• Family/Type: Emblem/Heartless

    Habitat: Shard of Darkness, practically anywhere

    Disposition: Lustful, protective, devoted, passionate

    Diet: Hearts, Men's Spirit Energy

    A type of rather powerful Emblem Heartless that usually appear alongside Pureblood Darkballs, Emblem Wyverns and Emblem Wizards. Acting as their name suggests ‘defenders,’ they are fond, otherwise, to be found in abandoned castles or keeps as their appearance suggests that they look like knights of a certain persuasion.

    This tall blue-haired purple-skinned muscled woman has quite the generous bust underneath her armor and is quite uncharacteristically hunched over despite wearing what appears to be a purple and blue knight armor with white trim and golden buttons. She appears to wear a strange form of helmet, with nothing covering anything above her upper lip but below her face and neck are covered by an armored silver ‘jaw’ that is jagged. Her yellow glowing eyes strangely enough have angled spirals for pupils much like an Emblem Search Ghost. Their hair appears to be made into a pony-tail though some stray bangs can be seen. While her armor covers her torso, legs, and feet in metal made out of darkness, parts of her arm are exposed revealing her muscled arms. She appears to be wearing silver-trimmed purple wristbands and finger-less silver-trimmed purple gloves. Both of her hands have four-fingered black claws, while one rests on the ground, the other is holding aloft a shield that immediately draws your attention next.

    The shield itself is of a simple but otherwise large design. The barrier portion of the shield has a dark blue and light blue pattern with gold trim. In the center of the shield however is a large blue-black mangy dog with unrealistically sharp teeth and three gleaming yellow eyes arranged in a triangle-pattern. The dog itself even appears to be wearing a silver spiked collar. Despite its mostly fierce-looking demeanor the dog-head happily licks at the woman’s face who holds an embarrassed expression from her eyes. She pulls the silver metal-jaw down with her free hand and smiles at you, the dog does the same.

    Emblem Defenders are rather strange mamono, they’re able to think and see out of their normal head and the dog-head of the shield that they carry around, though of course like most Heartless mamono, they’re able to vanish the shield without much effort. Or even able to teleport the shield or even themselves to the shield without much effort, while most other Heartless mamono can only teleport said items to them rather than teleport themselves to the item. The dog-head shares all of the interests of the Defender and appears to be essentially the Defender except of a more animalistic mind-set and intelligence, though with the same personality and memories. Both equally, however, have a view of themselves as hearty protectors of the innocent or the people or husband that they love dearly. Betraying their hunched-over posture and mangy-dog, they are much nobler in words and intentions than even the ‘knight’ Heartless, the Emblem Soldier. They are not goofy-like and are prone to taking things quite seriously when it needs to be. In a sense, they function much like a Dullahan and both find common respect in one another.

    They use their shields to defend the weak or the strong from threats against them, whether it’d be the Order or wayward bandits in the area causing trouble. Even monstrous mamono that suddenly attack just to get a husband are swiftly brought to justice or the Defenders themselves are part of the ‘casualties’ if the mamono in-question is far too powerful for them to take on, but they otherwise never back down from those that would prey on the innocent. Despite appearing to have no combat abilities, that is most definitely false as their shields can bite hard and are even capable of using elements of ice and fire at foes. Whenever their shields use this magic, the eyes of the hound glow red before spitting out whatever element as a breath-like substance or as a ball-like projectile. These elements are tainted with demonic energy of course and causes lust and desire to bubble within the bodies of whoever are hit by it.

    If that’s not enough, their other free claw is more than capable of rending spirit or demonic energy from a person’s body if need be. Though Emblem Defenders are more than happy to let their ‘puppy’ do all the work and rarely feel the need to get aggressive with their other limbs. There is, a certain drawback to using their shields almost exclusively, the minds of the dog-head are linked to them and whenever they successfully do something good they want a treat. A treat, in the terms of the Defender’s mind translates to desire and therefore sex and finding a man that they fancy. More often than not, if a Defender doesn’t have a husband at the end of a vicious attack, then they’ll be very lusty and most definitely corner a man in the village they were defending for fun-times. Emblem Defenders never consider using the dog-head for sexual pleasure unless extremely desperate and in the end it is only considered an elaborate and bizarre form of masturbation as they and the dog-head are basically one and the same.

    When not encountered within villages that are usually monster-friendly or neutral. They can be seen in abandoned castles or dungeons that perhaps belong to Echidnas and guard them for any possible intruders that would steal from those decrepit places. Other Heartless mamono flock to such Emblem Defenders because for the most part, such mamono have very good reasons to be defending such places if its prone to repetitive treasure-hunters or the like showing no respect. So that basically means free husbands or more ‘sisters’ to look for more husbands. Generally, if an Emblem Defender gets a husband through taking them out as they were trying to take stuff from the castle or ruins, they won’t exactly like it if he wants to leave, but will respect such wishes if he doesn’t steal any more stuff. If he does, she’ll be teaching him ‘respect’ in-bed.

    Not common, but not rare, an Emblem Defender will sometimes take it upon themselves to defend a specific person from harm. This person could be a man, a mamono of importance, or even sometimes a human woman. Those men they defend usually become their husbands in the end and the human woman they defend usually have potential to become a special type of mamono whether Heartless or regular it does not matter. They defend them from more crazed lustful mamono and attempt to convince them to transform gently. Though this might be seen as a betrayal for when the Emblem Defender eventually leads them to a Lilim if they have potential or transform them, themselves if both are feeling up to it.

    Emblem Defenders know that they cannot defend their husband or someone forever and all have the potential to make an extra dog-shield simply called the ‘Defender.’ This takes a great amount of their mana to complete, but the end result is an item like the Emblem Wizard’s staff that anyone can use and that provides many magical defenses and buffs. Even allowing the person in-question to use weaker forms of ice and fire magic. The dog-head however, does not appear to animated and looks to be magically preserved and stuffed. A human woman who wields this shield will eventually become an Emblem Defender herself if she uses it long enough. Some particularly tricky Defenders might ‘give’ the shield to greedy and selfish women, only for them to become an Emblem Defender and have them become much more selfless. Very few Emblem Defenders do that actually. Though some take justice in their own hands in very special ways.

    An Emblem Defender is pretty decent as a wife, their desire to protect others generally makes them good with people even if they get more than a bit boisterous, their good-naturedness makes them excellent talkers and while the dog-head on their shield looks mangy, they certainly don’t mind being dressed up and washed. If you really love your wife, taking them to museums that have artifacts of ancient kingdoms will definitely tickle them in a good-way.

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