• Family/Type: Emblem/Heartless

    Habitat: Shard of Darkness, practically anywhere

    Disposition: Lustful, skittish, vicious (Pot Spider) bombastic (Barrel Spider)

    Diet: Hearts, Men's Spirit Energy

    A most unusual form of Emblem Heartless, both of them, their behavior are much like mimic and Jinn of the Jar mamono, though a bit different as well. They are the two only Emblem Heartless that do not possess an Emblem marker visible on their body. Pot Spiders are commonly found in desert areas, while other towns and warehouses are where Barrel Spiders are most commonly seen.

    This simple red-lidded pot is about as big as a normal teenager, with two pink lines, one thin and straight and one thick and zig-zagging, running around the largest part of the pot. Upon approaching it, four spider-like clawed legs burst out of the midsection of the pot, colored a greenish-black. It would charge out at foes and peeking out from the lid it could be seen, the face of a reddish-skinned woman with gleaming yellow eyes looking out from within the darkness of the pot and their own special brand of Darkness. The pot's lid pops over, and the woman with red hair floats slightly outside of the pot, her privates, petite and uncovered, while she has normal hands and the Heartless Emblem can be seen just below her breasts and above her belly-button. She has no legs, instead, smoky, shadowy strands of Darkness connect her to the pot and it appears she can only move so far before the 'spider' moves with her.

    The Barrel Spider is much the same, slightly larger, and taking the form of a large brown wooden gunpowder barrel. They have the same number of legs that break out of the barrel's midsection, though the color of the legs turns to a purple and pale-pink. Unlike a Pot Spider, when not in a passive state, a fifth piece of the barrel breaks away to reveal an eye-hole for the Barrel Spider, though this hole is only big enough for one of her eyes to fit through. The human part of her that pops out of the more larger lid, is a slightly more curvy woman with pale-pink skin, purple hair, and generally everything else is the same as the Pot Spider, a Barrel Spider's 'real' legs are non-existent, instead shadowy-smoke connect back to the barrel they normally reside in.

    Pot Spiders are usually only seen in desert-regions, very rarely in other places unless circumstances dictate them being placed elsewhere. For the most part, they hide within market-places of monster-friendly towns and wait for unsuspecting passer-by's that they fancy to move close to them and then burst out their claws and attempt to run them over and then quickly grab at them to do their naughty things. They're clumsy however, and such tactics are easily avoided if one knows what they're looking for, they can't change shape or color and every Pot Spider's design are exactly the same, only do the looks of the inner mamono can change. A Pot and Barrel Spider can repair the damage they do to their own 'shell' so that they may do this trick multiple times if they desire to do so. They can also feel when something is touching or damaging their shell and can even turn off this feeling if they wish.

    A Pot Spider is quick to freak out when any living thing approaches and lashes out at perceived threats when they really don't want to do so in the first-place. They talk in high-pitched voices and are quick to obsess over small details, running about in panic whenever something doesn't go their way, this can sometimes lead to self-destructive behaviors for a small time before they calm down and eventually laugh at their memories of such times, or just get really embarrassed about them when brought up.

    Another tactic for Pot Spiders is to group up with Emblem Fat Bandits and Emblem Bandits, hiding out in these camps, they are used as storage compartments as the Pot and Barrel Spiders are capable of carrying much more than it would appear for each and are much more sturdy than regular pots or barrels. Pot Spiders act as surprise guard in these camps for those that attempt to infiltrate them with stealth or the like. An assassin would hide behind one of these pots only for a girl to suddenly pop up and grab them. While Pot Spiders and Barrel Spiders aren't capable of dragging anyone living into their dimensional-space, they are more than strong enough to rip away clothes and pants to get what they want.

    Some of the more really desperate of the Pot Spiders however, set up spots literally in the middle of desert, they have food and water laid out, preserved with magic, because they're really that desperate. They wait for a man, usually one who is in desperate need of supplies and give it to them, in-return for becoming their husband and allowing them to greedily indulge in his body. After eating and drinking their fill of course. Their love-making at this point is incredibly fast-paced, though it usually ends with them alone in the desert, looking for things like sandworms or the like to help them to safety. Though more patient Pot Spiders might learn a bit of teleportation magic to get them to a city nearby.

    Barrel Spiders on the other hand, while they certainly hide away to rest or freak other people out when they get close, they aren't afraid of being seen out in the open and have been known to break out their legs and move about just because they saw something interesting. While Pot Spiders will only peek out from their lids to look at it from a distance. Those that don't quite like them infesting warehouses have to be careful, as Barrel Spiders can set themselves to blow with explosive magic, and while it does destroy them, they're one of the few Heartless that reform faster within the Shard of Darkness and return to their previous spaces. An hour instead of twenty-four like most others.

    Barrel Spiders however, can make their gunpowder inert and as such, aren't in fear of exploding suddenly unless they allow themselves to be. They're a bit slower than Pot Spiders but can jump much higher than their desert-based counterparts. They, while appear in urban places and warehouses, are known to also be seen in the weirdest of places, at the bottom of the ocean in a mermaid city or even, one time, a couple were seen inside of a particularly large sandworm. Definitely more curious of the world than their main-species at-least.

    While some Barrel Spiders will usually pop out from their hiding spaces to barrel into their man that they fancy, for the most part they'll pop out of the barrel's lid and introduce themselves with loud excited voices to any man that they like that approaches within the area. Barrel Spiders go to great lengths to make sure that their 'guest' wherever they are, is being entertained and sometimes will even self-destruct for their enjoyment, only to appear one hour later and continue having a grand ol' time with him. As a note, this explosion to everyone else simply blows them away and causes them to be paralyzed within orgasm and sometimes, when a group of Barrel Spiders get together, and one of them has their eye on a man, one will eagerly rush down to explode on him while the rest hold him down and play with his now orgasming and unfocused body. The one that will have exploded will come back to a late-party, but they don't mind.

    The Barrel Spiders that talk to the one that they fancy will continue to drive him to love them via their fun-spieling ways and eventually will take their desires to the fore-front. The spider kissing him suddenly and hugging him, breathing harshly, their eyes now filling with lustful desires. The more he enjoys their presence, the more quicker they are to get into this mood and at this point if he refuses she will take him by force.

    Both Barrel Spiders and Pot Spiders particularly enjoy using their vaginas as a form of sexual relief, and are known to be extra tight and pleasurable, even when compared to other mamonos. There is probably a joke to be made about this, but I am a respectable scholar and will not do so.

    As wives, both of them are pretty good, Barrel Spiders are the types to be overeager to try out new things, while Pot Spiders will take a little bit of a talk or proactive 'convincing' to try out such things that isn't normally in their comfort-zone. However, their intelligence is great and nothing to scoff at either, so there is that.

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