• Family/Type: Mermaid

    Habitat: Barren tracts of extremely deep water

    Disposition: Dull-witted, melancholic, territorial, clingy

    Diet: Microscopic organisms

    One of the largest species found on planet 4546B, and gradually converted into a monster girl despite the mass quantities of DE foisted upon them. Ghost Leviathans are large but surprisingly slim, with clear skin revealing a blue muscular body underneath. The outer body is remarkably soft, being easily pressed down like a loose drum skin. Their heads feature two lengthy structures on either side, which resemble the blades of a hammerhead shark. The inner body of a Ghost Leviathan has many pulsing orange stripes.

    Ghost Leviathans have been documented to have a simple mode of thinking, which is encouraged by their dominion over their territory. Most problems that a Ghost Leviathan has are usually solved by attacking or retreating. When a Ghost Leviathan sees a threat to their territory or an eligible husband, they will simply charge them.

    Once a man has been captured, he will be simply dragged off into the depths. In the briny waters, without any points of reference, even sunlight, the darkness is crushing. They will then continuously mate with him, as the only thing he can see or even think of. Most men they take have never been seen again...

    For this reason, Ghost Leviathan methods of sexual intercourse and general lifestyle have been completely unknown. However, as part of our research, efforts have been made to ascertain their chacteristics, with success. It seems that they have a penchant for oral sex, which correlates with their specialised mouthparts in their primal form. Additional information leads to the evaluation that Ghost Leviathans tend to obssess over their husband, never allowing him to leave their sight.

    One other point of interest remains: their infancy. Ghost Leviathans are a semi-migratory species: when in a stage of pregnancy, they will embark on a long quest for a prominent instance of flora known only as the Cove Tree, located deep in the underwater caves of planet 4546B. While evidence of this odyssey is generally unknown, no other explanation has been found for juvenile Ghost Leviathans originating from the Cove Tree and traveling out to the barren waters of their home.

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    • A good start Janadian, but you're missing the 'Diet' part and Family and Type go together into Family/Type. Generally speaking, while describing their appearance and how they fuck a man is great and all, even describing a bit of how they give birth and what their children do is neat, I don't even do that.

      But, you need to go into the finer points of their personality and what they do with a man afterwards, or hell, even before the point of time that they capture a man. We all know that mamono don't fuck 24/7, just see it as great a need as to eat food. Generally, sure, if this is a type of mamono that wouldn't make sense with so much information known about it, than sure it makes sense that this profile would have little information.

      But the argument against that is that both you, and someone else might want to RP as a Ghost Leviathan mamono and when they want to look for information for personality and other such things they're just left with an appearance and that they like oral sex. Along with that their children come up to clearer waters.

      A good start, but you can do better, I know you can~

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    • Got it. I was sure I had their diet down...then again, I was having a bunch of trouble doing this on mobile. I'll revisit this, as well as my other Subnautica profile..

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    • okee dokee this is good btw

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    • Yeah, sorry about not getting it done sooner. Hope you liked it!

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    • I did

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    • A FANDOM user
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