• Family/Type: Pureblood/Heartless

    Habitat: Shard of Darkness

    Disposition: Lustful, curious, devoted, gloomy

    Diet: Hearts, Men's Spirit Energy

    A class-1 Pureblood found almost always within the Shard of Darkness realm due to their weakness of unable to use the Corridors of Darkness to get around planes. Requiring for them to be plane-shifted by actual magic or summoned via familiar magic like some other spellcasters do with Heartless and regular Familiars.

    This blue-haired, pale-skinned woman is quite petite in both size and bust. Though she does have a rather long black-horn with scarce blue-veins running alongside it. In-place of normal arms, she has black shadowy miniature-bat wings that descend into a lanky two-fingered and clawed 'hand.' Her eyes of course, like all Heartless are a gleaming yellow, though a couple blue veins can be seen near her eyes. She does have legs, though they similarly lanky in-build to her wing-arms, despite her otherwise healthy looking body and descend into two-toed talons. Her sharp-toothed mouth opens up to reveal a blue-tongue that is quite long despite her otherwise small body.

    Bit Snipers are tragic really, they're a new form of Pureblood Heartless, which, if anyone knows Purebloods, a new type of Pureblood is really rare, almost never happens. They were a one-off, created by a villain long past to serve him as a minion in the final fight that decided the fate of quite a many worlds. Than to be never seen again, however in this final battle it appears some were stolen away and sent into this world. Their forms changing as well with the influx of Demonic Energy into their bodies and properties swiftly changing to fit the world itself. Though as their previous nature suggests, they are quick to follow those around them with even the slightest hint of Darkness in their bodies, eager to please as it were. This is easier said than done, as Bit Snipers are unable to use the Corridors of Darkness to get around, the only that simply cannot. Instead they were gifted with other abilities that make up for that.

    As their wings suggest, they are capable of flight, though like most Heartless with wings, they don’t appear to actually fly, only simply glide around magically. They are known to be quite fast while ‘flying’ and rather hard to catch them while doing so. Their other special ability they have is why they are referred to as ‘Snipers’ all Bit Snipers are capable of shooting out red lasers from their mouth at foes with both incredible range and high accuracy. These lasers are filled completely with darkness despite being able to emit light and the color of red, targets hit with these lasers are quickly filled with Demonic Energy and lust. They are also quite durable, more durable than Pureblood Shadows and often charge into foes when needed, that horn that all Bit Snipers aren’t just for show and all of this is supposedly to make-up for the fact that they cannot use Corridors of Darkness to quickly travel around or just move to other planes.

    While Bit Snipers cannot use the Corridors of Darkness to travel around and are usually stuck within the Shard of Darkness plane for the most part. They are also one of the easiest Heartless to summon with familiar spells and are drawn to even the most pitiable source of Darkness unlike most other Heartless. Eager to jump at the chance to escape their ‘home’ they will abide any contract, verbal or written, their desire to see the outside world is so strong. They’ve obvious potential as scouts and serve any duty assigned to them faithfully, including one’s of course that involve desire.

    They’re demure in a sense and their willingness to do just about anything as long as it doesn’t involve murder has earned many Bit Snipers a husband. Like Pureblood Shadows they’ve no qualms about sharing a single man and as such some have started up harems because of this fact. In-fact, Bit Snipers quite enjoying the presence of others of their kind, but generally like any other woman they add on to have more and more fun in-bed.

    It is extremely rare to encounter a Bit Sniper outside of the Shard of Darkness that isn’t from a summoning. Those that are, however, are usually brought in from other Heartless using their Corridors of Darkness to move multiple mamonos from one plane to the next, where upon the Bit Snipers will usually do their own thing. Extremely explorative of the material plane they’ll fly anywhere and will closely examine anything or anyone they find. Though they generally zone in on places with lots of living mamono or humans, which inevitably ends with conflict with the Order, though they usually escape such encounters when they realize that the men and women in white aren’t all that friendly.

    Despite having not being summoned by a human man, once they see a guy that they fancy they’ll follow him around constantly, but their demeanor makes it so that they’re rarely approach him without being directly called out, in-which case they’ll gladly come up to him and inquire him about what he’s doing and all other such of things. The conversation does usually devolve to the Bit Sniper asking him if he wants her as a familiar, though it can be twisted into friend or lover just as quickly if he wishes to do so. They won’t mind, but if they’re actually really interested him and not just because of general curiosity, that title of ‘friend’ will quickly be dashed when they start taking initiative when being near him enough.

    Bit Snipers encountered within the Shard of Darkness, are both, a bit more clingy and more confident. Attacking a man they fancy to fuck aren’t on their mind, but approaching them without fear to talk to him is much more common. Afraid of a man leaving via Plane-shift or another Heartless taking him first, they’ll beg for him to stay around, until at-least, that another person comes around to send them back if he so wishes to leave the Shard of Darkness. This case will be averted if the man in-question is the one in the first place to Plane-shift to the Shard of Darkness and so it becomes a non-issue.

    The wing parts of their arms and their horns are extra sensitive and Bit Snipers enjoy being petted or stroked in these areas in a pleasant sort of pleasure way rather than an instant orgasm like most mamono, though they can be driven to one if one is rather insistent on their petting/stroking, not that they exactly mind in the first place. Though this sensitivity increases when their lust increases, so if one really wants to escape one who is getting annoyingly clingy, just stroke their horn a couple times and they’ll freeze suddenly in pleasure and be unable to react for a good second or two.

    Intending to leave a Bit Sniper in such a way however, will definitely make them aggressively attack him in one of the few times a Bit Sniper will actually try to attack their potential husband in anyway. Such revenge sex to follow will be ruthless, but like most they’ll mellow out eventually, pouting whenever it is brought up by him, friends or family and often blushing furiously, mumbling out words cutely to deny it ever happened in the first place.

    Bit Snipers as wives are simply- they’re great. They try so very hard to make everything perfect for their husband and at times it can be seen as a little overwhelming, a fear of being discarded, a remnant of what they once were. Minions created specifically for a single battle only to be thrown away. As long as you throw away that fear quickly with love, all should be good and things will settle into a normal life for the most part.

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