• Family/Type: Emblem/Heartless

    Habitat: Shard of Darkness, practically anywhere

    Disposition: Lustful, passionate, destructive (Power Wild,) focused (Sniper Wild,) skittish (Bouncy Wild)

    Diet: Hearts, Men's spirit energy

    Two Emblem Heartless that appear almost exclusively in jungles and forested-areas. Power Wilds are seen as tomboys while their sub-species, Bouncy Wilds are girly-girls despite their own lusts that afflict them like any other mamono. They appear to replace Soldiers in combat when in Forests and Jungles. Sniper Wilds, a rare species on the other hand, are more prone to urban environments and take assassin contracts much like a Kunochi.

    This monkey-like mamono, the Powerwild has gleaming yellow eyes, pale-blue skin, short light blue hair and light blue fur covering her neck and medium-sized chest. Her monkey-ears are also light-blue in color and twitch to whatever sound she may be hearing. Her wrists and ankles are have golden bracelets and anklets respectively and her hands are large four-fingered claws not covered in fur, though the arms leading up to her arms are covered. The fur that covers her tail, privates, and legs are dark-blue in color, her feet also aren't covered in fur, though they're three-toed and have sharp claw-like nails. The Heartless Emblem can be seen between her belly and chest.

    Bouncy Wilds look much the same, though the claws on their feet and hands are blunted. She has two golden hoop earrings on her monkey ears, a golden choker around her neck. Their fur is also an orange-ish brown and their skin color is a more normal Caucasian white. The anklets and bracelets on her hands and feet are no-longer gold but green, blue, and yellow in color. On top of her head with her long brown hair is a large reddish-pink bow. All Bouncy Wilds also appear to carry with them sling-shots. While fur does cover her slightly larger breasts, all Bouncy Wilds initially appear to wear a simple brown shirt with frayed edges with the Heartless Emblem on the center of it. Though if taken off, the Heartless symbol can still be seen in the same position as the Power Wild.

    Power Wilds and Bouncy Wilds are frequently seen together, though as a rule of thumb, Power Wilds are more commonly-encountered than Bouncy Wilds if only barely. Power Wilds are aggressive girls that think they're queens of the jungles and frequently get into spats with one another to prove who's better. But generally, the other Power Wilds see that the one who has sex the most as the leader, or the one with the more sexy features, much like goblins in a way, bigger equals better. They frequently get into fights with Kaukens in jungles, though some cross-mix and tend to highlight each other's ridiculous behaviors. Generally for the most part, Power Wilds form massive packs of at-least twenty plus, though not all are seen in the same area.

    Power Wilds can jump high and are capable of even dashing in mid-air to strike at foes, they are evasive foes even when in close-combat and their claws are quite strong, their feet are sensitive however, and striking at it can disrupt them for a quick escape, but expect for them for follow with revenge in-mind. Whenever they catch a woman, they like to experiment and tease her body repeatedly till her breaking point and then steal her Heart to turn into a Power or Bouncy Wild. With men, the first one who finds him, keeps him, like Pureblood Neoshadows however, all get to play with him first before the Power Wild who got her husband can leave or stay as she pleases.

    The sub-species of the Power Wilds, Bouncy Wilds on the other hand, are skittish, friendly girls armed with sling-shots, all of them. These sling-shots are magical in-nature and actually part of the Bouncy Wild and so she can teleport it to her if someone attempts to disarm her. She isn't physically strong per say and avoids physical combat as such. The rocks that are used as ammo for her sling-shot are formed from her magic and thus she has infinite ammo to be used. She can also fire magical balls of lustful energy at foes if she needs something more powerful. While Power Wilds are good at dodging left from right, Bouncy Wilds aren't, they, however can jump extremely high in the air, much higher than Power Wilds to escape danger or get to a better spot.

    Bouncy Wilds act like girly-girls and easily excited in comparison to their main species to gain a guy's attraction and like sweet-talking them to get into bed with them, fur receding away to reveal their glistening privates. However, if rejected, they will group up with Power Wilds with the intention of getting that man. Power Wilds appear to really love their sub-species, treating them like precious little sisters and ferociously come to their aid if any one of them appears to get hurt or about to be. While at other times Power Wilds play for keeps with a man, for Bouncy Wilds, they willingly give the one the Bouncy Wild wants when capturing him, though they'll still play with him pleasurably with the Bouncy Wilds, who don't seem to mind.

    Their girly-girl nature isn't suppressed even when with their husband and are prone to wandering about shops and markets looking for nice things to buy. All for their husband to look upon them with greater endearment of course, not knowing all that much about money, they don't know that buying too much is usually a bad thing and they profusely apologies when they do realize such things.

    The rare-species of the Bouncy Wild is the Sniper Wild, they look mostly the same as them, though their colors are different. Sniperwilds, their fur all around is mostly magenta with white-stripes. Their bows are purple, their hair is also magenta and long like Bouncy Wilds. The shirt that they wear is more black in-color and their braclets and armlets are brown and tan in-color. Everything else, they look the same as a Bouncy Wild.

    Sniper Wilds are much more calmer and focused than Bouncy Wilds, and while do express emotions are perfectly capable of holding a perfect poker face if they need too. Their eye-sight is noticeably impressive, able to see clearly for a couple miles, and their sling-shots are capable of homing in on targets with perfect accuracy if they see their target and 'lock-on' them by staring at them intently for a couple seconds.

    This skill has them eventually lead assassin-like lives, mamono based obviously, they are fond of coating their magical rocks in-poison that induce unbearable heat and lust in their victims. Men they bring down, if one of them is their fancy they'll take as their own. It is however, perfectly possible to encounter one normally, though it is rare to see a rare-species at all. These ones are easy on the ears and are good conversationalist as they are generally more smarter and knowledgeable than their main and sub-species counterparts.

    They'll gladly indulge in a one they fancy, though if she has her eyes on you, expect a rock to be hitting your back sometime soon and a monkey-girl with pink fur furiously thrusting your cock into her snatch. Quite a few people made that mistake when they didn't know any better.

    Power Wilds make bad wives, though more better than Pureblood Shadows, their tomboyish-nature makes them hate doing stuff when told, though they can definitely make it up in time. Bouncy Wilds are better, but not by much, they are prone to clumsiness, though that can also be stamped out. Sniper Wilds are the best, their focused-nature make it so they can easily handle big problems like it’s a breeze.

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