• Family/Type: Emblem/Heartless

    Habitat: Shard of Darkness, practically anywhere

    Disposition: Lustful, clumsy, devoted

    Diet: Hearts, Men's Spirit Energy

    A type of undead-like Emblem Heartless that appear alongside Emblem Wight Knights in graveyards or in demon realms tainted with undead demonic energy. Despite their and the Wight Knight's appearance, they aren't actually undead, though few can tell such subtle differences between them.

    This pale-skinned, brown-haired woman floats into view, where her legs should be is a foot-less ghostly tail. Wearing a simple purple dress that covers her privates and petite bust. In the middle of this dress is the Heartless Emblem symbol, and it is ripped in some places, exposing her smooth, delectable skin. The Sleeves of this dress end in white cuffs with gold cuff links, and the end of the dress appears to be torn out from under it. A Search Ghost's hands are actually four-fingered white cuffed gloves, looking into the glove or even the sleeve of the dress reveals that there is simply an empty gap and nothing within the gloves but darkness. However, the most prominent part of a Search Ghost is her eyes. While like all Heartless mamonos, they are glowing yellow, the pupil of the left eye is a black angled spiral, same goes for the right eye. While the left eye looks real and part of the socket, the right eye is disturbingly popped out of the socket and looks fake and feels like smoothed marble. This eye is connected to her blackened right socket by a silver-chain that dangles close to her mouth. She may suck up this fake eye into her socket but it looks obviously fake and requires energy to do so constantly maintain.

    Search Ghosts at the same point, have really good eyesight, and really bad eyesight. Their eyesight with their functioning eye is blurred for the most part, but there is an innate magic to this eye and can suddenly light up with a yellow brightness much like a searchlight. The things seen in this searchlight to them, is seen in incredible detail and all Search Ghosts are quite good at remembering what they have seen within these searchlights. The searchlight of theirs turns to an angry red color whenever it can see a thing with a Heart. It also turns to a blue when it sees the Spirit Energy of men around in the area, making it really hard for people to avoid her in an area, but really easy to escape direct sight as their searchlight only travels 30ft in-front of them.

    To this end, Search Ghosts are constantly 'searching' around their areas. Even when moving they rarely look in-front of themselves, causing them to bump into objects that they would otherwise completely, they are not like ghost mamonos where they can just phase through objects but they are special when compared to other Heartless mamonos. Search Ghosts are one of the few Heartless mamono that can use the ability of the Corridors of Darkness offensively and even look different to most others as well. Appearing in a balloon-like sphere of yellow and purple light rather than teleporting into a place via black and purple energies. They are able to use these Corridors much faster than other normal Emblems and Purebloods and usually dodge away from attacks only to appear elsewhere on the field.

    Despite their appearances, Search Ghosts are actually quite talkative and cheerful despite their apparent-lack of seeing for the most part, the undead mamono in the areas they reside do sometimes help them get husbands and do always try to help despite being clumsy when asked too. They love searching for things and their single careful eye have been known to catch information that others would miss in areas usually, making them a great help in certain situations, especially in groups. While aren't official undead due to technically still being 'alive,' Hel has been known to frequent her blessings upon Search Ghosts and Wight Knights, which, while capable of turning them undead, doesn't really do anything that they don't already have. But those two types of Emblem Heartless thank her anyways, it is the thought that counts.

    While in graveyards or perhaps in towns near graveyards, they wander about for a man that they fancy. These wandering searchlights are usually seen before the main body of a Search Ghost can be seen. In-conjunction with her searchlights, she will usually make her 'gloves' grab and touch things around her. Search Ghosts are capable of throwing their hands to quite far distances only to pull them back, it is often their main form of attack that isn't charging their weight at a person. They'd shunt their hands forward at long distances at foes in-attempts to hit them with energy-draining smacks.

    For the most part, a Search Ghost will spot a man before any sort of conversation can be started, but are quite shocked if someone manages to sneak up on them and will have their searchlight shut off in this shock. Literally quite blind in this moment, they'll forget to turn on their searchlights and float around in a stumble, a bit scared to say the least. If he is able to calm her down or at the very least, wait for her to realize to turn her 'sight' back on, they're more inclined to not immediately jump out at him like they normally would. They're quite embarrassed of their fake eye and him seeing it, or rather, any others that sight it. Not being weirded out or saying its cool will quickly make their heart aflutter and gaze upon his body with more love and lust.

    At this point, if she has looked upon his body long enough, the Search Ghost's ability to recall her new lover from her memories will be very exact and so nothing like immediate blindness from her searchlights need to happen. Even still, if the man allows the Search Ghost her desires or she forces it onto him in a different encounter, enough Spirit Energy will even give her the ability to see normally and make the other eye a real one if they so choose, though this requires a mild constant source of energy to be given to them. Their 'fake' eye is also a sensitive place and while it might seem gross to most, placing the fake eye within one's mouth or simply softly stroking it causes intense pleasure for the Search Ghost in-question and can be used to get away if one really wants.

    As long as a Search Ghost has her constant source of energy they make good wives, their eye for detail, nice for everyday life. Likewise, their ability to fling out their arms also quite useful for things that are just out of reach and you're too lazy to teleport or do anything like that.

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