• Family/Type: Emblem/Heartless

    Habitat: Shard of Darkness, practically anywhere

    Disposition: Lustful, good-natured, playful, scheming (Pirate,) strong-willed (Air Pirate)

    Diet: Hearts, Men's Spirit Energy

    A type of Emblem Heartless and their air-borne subspecies that are often seen literally raiding on the high-seas and on islands camping out. It is unknown how exactly they get such massive boats with cannons and sails made with the Heartless Emblem, but they have them and if one were to guess, the ship is probably made out of Darkness like much of the Spirit Realm, the Shard of Darkness is. They are seen frequently with Barrel Spiders and Emblem Battleships.

    Jumping off from their ship and onto yours whilst cackling maddingly, this grey-skinned lanky woman's long red hair is covered somewhat by their equally as bright red bandanas they wear that appear to obscure their yellow eyes. On their right eye, or where it would be had there not be a bandana obscuring it is a black eyepatch with a white 'X' on it. An angular black spiral opens up the bandana slightly, showing off the woman's eye slightly. The black turtleneck shirts that she wears is etched with the Heartless Emblem though the shirt exposes her belly and impressive hips to the world. She is wearing a brown and tan-patched pants with a red sash. The shoes that she appears to wear but are actually apart of her body are simple in-design and also looked patch worked with brown and tan colors. On both of her shoulders are grey-skull shoulder pads and on both her wrists are bright yellow wristbands, her hands are also noted to only have four fingers. She is wielding a large grey curved blade, halfway down the blade is etched with a bright red squiggly crack and a yellow angled spiral which makes the blade look as though it is frowning. The blade itself has no hilt and is the held to the handle by what appears to be a heavy-duty clip, the sword's grip covered in a bright red fabric.

    Another slightly more curvy and muscular blue-skinned woman flies over head, her yellow eyes bearing a grin at you as she thrusts both her hands together and cracks her knuckles. Her short black hair obscured by the blue and white head scarf she is wearing and over her neck is a light blue neck wrap. She also appears to be completely nude in the front and seemingly only wearing a dark blue bra to obscure her breasts. Her Heartless Emblem is just above her bra and does not go over her belly. She has similar grey skull shoulder pads on each shoulder, a golden bracelet on each wrist, her hands appear to only have four fingers. She is wearing bright-blue saggy pants with a yellow sash and a brown knee-pad on each leg. She is also wearing what looks to be long, narrow black shoes with brown straps. Two bright purple 'wings' are attached to her back, though they are completely featureless and look more like triangles that can bend slightly in-shape. As such, her flight looks less like flying and more like magically floating.

    Emblem Pirates and Emblem Air Pirates, one of the more odder Heartless mamono out there, these girls are constantly moving around on the oceans and seas, essentially acting like nomads with Emblem Battleships and sometimes Barrel Spiders that follow them on or in their ships. They're a rowdy bunch and favor drinking despite having no need to and the fact their bodies will take quite the while before anything like drunkenness starts to happen, though it is not impossible for them unlike most other Heartless mamonos. They'll sing sea-shanties, often bad sounding and lewd in lyric, but with intense fervor and good-will in their tones. They'll make each other humorously walk the plank for even the smallest slight only to come back on-board with no big deal. They stick to each other always, even when with a husband, unless the Pirate genuinely doesn't like the group they're a part of, they'll stay to raid other ships and get other men for other lonely Pirates or Air Pirates. Hell, they'll even bring some unmarried guys or uncorrupted women down to the Barrel Spiders that stay around so that they can have some fun as well.

    Pirates, will be Pirates however, and it is in an Emblem Pirate's nature to steal and loot for the heck of it. Frequently they'll attack ships by using the Corridors of Darkness to get aboard when spotted by others and to attack with fists or their blades, which, like most Emblem Heartless, are a part of them magically and essentially impossible to disarm them in-combat. If the group has too much men for them or are feeling generous to Poseidon, they'll signal aquatic mamono in the area to get ready for 'mates' to be dropped in. Sometimes however, they really do simply want to raid for the heck of it, they'll come aboard, steal some items and then leave without so much of a word, though they might cackle. For the men they capture, they are like amazoness's in a way that they show off their 'booty' that they captured and play with the men they captured in-front of the other Heartless mamono which also gets them riled up, which makes them want to fuck the other captured men and it's a whole mess from there.

    Emblem Pirates, not Air Pirates are the ones who command the ship and instinctively know how to both build one, a general lay-out and how to sail one. Every single one of them and as such it is very hard to deal with them when the entire group knows how to work a ship like they were literally born in it, and sometimes that does actually happen. Emblem Pirates are always thinking of ways to get treasure and mates, while Air Pirates could care less about the treasure, they're more in it for the glory and a husband, they certainly like combat and sparring though not as much as sex and their soon to be husband. Air Pirates encountered alone are much like Salamanders, always raring for a fight and hot and bothered when defeated or winning in a really good fight.

    Air Pirates excel in hand-to-hand combat and even know a couple martial-art-like techniques and make use of them frequently, they are impressed by other glory-seekers or simply those good in combat. However a couple do have a soft-spot for the shy-ones and do love taking charge of them in-bed or as a husband.

    Emblem Pirates on the other hand, when encountered alone, are, for the most part, party girls that are just looking for a good time. Their accents, perhaps intimidating before-hand while in the darkness of the night on the open seas are now simply ridiculous in their hiccupping tones and slumped over bottles of whiskey and other such beverages. Their grey-skinned cheeks turning cherry red as they drool over men around in the area and stumble up to him for a grope or just flirting. Very rarely do they attack when not outside their ships, but if encountered with Emblem Bandits, than it’s a good time to quickly leave before they see you.

    Very rarely do Pirates and Air Pirates leave the comfort of their ships and groups for good, when they do it is usually because they have disagreements over something or they're convinced by their husband to leave. It isn't especially hard, they'll still plunder and raid if the husband hasn't said anything, but are ready to pack their bags and go if he isn't liking this place no more. The Emblem Pirates and Air Pirates aren't bitter or anything when they leave, there are plenty of women on the open sea to be corrupted for a new member and if there's less members, that means there's more loot and glory to be had for one.

    Emblem Pirates as wives are resourceful buggers, always planning of schemes to get better in their life and the treasure she probably has will be quite useful in maintaining a lifestyle, though like Emblem Bandits, they might be prone to just raiding stuff to relive their older days. Air Pirates are similar, and while not as scheming, they rarely if ever give up on a goal, so that is quite a good thing to note.

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