• Family/Type: Emblem/Heartless

    Habitat: Shard of Darkness, practically anywhere

    Disposition: Lustful, cheerful, ferocious

    Diet: Hearts, Men's Spirit Energy

    A type of Heartless mamono that is in-fact, not a subspecies of the regular Emblem Soldier but instead a species all on its own, a cousin-species would be a more preferred term to call them. They are regularly encountered with other stronger Emblems like Defenders and Emblem Wizards. Though are sometimes seen with weaker Emblems, helping them out with getting husbands or the like.

    Flying over-head, this grey-skinned, red-haired woman is more or less naked save for shadow-stuff covering her moderate bust. The Heartless Emblem under her breasts and above her belly-button. On her back are two brown bat-like wings that appear far too small for her to fly with. She appears to be wearing a modified brown aviator-cap that covers the upper-half of her face, it has a propeller at the top and boasts a pair of shiny-rimmed goggles. She’s wearing silver wrist-brands and have four-fingered blood-red claws. She appears to have on thick black pants with an inverted brown Heartless-symbol silhouette at the knees and bulky brown boots with blue and gold toes. Once again these boots are actually apart of her body and cannot be taken off.

    Air Soldiers are constantly seen buzzing out in the material plane or within the Shard of Darkness with rarely a care in the world and can almost be considered bored when they aren’t actively enjoying flying. To take their mind off such boredom they are prone to helping out other Heartless mamono or mamono in-general acquire a husband. Or hell, just talking to them on ideas on how to get one if the mamono in-particular isn’t feeling up for a group-catch and just wants him to herself. They probably don’t make the best ideas as most of them just center on grabbing him and going before viciously making love to them. While a couple, if not most mamono would enjoy that, they’d probably would have already got him with that kind of mind-set.

    In the real world, with actual wind currents and such things they find it much more enjoyable than the thicker winds of the Shard of Darkness and rarely return to their home-plane once they get a taste for the winds of the earth. Forgetful little brats, most Air Soldiers take a while to realize that most of them first left for a chance for a mate. Like a switch, one they get out of their wind-fueled rush they back off to the ground or near it for possible human that they might fancy. Air Soldiers rarely walk, finding it extremely limiting and like being tied with chains, only when they’re on the ground or a bed with the one they desire do they even consider landing.

    Despite an Air Soldier’s wings tirelessly flapping every second of their flight, it is actually their hat that allows them to fly and removing it causes them to glide to the ground, for while the wings don’t allow them flight, they can still glide gently from high distances with them. The hat however is connected to them and they can simply teleport back onto them if it is somehow taken off of them which is unnaturally hard to do so in the first place, a fact they quite enjoy and mock about when opponents attempt to ground them using that very same tactic. Only to viciously strike them back with their energy-draining claws that they possess.

    Despite their aerodynamic bodies they are quite durable and hit fast and hard, perhaps even a bit stronger than their cousin species, the Emblem Soldiers. Though they’ll both wave it off and don’t care all that much for comparing hard data with one another, unless the two in-question are actually rivals of a sort, it happens more often than one might think. Air Soldiers are attracted to those that express the love of the air or desire to fly in-some capacity though most Air Soldiers are just as willing to go for any ol’ shmuck they come across that’s got a nice energy source or personality. Perhaps even with those with a fear of heights if only to try and slowly break them out of it. However, they express their desires proactively and many a man are suddenly blind-sided by an Air Soldier crashing their soft bodies against theirs and pinning them down for intercourse as their wings flap quickly in-desire.

    For the most part, Air Soldiers almost never take off their caps for any reason other than to get a good look at their hubby when on the ground and for he to get a good look at her. They do take off their caps so that they might give it to their husband, losing the ability to fly is a hard blow for them, but if desired they can give it up or sometimes they’ll just give it up themselves so that their husband might fly as well, see the world that they do almost constantly. Wearing the cap grants a person the ability to fly, perhaps not gracefully but they can almost instinctively as the Air Soldier’s demonic energy links up with them, it is a pleasant sensation to say the least. The husband might look ridiculous, but the Air Soldier’s love for them only increases as they see the one they love in it.

    Due to this link of demonic energy, women who wear it will slowly become an Air Soldier. Manifest wings, and have their skin turn greyish as their Heart is slowly corrupted and stolen by the Darkness and sprout that same aviators cap that will cause the other one that they first wore to fly off and presumably back to the first Air Soldier. They almost never do this, though a couple might actually be cheeky enough to try and do so in the first place, maybe even sell it to a Danuki for a long-haul sort of amusement.

    Air Soldiers also do not like alcohol much like their cousin-species the Emblem Soldiers and are drawn to destroying it whenever they see it and as such, mamono like onis and satyros are prone to hiding away their drinks whenever they see one or the other coming around. Most aren’t mean enough to destroy drinks ones are holding however. Merely show their distaste visibly or verbally.

    Air Soldiers are mediocre-wives, their excitement and cheerfulness can sometimes make them over-due things, but there are certainly much worse options and you get a magic item that allows you to fly, that’s basically showing to you that they want to marry you with that giving of the flight-cap. It’d be pretty mean to just ignore their love after something like that.

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