• Family/Type: Emblem/Heartless

    Habitat: Shard of Darkness, practically anywhere

    Disposition: Lustful, commanding, strong-willed, passionate

    Diet: Hearts, Men's Spirit Energy

    A type of Emblem Heartless that are closely found with Emblem Pirates and Air Pirates, flying near their much larger ships. Battleships often act as the straight-women to the Pirates and Air Pirate's craziness. Known for whipping such groups into shape to make them much more effective when they're raiding other ships on the open-seas.

    This galleon ship looks to be the size of a row-boat and has a single black sail with the Heartless Emblem on it with a propeller on top of the mast itself. Seated in the middle of the ship, holding the wheel of the ship is a blue-skinned black-haired woman with an eyepatch on her left eye, the other eye a gleaming yellow. She's wearing a black pirate hat with a skull in the middle of it. White gloves, and a blue admiral's jacket with red and gold trim that’s holding her generous bust barely from bursting out into the air. Her lower half cannot be seen as it is seemingly 'within' the galleon, though she can pull herself out, revealing her legs that have simple beige pants that descend into darkness, seemingly connecting her to the inner part of the ship, she can only be about 10ft away from her galleon before she can move no longer. She can seemingly float just like the ship and can never be 'torn' off of it apparently.

    The ship itself is a bit more ornate; while made of what appears to be ordinary brown wood, it is decorated in bright pink and purple and features a prow covered in horns, a skull figurehead, and a cannon with a sharp spike as ammo at the very front. On the left hand side, just behind the prow, is the ship's spiky anchor. Two smaller cannons sit on either side of the ship further back. Although the ship appears to be powered by wind, as seen from the black sails described above-hand, there are also two smaller propellers on the stern, the ship also has two grey oars jutting from the sides that look more like pikes than anything else.

    As one can guess, an Emblem Battleship is constantly in flight and one of the few that looks to have a stable way of flight, even though in-truth it is still completely magical and the propellers are just for show. Their multiple cannons and pike-like oars however, are not for show, even if they don’t fire off cannonballs, instead, they fire off magical balls of Demonic Energy that home in on their intended targets. They’re capable of charging up an aura of darkness that turns them invincible for a couple seconds, though they usually use this in-conjunction with ramming a target or multiples with their large spear up at the front of the ship. The under-side of the ship can also open up, dropping magical mines that explode with impact on anyone or the ground they land on. Like most projectiles caused by mamono, they are non-lethal, instead simply inflicting targets with massive amounts of demonic energy and subsequently lust.

    They often float around the ships that hold Emblem Pirates and their subspecies, while they themselves do know how to instinctively how to use a ship, it is quite often useless as they themselves can never leave their ‘ships’ and are often found as teachers for those who desire to be captains of their very own ships whether mamonos or humans they are happy to oblige even without pay unless they’re with a husband and he actually wants money for something. For the most part, while Emblem Pirates are quite rowdy and uncontrollable, it appears their authoritarian voice has quite the effect and their orders are laced with a weak magic that makes people listen to them instinctively. They can’t force a person to do what they order, they can only make their voice heard loud and clear, even in complete and utter visual and audio chaos. They can affect people in an aura around them, but they can also target specific people if they wish too.

    When wishing for a husband and on these ships, they will usually accompany the Emblem Pirates to whatever ship they hijack, if the Emblem Pirates intend on over taking it violently. They’ll shout out who they want as a mate, though they generally won’t directly call him out as a mate. More likely she’ll say ‘Ignore that one! He’s mine!’ Or something along those lines. Another power of their voice is that they can inject a single man once with their personal Demonic Energy from their voice that essentially marks him so that no other mamono will accidentally take him. This functions only at a short distance however. The Demonic Energy itself lasting only for a couple days and for as long as it is up, she cannot use that version of her power until it disperses.

    They can magically dissolve parts of their boats like the ‘oars,’ cannons and propellers if she wishes to do so. Parts of their ships can even be destroyed reducing their effectiveness for a time like removing her sails reduces her speed and so-forth, however they can quickly regenerate these parts if not being attacked constantly. Usually they’ll disperse parts of their galleon for when they have a man they fancy on it and are fond of panzuri specifically, as their almost bursting jackets will tell you, they have quite the bust. Being pulled up from the holes they sit in will most certainly surprise the lot of them, though they won’t object if you intend on using their most delectable holes.

    Encountered alone and at-sea, they’ll usually looked for survivors out at sea to bring them aboard, regardless if they’re female or male. Though generally for the most part they’ll want to fuck the man when they get nearer to land and will probably steal the Heart of a human female to also turn them into an Emblem Battleship, though depending on a Battleship specifically that may or may not be the case. Emblem Battleships alone don’t attack ships unless they attack back and will curiously inspect the ship, perhaps compliment the Captain of the ship if he or she’s doing a good job and then leave unless desired by one or another.

    On land, they’re generally the same, perhaps even a little bit less aggressive, almost sad. Emblem Battleships would rather be constantly at-sea unless with a husband and do have conversations with people though most of the time it will steer back to either ships, the sea, or sex if they’re talking to a man they fancy. Perhaps inviting him to a ‘private’ session on how to work with ‘ships’ theirs. Following them up for that offer is essentially a marriage proposal for them and attempting to escape them afterwards will only lead them to chasing him to the ends of the earth.

    Emblem Battleships as wives are weird, personality and mind-set wise they’re pretty good. Their body however, being the size of a rowboat and having so many parts leaves much to be desired, though they’ll definitely learn polymorph magic to make themselves more humanoid to appease him and life-styles that make such things hard. Though they’ll be disoriented with walking on two legs for a while, though that might prove amusing to the husband in the end.

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