I was wrong Vee”, Bee says to the one from before, they are probably Vee. Vee seems to be a female Jeff.

      “Lee what do you think” Vee says to the third.

      “Hmm well Bee enjoys that one, and we are all supposed to enjoy the same man”, Lee says sternly. Lee seems like a female sky, but you could probably guess that.They are not even giving any of us a chance to speak.

      Lee get up from sky and looks at Jeff . Lee speak,”Yeah she seems to be right Vee”.

      “Really this weakling”,Vee says. The start to walk pass me, then they stop looking at me. She looks nice. I walk up to them and hug them. They smell tasty. “I Stand corrected”, Vee says.

      Seems we like everyone but our clone. We do things… fun things… Living with my wives. Nice and fun.

      (Was Oringinly tired when writing this...ending up using my tiredness to my advantage... or atleast trying to)

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    • My name is Pierre de notimportant. It shall be a good idea to write my experiences here, if I end up dying before I have any offspring. That is a highly unlikely possibility,but you can never be too safe. You will probably need some context.

      I used to be a human with the same name. My profession was known as a Mamanologist. I still could be considered one,but I do more than that anymore. I used to go out on walks every day at exactly 6:30 Post Meridiem, Central Daylight Time. This allowed time to freely think and to study monsters who are on the same trail.

      These walks helped me to discover wonderland and record a few obscurities there, but that is information is in my article titled Truth of wonderland if you want to give it a read. Now for how normal this was, an unexpected result occurred on the day of July 13 2018. As I was walking, a large black mass of an unidentifiable substance landed near me. I walked up to it, and it started to surround me.

      The substance hit every single part of my body, inside and out. It took around 23.57 seconds before it dissipated. Once it did, I changed into a male Hakutaku. This normally shouldn’t be possible, but lately substances like mine have landed and changed people into male Mamano like me. Note I have no confirmation but I have heard rumors on people changing into Dullahans, Kamaitachi, Hell hounds and even Slimes.

      Peculiarly it seems there can only be one male of each species of Mamano. None also have had children yet, even if my mate is in the process of it. For this reason we do not know if males can be born by a male monster and a female monster having sex. I can confirm that male Mamano do have a similar lust to females by personal experience.

      Another interesting fact is the gland that produces the spirit energy in mayjnyjyhnuygdxxgfgxggfgfgffgghchhdhgghghgjhj.

      For anybody reading this now, my husband fell asleep writing this. So I think it’s a good idea to pick up where he left off. He seemed to stop the story right before the good part so I’ll jump in there.

      Right after he turned, My husband heard me scream in the distance. Note we had never met before this. He walks to where I was right away, probably quite curious then caring, at the time at least. He saw me get attacked by this ugly Archene. I mean really ugly, I don’t want that thing touching me. My husband nicely spoke to the ugly Archene to get away.

      I was to busy being scared to even notice they were male. The really ugly Archene moved aside, I believe it had something to do with the male monster thing going on. He then grabbed onto me. Before he could pull me away, a glint appeared in his eyes and he started playing around with my body, almost studying it. After a while he was done studying… and well the rest is history.

      Now I’m going to go sleep with my little honey buns now, we do have a child on the way so I need a lot of sex. So I need to be ready when they awaken.

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    • (Part 2)

      The lights turn off and everyone leaves, well except for me of course. I lie on my bed and and try to fall asleep. But I can't seem to fall asleep, no matter how much I toss and turn I just won't fall asleep. For some reason, I have a feeling of extreme lonelyness. Which is strange because I've lived alone for most of my life, so it isn't a totally new feeling. But this time it feels different and more intense then what I've felt before. It must be a side effect of the transformation, I tell myself. But I can't help but feel myself getting lonelier and lonelier every second that passes.

      After two or three hours pass (hell I don't know there isn't a clock insight) I start pacing around my cell. I have a weird feeling that they left me for dead and I'll be alone until I die. I start hyperventilating at the thought of being left for dead and start pacing faster. Eventually the hyperventation is to much and I faint and collapse to the ground. 

      I wake up to the sound of a door opening, at that moment all my feelings of lonelyness disappear. But they are quickly replaced with the groans and aches caused by hunger and dehydration. The lights turn on and Clara and the Ryu walk into the room. I try to signal them, but I'm only strong enough to barely lift up my claw. Clara presses a button and covers her mouth with her hands when she sees me. I weakly open my mouth and motion a finger to show what I need. After my signal the Ryu tells Clara something. After the Ryu is done speaking to Clara, Clara dashes out of the room while the Ryu rushes in the opposite direction.

      I hear multiple locking mechanics unlock and see my door and the Ryu rush inside. She gives me a comforting hug, my face landing right into her cleavage. She strokes her hand through my head and says "You poor thing. You haven't had nothing to eat or drink for an entire day. But don't worry I'll keep you safe while Clara gets your meal." My stomach growls as Clara rushes into the room with a tray that has scrambled eggs, ham, bread and a cup of weird liquid. I'm turned to face her by the Ryu, I weakly try to reach out for the tray, but the Ryu lowers my arm and holds me tighter. "Don't worry we'll take care of everything," whispers the Ryu in my ear. When she breaths into my ears it sends a spike of pleasure down my back.

