• Family/Type: Emblem/Heartless

    Habitat: Shard of Darkness, Wonderland

    Disposition: Lustful, capricious, scheming, mean

    Diet: Hearts, Men's Spirit Energy

    An unusual Emblem Heartless, and one of the few that are known to be exceedingly strong in both physical and magical abilities though they mostly use it to fool around with others. They are very rarely seen in the material world and are instead mostly seen in Wonderland, where their crazed antics and lust have earned them a spot in Wonderland for a time. Their most favored antic is shrinking people.

    Dropping down from seemingly nowhere but the sky, this 15ft tall lightish-red-skinned black-haired woman is a strange one to say the absolute least. She has extremely long thin arms made out of a black paper-like material, that end in three fingers that look like claws. Red shoulderpads can be seen on both and she appears to be wearing a black and red dress that does its best to cover up her generous-looking bust. Her legs are long and spindly, covered in armor, and appear to look like scissorjacks these 'scissorjack legs' are segmented in the middle of each leg, with a purple ball connecting them with a golden trim. The upper part of these legs are red, the lower half, black. These legs end in black feet with no digits that are flat to the ground and curve upwards at the tip, they sort of look like high-heels. One of the more immediate features about a Trickmaster is the hats they wear, which, really isn't a hat. Ontop of her head are four extra 'heads' square-like in shape and certainly not human-looking as they feature yellow glowing eyes and a jagged mouth-line. The color of each 'head' changes from black, to red, to black, and then to red again. Each of these heads are trimmed in gold, with the final 'head' having the end of the trim curl outwards. A Heartless Emblem can be seen at the final top 'head's' top. She may take off this 'hat' or make it disappear with magic if she chooses to do so.

    All Trickmasters appear to dual-wield clubs with purple and lavender stripes on them. Trickmasters are often found juggling them to alleviate boredom or to entertain others within the area. These clubs are magically reinforced and are a part of these Emblem Heartless, allowing them to teleport them back to their body no matter the distance, or to make them disappear within themselves if need be. These clubs are great conductors of elemental magic and can absorb such magic if thrown at them and allow them to shoot it out as a powerful projectile if they wish.

    These large mamonos obviously can use an innate magic to make themselves smaller if they wish, but they are also capable of using this magic on others and objects, not just them. They can shrink or enlarge objects as much as they want, though those with a high will may resist them, objects don't have a will and they can easily make them as large as they want. Changing their mass and volume as needed as well. They can also influence certain parts of an object or living thing to change as small or large as they want with seemingly no physical detriment to themselves or the being in-question. They use that ability on human females and males on certain 'things' all the time. Much to the enjoyment of Wonderland's denizens and confusion and probable arousal to the man or woman due to the DE influencing such abilities.

    Trickmasters are frequently seen with Mad Hatters and Cheshire Cats, doing tea-parties with them or setting up 'tricks' and traps in the area so that a cat may lead them into such things. Trickmasters also have the ability to turn objects 2D and frequently do so, turning a door to be seamlessly into a wall like it was paint are one of their more famous tricks but have been known to turn such things like chairs and tables into 2D objects. They can't turn themselves or other living things 2D however. Trickmasters favor those who escape from their 'tricks' or other such obstacles with tricks of their own and a great few are enamored with magic-less magicians and desire their secrets so that they might use them for themselves.

    Another one of the more potent 'tricks' a Trickmaster can do is to look in and steal the memories of a sleeping person, they cannot add on, nor manipulate memories, only steal them. Such an ability requires for their paper-hands to touch a sleeping person's forehead and then they can simply pluck the memory from their head, they usually steal only specific memories like their knowledge of Wonderland so that they are completely confused when they finally wake up and realize that they are no longer sleeping on their bed. A Trickmaster can easily give a person back their memories by tapping their foreheads whether awake or asleep and flood their heads back with their memories.

