• Family/Type: Emblem/Heartless

    Habitat: Shard of Darkness, practically anywhere

    Disposition: Lustful, mischievous, playful, vicious

    Diet: Hearts, Men's Spirit Energy

    Wight Knights are one of the two undead-like mamono that exist, the other being the Emblem Search Ghost. They, along with Emblem Gargoyles are found mostly within graveyards or crypts or even walking in the dead of night on city streets or just wandering about Undead Dark Demon Realms. Despite their name, their appearance reflects nothing of the Wight’s actual refined grace and look more like a Mummy from the desert regions of the world.

    This thin greyish-blue skinned woman has parts of her body encased in white wrappings. Her legs and arms are gangly looking and wrapped in said bindings. The arms and legs look almost as if they don’t have bones or rather only have bones and skin keeping them together. Her hands and feet end in four-fingered blue claws that are barbed at the end of each finger. Her torso and head are completely humanoid and are much more life-like and creamy in-comparison. Bandage-wrappings keep her pert bust from spilling out and the Heartless Emblem can be seen slightly obscured by the wrappings. Two pairs of blackened rib-like bones can be seen poking out of her hips, but upon you sighting them they quickly recede back into her flesh like it was never there. Her single gleaming yellow eye conveys cheeky embarrassment. The rest of her head appears to be completely covered in wrappings, though parts and strands of her grey hair escape out from it and her toothy-smile can be still seen. Sprouting from her head is her ‘plume’ a simple angular-spiraled antenna. It twitches and sways in the motionless wind tonight.

    Wight Knights are nothing like their name implies, much like an Emblem Soldier, their movements and mannerisms are simply too goofy to ever be considered ‘knightly’ in any capacity. They’re prone to jumping around gracefully and are actually capable of jumping quite high, high enough to be considered almost pseudo-flight. Adrenaline-junkies in a way, they combat opponents with swift dodges and lurches while giggling and swiping back with their barbed claws that hold a sort of demonic energy poison that degrades a foe’s own reflexes until they cannot move any longer and let themselves be tainted or have their Hearts stolen as they are paralyzed in their own lust. Though some are just as likely to constantly dodge away to infuriate more ‘grumpy’ looking people.

    These mamono are more concerned about making others ‘happy’ or less ‘grumpy’ than actually upholding whatever chivalrous code that most expect from a knight. To those that expect them to be a ‘noble and oath-bound knight’ they aim to displease at all possible angles. The name itself, ‘Wight Knight’ is a misnomer on both accounts. They do not like dealing in the political games that most Wights engage in their realms, nor do they look like a Wight, and the previous statements on their ‘knighthood’ has already been denounced. They do however tease the undead ladies whatever chance they get and more than a number of Dullahans are annoyed with their species’ name as well and they also tease them about it, though only when they bring it up themselves.

    Their way of bringing ‘joy’ to others is to usually attack them if they’re sad and bring them pleasure with their touch. All Wight Knights have this uncanny sense of ‘feeling’ sadness and swarm over such darkness specific-people. While all Heartless are capable of sensing emotions, the knights just have a knack for it. Other times, instead of attacking, they usually try to be wacky and cheer them up through crazy antics, they know when someone fakes their feelings and as such can possibly get frustrated enough to attack them and taint or steal their Hearts to make them happy through pleasure. Wight Knights don’t know any better than this and it appears to work for the most part, so none of them try to do anything different.

    When with a husband they make use of their barbed claws and their pleasure that they inflict to repeatedly scratch at a man’s back. Due to their nature as a mamono, it only sends tingling shockwaves of pleasure throughout his and her body as he feels his Spirit Energy leaking out and to her, the sensation of ripping itself is delightful and the energy going into her body is more pleasurable than just that. They’ll bounce on his cock wildly while ‘hanging’ their arms around his back like their life depended upon it. Their eyes gazing into his lovingly while they make love to one-another.

    Like the Emblem Search Ghosts, Wight Knights sometimes help out the churches of Hel and the goddess of life and death herself finds them quite delightful and sometimes grants them her blessings. This translation to undeath does not do much at all for the Wight Knights and a change is very rarely noticed at all until someone with a special keen eye can see it. However, it is internally felt by the Wight Knights and they gleefully thank Hel whenever it happens, it is the thought that counts after all. Actual Wights and Dullahans begrudgingly respect them for when they do undergo this process and they are most definitely rub it in their faces all in good fun.

    It should be noted, but, of course, Wight Knights are capable of removing their bindings whenever they wish and often do take off their head wrappings when attempting to make love unless they actually want to make it awkward. Which only really happens when they’re doing it with an established husband and he doesn’t exactly mind in the first place because he already loves the Wight Knight in-question far too dearly to care but they do like to pull jokes on their man at times.

    If you can deal with their jumpy, playful personality, Wight Knights make fine wives and being a husband to one is a ticket to Undead Demon Realms, so that is a considerable bonus to some, while others won’t even consider it at all if they too much like the lands of the living. Not all Wight Knights are granted Hel’s blessing so there is that to keep in mind for some of the more stickler-like people that are looking for a Wight Knight.

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