      Clara places the cup of water to my lips, "Here drink this it's Undine Spring Water," Clara says with a gentle smile on her face. I start drinking without a second thought, I start to feel my strength replenish. Clara then uses a fork to feed me, only making me open my mouth to except the food and then chew it.

      With my hunger and thirst gone, my body seems to react to my surroundings. I feel the Ryu's soft breasts, Clara's paw placed on my leg, and continue to feel the Ryu's breath in my ears. All these now felt pleasures ambush my senses and make me start to go hard. "Oooh. Look at the big dragon down there~" the Ryu points out my swelling croutch as her grip tightens even more. I have to admit it was larger that my pre-transformation penis.

      "Hey! Don't hogging him Rebecca, I-I want him too." says Clara as she starts to blush as she stares at my croutch. She grabs my exsposed member, I let out a light moan as my body starts to relax. Rebecca giggles as my head rest against her breasts, Clara starts stroking. "Don't worry Brandon, this is only for research purposes." Clara says, but her face obvious shows her previous statement is a lie.

      Rebecca starts rubbing my shoulders, relaxing the rest of my body. I start to pant heavily and moan loudly as Clara strokes faster and Rebecca licks my neck. Rebecca then turns my head and pulls me into a deep kiss, were our tounges intertwined. The pleasure is too powerful that I can feel myself losing to my instincts as a male mamono. I writhe in pleasure, moaning as my mouth is still connected to the Ryu's.

      I quickly break the kiss and let out a mighty roar as i raise my waist. For a single second my round pupils turn into snake-like pupils, as my come starts to shoot out like a fountain. After a couple of seconds of continuously coming, I stop coming. My wings are fully extended and my tail is waging like a kobold's that was being pet by her master.

      "Gross, you came all over me~" teases Clara as she looks at her paw drenched in my come. She licks her paw to get a taste of it. "Oh my gosh! It's really sweet, but it tastes so good." Clara says as she starts to lick her paw more.

      "Aaawwww. He looks so cute with that expression," Rebecca says as she looks at my face. She starts scratching my head with her claw, I can't control my body as I tilt my head seeking more scratches from her hand. "He's like a puppy. Your such a good boy~" Rebecca says as she starts to scratch my belly.

      "Ahem. Rebecca, the samples." Clara says as glares at Rebecca. Rebecca groans as she lets me go and gently lies my down on the floor and takes out an empty syringe. She fills up the syringe with some of my come and walks away. After a couple of hours "getting more samples and doing tests, " I find myself lying my head down on the ground of my cell. On my right side Clara presses against me, she slowly paws me in her sleep and every once and a while letting out a cute sigh. On the other side Rebecca lays her head on my chest and her tail wrapped around mine. I have my wings wrapped around them like a blanket, I hold them tight against me as if they were my special treasure. I soon was allowed to leave when all the tests were done and happily lived with Rebecca and Clara for the rest of my life. I was happy to learn that my come had contained monster DNA and allowed me also to produce male monsters. I know have my three kids Anthony (Male Anubis), Anna (Female Dragon), and Adam (Male Ryu).

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    • Alright then, guess it's my turn.

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    • (First... Oh my Paul Bunyan you put me to shame. Second,it’s interesting seeing everyone’s different writing style for this simple prompt... even what monsters everyone choose makes for a interesting sight... except probably for me since I did it for 4 monsters.

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    • Great response.

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    • Butter, variety is the spice of life, and if you can make multiple scenario's from it, why not do it?

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    • I can only stare in both shock and amazement at my brown furry paws.  A look along my lower torso and legs reveal that they had become furry as well.  My hand moves up to my head and I feel a large pair of fluffy ears.  Not docked like a Cu Sith's, but hanging down like a Kobold's.  Wait...that rock turned me into a Kobold!

      My curious nature receives my curses and I pace back and forth trying to figure out what to do next.  Can't show up at work tomorrow like this.  It'll just be the most humiliating thing ever.

      "Oh you poor little Kobold.  Are you lost?" asks a sweet female voice.

      I turn and see a pair of Werewolves looking at me.  Somehow I completely forgot about them.

      "Nope, I was just heading home," I say, but I slap a paw over my mouth when I realize that my male voice just came out.

      The two Werewolves narrow their eyes at me, then one of them brightens up and points a claw at me announcing, "Look sister look!  It's got junk down there!  He's a male mamono!"

      "What!?  No I don't!" I counter as I glance down and...yup, there it is.

      Now with fright I back away with my paws raised and say, "Ladies ladies, I get that this is exciting and all, but can I go home please?  It's really late!"

      "No way!" yells one of them.

