• Family/Type: Emblem/Heartless

    Habitat: Shard of Darkness, practically anywhere

    Disposition: Lustful, ferocious, greedy, cocky

    Diet: Hearts, Men's Spirit Energy

    A type of Emblem Heartless mamono that appear almost exclusively within desert regions like Fat Bandits and Pot Spiders though they've been known to sometimes hide away in forests with other Heartless or even sometimes alone. Rather common to see, their abilities however, are nothing to scoff at.

    This blue-skinned woman runs at you with a large scimitar with a golden-handle. Her black-hair and most of her face are obscured by her large bright-white turban and face-mask that they wear, only really showing her nose and bright-yellow eyes. She wears a purple vest trimmed in gold, purple pants with plum and silver trim that is held in place by a salmon-colored sash. A plum and silver choker can be seen around her neck. Her arms have grey armbands near both her shoulder and a couple gold and silver bracelets on both of her wrists. She commonly wears silver and golden rings around her four-fingered hands. Her legs end in blue curled-toe shoes trimmed also in plum and silver. Taking these 'shoes' are impossible as they appear to be physically apart of her like Emblem Soldiers, Large Bodies, and Fat Bandits. Her breasts are a moderate size, and a bit of open skin can be seen to show it off.

    As one can obviously see from their appearance, Emblem Bandits appear as wealthy raiders of the sands and they definitely live up to the name. Teaming up with Fat Bandits and Pot Spiders to make outposts in otherwise inhospitable parts of deserts and raiding caravans that pass-by for men, women, and luxuries that they don't usually need like couches and chairs or fancy rugs and trinkets and the like. Emblem Bandits are fascinated in them and the wealthier a man looks to be, the more attracted they are to him. Likewise, they are enamored by other thieves that barely get by, wishing to take them in and teach them much 'better' ways of living.

    Fearless of just about anything, these mamono will attack and steal just about anyone, even a dragon moving its horde in its  ancient form. Even a griffon guarding its ruins, due to their innate durability and their numbers, along with their cooperation with other Heartless mamono make them a threat to be seen rather than written about. They'll take anything as spoils, playing with the loser's body and stealing some, not all of their wealth. This goes for caravans in the area, for people they don't want simply because there isn't enough mamono for a group or otherwise, they'll let the ones that go free with enough food, water, and money to get to any towns within the area or even, sometimes, instead of straight-up attacking, may just post tolls that require either money, or if the person's a man, a bit of Spirit Energy. Usually for the entire group.

    The magical blades that they wield are much like other Heartless mamono, these blades are a part of their body, they can teleport their blades to themselves, make it disappear and reappear for periods of time, and know where it is at all times. They can also infuse their blades with Darkness and let them throw their blades only to have it fly back to their hands. Another unusual ability that Emblem Bandits have that go in their favor is their ability to swim underneath sand and other soft substances like mud or gravel. They travel fast beneath the sand and usually plan ambushes with this power in-mind.

    Similar to most pack-based Heartless mamonos, whenever they gain a husband for their own they will usually stop raiding to spend more quality time with them. Lavishing them with riches they have had stolen from other raids they've commenced, unless the man in-question is already lavish in his wealth. Seeing their husband gilded with wealth arouses them like no other and a lone Emblem Bandit will most definitely swoon over one who gleefully shows of their jewels and gold to the world and that will make them quick to want to pounce on them love them dearly.

    Those that steal from them, however, earn their respect and if a man, their eventually love and desire to pounce on him just like the rest. The times they imagine their husband dousing their wealth in delicious Spirit Energy are the best times for them. Regular men are also often considered and the surprise to be so suddenly ravished and then given wealth. Their faces are sometimes absolutely priceless and the Emblem Bandit will cherish her husband forever. Woman on the other hand that are captured, have their Hearts stolen and turned into Emblem Bandits, adding her to their ranks, though they consider a man with her to be 'stolen' before they could steal him their selves and give him up to her. Who will probably gleefully fuck the man that has been traveling with her for a while.

    Enemies of Pharaohs, while Emblem Bandit Heartless do desire riches only a slightly less than their husbands. These Bandits become suddenly cautious in these ruins, careful to take care of sentries, lewdly, and seeing if one of these god-kings are around. While all Heartless are essentially immortal for the most part, very few of them can resist her words of command and as such are fast to scour when they see even the slightest hint of their presence and just as quick as to return to plunder ruins when she no longer shows or isn't there in the first place.

    When encountered outside of deserts, they are most likely going to be loners, so the above applies about them swooning over those with lots of riches and taking in those poor so that they might train them to be better and eventually, fall in love with them. Those Bandits encountered in groups on the other-hand, while rare, do happen and are a lot feistier with less ‘toll’ events happening and are more prone to just straight up attack, steal, and fuck. Those encountered near ports and beaches on the other hand, might even be with Emblem Pirates and Emblem Battleships in a collective group for booty.

    Bandit Heartless make good wives, though they aren't all that used to it due to them being much more dominant and will take some time getting used to not just straight up robbing places for their wealth and items. They can be taught to 'not' do things like that in-time and are eventually better for it, just watch out for her leery eyes if she starts eyeing that one diamond.


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