• Family/Type: Emblem/Heartless

    Habitat: Shard of Darkness, practically anywhere

    Disposition: Lustful, cowardly, passionate, teasing (Stealth Sneak) Strong-willed, vicious (Sneak Army)

    Diet: Hearts, Men's Spirit Energy

    A strong chameleon-like Emblem Heartless, they serve the same roles as Guard Armors in specifically jungle and forest environments. though they can rarely be seen elsewhere. The rare species called Sneak Armys on the other hand are less leaders and more stronger-willed and more powerful version of them that are wandering about for sex and fights.

    A shimmer in the air, shifts and contorts, before revealing its true-form as a 10ft tall long green-haired, Caucasian-skinned woman with a large yellow horn on her forehead. Her orange and yellow eyes staring locked at you with a wide grin as her long pink tongue slithers out and playfully licks your face. Five short yellow and green spikes can be seen running along her back and she is often hunched over, though she can easily stand-up straight if she wishes to do so. Her arms descend into yellow and green skin, with her hands being claws with two fingers on the back of the hand and two fingers on the front, very much like a chameleon but more flexible. This is very much the same for her legs, turning green and yellow-mixed scales with clawed-feet, two on the front and two at the back of the feet. The Heartless Emblem can be seen on her stomach, not obscuring her belly-button. She has an incredibly long prehensile tail that is almost always seen curled up. Her figure appears to be deliciously curvy with quite impressive breasts with it and her privates also being covered by green and yellow scales, though it’s obvious from the desire in her eyes that they're quick to receding.

    Conniving 'jungle queens,' Stealth Sneaks appear as leaders for Heartless mamonos such as Bouncy and Power Wilds when in the area, but other Heartless nearby are quick to heed her call of power. While they generally like being unseen in their presence, they will make themselves known if a certain threat presents itself too powerful for her 'minions' to face off alone, though even still they'll be in the shadows. All Stealth Sneaks have the ability to bend light around their body and turn themselves invisible. Though they can’t mask the shadows they make, nor their sounds unless the delve into other magic themselves. While all Stealth Sneaks are physically strong and durable, they are more fast and are capable of shooting out magic from their eyes and hands, the magic that they shoot are white in-color and home towards a target. The ones they charge up with their hands don’t home, are green in-color, and are much more powerful in-effect. Though both damage a person’s Spirit or Demonic Energy and inflict massive amounts of lust.

    When they want something, she usually orders other Heartless in the area to get it which usually listen unless they have a bad day than probably not. They do this, because Heartless are stronger when a strong Emblem Heartless like a Stealth Sneak or Guard Armor is in the area and they’re simply so grateful for them that they do mostly anything for them. Including giving them a husband to mate with, while this does happen, Stealth Sneaks sometimes goes out in the open themselves to gain a husband on their own terms. More often than not their husband from before-hand might be played with if she orders a group of Power Wilds to go get one.

    Their tongues are long and capable of reaching incredible distances, while not as sticky as a normal chameleon, there is a pleasurable sensation of being licked by one of them. For the most part, Stealth Sneaks don’t automatically pounce upon the one they fancy, no, they will take their sweet time making sure everybody knows that he is hers. Hiding around trees or sometimes in plain-sight invisible from a distance, only to spring their tongues out to lick at him and then move away. Sometimes around their head, sometimes they’ll lick his crotch until he gets hot and bothered, charged with demonic energy so much that they have to deal with it and then finally the Stealth Sneak will reveal herself to him.

    If the man in-question gets rather aggressive than scared or aroused and such aggression is noted to be with power they will usually attack and attempt to bring him down so that they may indulge in his body. Those that intend to play the same tricks as them will need to know that their eyes that they are capable of moving independently of each other and both can see through magical and natural invisibilities or camouflages that are based on the same principle of their own invisibility.  Though their eyes focus lovingly onto their husband whenever they are able to see them.

    They focus on oral pleasure, their long semi-sticky tongues more than capable of bring any man to bliss immediately and they often latch their arms around his to ensure he stays right there and are often fond of just drinking their husband’s Spirit Energy directly, multiple times before they decided to do anything else. If they wish, Stealth Sneaks are capable of shrinking down their form, but they rarely find the desire to do so in the first place unless asked by her husband.

    As the ‘king’ of the jungle, the jungle-based Heartless bow to him and will serve his every desire as if  he was the Stealth Sneak himself, including carnal, though that will also have to be granted permission by the Stealth Sneak or they’ll be far too afraid to try anything on him. For the most part, they are generous with this, though they will definitely tease him about it later on, especially if she starts joining in as well, which most do.

    The rare species, Stealth Army, are a black and grey color variant of the Stealth Sneak, they’re generally seen as more lean-muscled and they have black hair along with a light grey-skin tone, their scales both grey and black. Unlike Stealth Sneaks, a Stealth Army is rarely seen within a jungle or forest and are more prone to a demon realm city, in pubs or the like, looking out for men to challenge them to fights. Uncaring if they agree to it or win, they’ll still fuck them in the end, and bounce on the man’s cock into her womanhood, greedy for every drop of Spirit Energy he has and then take him for herself.

    A Sneak Army is more base-line powerful than a Stealth Sneak, but in becoming more powerful, they give up the ability for their eye-lasers to home on targets. They exchange this for a lot more accuracy however and it is harder to knock one out of their invisibility like other Stealth Sneaks. They don’t play fair even when looking a fight and automatically initiate their ‘duals’ invisible as well. Those that manage to beat a Stealth Army usually get the same treatment as a Salamander, wanting their love right now on his own terms until they become desperate enough to just our-right rape him.

    A Sneak Army encountered elsewhere is usually the same deal as when they are encountered in a city, aggressive, and looking for both a fuck and a fight. It is very hard to get near one and simply ask them about stuff unless they already have a husband and its best if that you can see their shadow before they see you, it is time to leave the area at once.

    Stealth Sneaks and a Sneak Army as a wife are good, though Stealth Sneaks aren’t used to caring for themselves all that much like a Sneak Army so do keep that in-mind if you can. Other than that they’re pretty much the same and you can’t go wrong with either as a loving doting wife.

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