      "I want to be the first to taste a male monster!" says the other.

      There is a low, menacing growl that causes all three of us to freeze.

      "Is that your mother?" I whisper to the canines.

      "Our mother doesn't sound like that," one of the Werewolves responds softly.

      A pair of embers in the darkness make my blood run cold.  Perfect.  Just what I needed.

      "I heard that there was a male mamono around here.  Where is he?" the fear inducing voice of the Hellhound asks.  I can see her flames shift in my direction.  She clearly knows where I am.

      "Why do you want to know?" one of the Werewolves asks as she turns to face the new challenger.

      "Yeah!  Find your own man fireball!" the other Werewolf yells as she snarls and extends her claws in the direction of the Hellhound who still remains shrouded in the dark.

      The dark beast of Hell lets out a nerve-wracking chuckle and her heavy footsteps bring her out into the moonlight.  Much taller than the two Werewolves with a strong figure that could rival a Minotaur.  "You two are way in over your heads," she tells them as her head turns in my direction.

      Her tongue rubs along the upper part of her lip and at that point I realize that I need to escape.

      "He's ours!  We found him first!" one of the Werewolves shouts at the Hellhound.

      "But did you rape him yet?  I don't think so," the Hellhound replies as she turns back to the two Werewolves before her.

      The two Werewolves could put up a fight against the Hellhound, but not for long.  I doubt that I'll even have enough time to escape, but I have to try.

      I find my bag lying next to my foot and snatch it up.  At that point I take off down the road.

      A voice inside me is repeatedly crying out, "Shit! Shit! Shit!"

      The trail in front of me shakes from side to side as I run. I can't tell how close I am to my home and all I want to do right now is crawl into my bed and sleep this horrible night away. No attempt is made to peek behind me because I don't want to scare myself anymore than I already am.

      Unfortunately, I would never make it home because I could hear footsteps thundering up my rear. In a split second the Hellhound's black furry arm wraps around my waist and hoists me up off the ground.

      I struggle to break free, but it's no use.

      The Hellhound's warm breath brushes against my shoulder as she whispers in my ear, "Got you you little scamp."

      Her tongue moistens the side of my face and I can only whimper, "Please don't hurt me."

      "The first male mamono to exist belongs to me. And he's a Kobold too," the Hellhound observes.

      "C-can I go home please?" I plead, trembling in her grip.

      "Oh don't worry. We'll go home soon," the Hellhound replies as she sets me back down onto the ground, but doesn't release me.

      "But first, I'll need to test your obedience," she says as she takes her arm off of me.

      The opportunity is there to run, but I don't take it. She'll just capture me again.

      "Look directly at me you little puppy," she orders.

      I turn to face her well-stocked body.

      "Very good. Now kneel," the Hellhound commands.

      I nod and lower onto my knees, gazing up at the Hellhound's domineering presence.

      "Good boy. Now give me your name," says the Hellhound.

      "Webley," I respond.

      "Webley who?" the Hellhound asks as her flames brighten at my slight resistance.

      "Webley Hutchins," I respond fully.

      "Good. Nelly," says the Hellhound.

      Nelly walks up to me and kneels slightly. She places a claw under my chin and says, "Webley, I am the one in charge. I am the one who loves you the most. I will always take care of you and protect you. Are we clear?"

      "Y-yes Master," I utter as I stare down realizing what I had just called Nelly.

      Nelly chuckles and says, "Nelly is fine. No need to call me Master."

      I nod and say, "O-of course Nelly."

      "Good. Now stand Webley, and take me to your home," Nelly commands as she gestures with a claw for me to obey.

      I rise to my feet and Nelly gently pats me on the head with a smile that is softer than her devilish one from earlier.

      "F-f-follow me Nelly," I say as I start off toward my home with Nelly following.

      As we walk I feel her whisper in my ear, "When we get home, you are going to experience the true power of a Hellhound."

      My skin begins to sweat, but I tell her, "I understand Nelly."

      Why do I keep saying these things? Could it be the Kobold's submissive nature that's making me do this. Either way, now I'm going to get treated to a good old-fashioned Hellhound rape when we get back to my place.

      Speaking of which...

      "Nelly, may I inquire something of you?" I ask with a small glance.

      "What is it Webley?" she replies.

      "Why didn't you rape me in the middle of this forest?" I ask.

      Nelly closes her eyes and smirks.

      "Too filthy. I'd rather ravage my new mamono husband in a place that's more pristine," she answers.

      "Uhh...well my home isn't exactly what one would call 'pristine'," I tell her.

      "Better than out here in the wild," she says with a matter-of-fact tone.

      Well, at least my new wife has class.

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    • Nice response

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    • Thanks SnakeLover!

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    • I think I might make another Wwyd around the same idea of being a male mamono. What do you guys think?

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    • Would be neat

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    • Okay, then I'll start working on it.

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    • i can't wait to be a vampire or actual tyrant dragon

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    • A FANDOM user
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