    It is odd for Heartless mamono to go into other Spirit Realms even though they can with their Corridors of Darkness, but it appears that the Emblem Trickmasters are simply drawn to Wonderland due to their own appearance and various abilities to manipulate Demonic Energies into various confusing and lewd ways has appeased the Queen of Hearts to no ends and it appears that the Trickmasters have been formally put in as part of her 'toy-box' however long that lasts time will tell, but from her ecstatic laughter and decrees it appears it will be a while before she grows bored of them. Other denizens of Wonderland welcome these newcomers with open-arms, though Jabberwocks will viciously defend their title of the 'most powerful and lascivious of them all.' From these powerful Trickmasters, though they personally see it as a jest and frequently tease the dragons with their own power and the lewdness they delve with their husbands right in-front of them. Only for the Jabberwock to do the same, both Trickmasters and Jabberwocks in the end simply see it as a friendly rivalry, nothing more.

    They sing jolly-tunes when alone and scheme of ways to 'play' with humans that enter Wonderland to deliciously entice them to madness and corruption, frequently tainting the Hearts of men into Darkness, but strangely leave the women with Hearts unstolen, as they rather that they become a Wonderland mamono rather than a Heartless mamono. Though of course they'll still tease their bodies whenever they get the chance and warp the surroundings to force them into lewd situations. It is, however, despite their sometimes mean-spirited behavior to ignore sleeping men that land in Wonderland. Seeing all of those memories, of their lives is an effective heart-string puller and they are certainly empathetic even if their behavior suggests otherwise. As such it can be said that Trickmasters easily fall in love like most mamonos and while they won't immediately pounce them. Most husbands of Trickmasters are ones who fall asleep and awaken in Wonderland, they gaze upon the man's memories and fall more and more in love and eventually set up trials and 'tricks' based on the man that they have. Whether he wins or loses these it doesn't matter she will indulge upon her his lusts and make he, lust for her as well.

    Their four extra 'heads' allow them to see through magical illusions and allow them to better understand the areas they find themselves in so that they don't need to delve too deep into the madness of Wonderland though they certainly act the part of mad with their cheery voices when an orgy is going on and they simply don't care. Those extra heads can sometimes leer dangerously close to falling off but never do and they sometimes tilt their head to see this much to their great amusement. Removing the extra heads or have her make them disappear causes a Trickmaster to lose this ability.

    Men who enter randomly into Wonderland they care less about though it is not impossible for finding one they fancy though just looking at him, and will, as described before, team up with Cheshires to drive them to lustful insanity before delving his body to pleasure and beyond. As a note, their paper hands are quite sensitive and do love giving handjobs with them and sometimes engross on the fear of a man who think he's about to get a paper-cut but are surprised by the bliss of orgasm when their cock starts pumping Spirit Energy out and is subsequently absorbed on their black paper-like hands.

    Trickmasters encountered outside of Wonderland are much more mean-spirited and aggressive, usually attacking men and women outright to corrupt for their lustful ends, though they generally cool down once obtaining a husband and usually stop with the whole aggressive tricks act. Much is the same for ones encountered in Wonderland.

    Emblem Trickmasters make great wives simply put, their many magical abilities can be put to many practical uses and for the most part are happy to make their husband delighted, though they're still fond of pulling the occasional trick and what not upon them as a form of affection.

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    • Added a picture so people can know what scissorjacks look like.

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    • Mate, I gotta ask: can they take it like they dish it? If so, then I see a pretty fun prank war with no string long as they don’t drag Rhiannon to the ruler of this place.

      Seriously though, Infind it cute that they put a heeel-turn the moment some guy manages to get a ring on them. Pranks toward their spouse also sound adorable, I seriously doubt they’d go pulling war-grade pranks on them.

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    • Emotionally or physically? The answer to both questions are usually a resounding yes, and than they'll dish it back out just as quickly as the first.

      Prank-wars have been ensued though they are all in good fun and sometimes leads to lewd-times.

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    • Excellent, definitely seeing some recurring prank wars leading to a romantic long as they don’t blow up half of the town in it.

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    • Yes, that would be quite bad.

      Well, I have several more of these girls lying around, have you checked them out by any chance?

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    • Only had time to check up at one. Gon’ have to hold up until I get home. Writing stuff on a phone is painfully annoying.

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    • Indeed.

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