• Family/Type: Emblem/Heartless

    Habitat: Shard of Darkness, practically anywhere

    Disposition: Lustful, strong-willed, easy-going, boisterous (Regular,) meek (Arch,) aggressive (Destroyed)

    Diet: Hearts, Men's Spirit Energy

    A type of Emblem Heartless that is known famously for their ‘indestructible’ bodies and the fact that they’re one of the few Emblems that have an innate preference for being encountered within only the Shard of Darkness Spirit Realm or areas in the material realm surrounded with Heartless Demonic Energy. Paradoxically, they’re also known for their ‘subspecies’ the Arch and Destroyed Behemoths, with names that are sort of misnomers, the Destroyed Behemoth especially.
    280px-Behemoth KH

    A Regular Behemoth in her old form.

    Appearing from a large baleful purple and black sphere of energy, this 20ft somewhat muscular violet-skinned woman has long wild lilac hair and gleaming yellow eyes. Her neck and large bust are covered by fluffy lilac-fur and sprouting from where her ears would be, the long floppy ears of a bull seen, violet in-color. On the sides of her head are two white curved horn-like tusks that in her old form would be coming out of mouth. A third smaller black horn that is straight can be seen on her upper-forehead with blue electrical energy spiraling around it. Her arms and legs descend into purple lilac fur and end in two-toed black claws or rather a hoof, a third smaller black claw can be seen on the back of each foot. Her limbs make it look as though she has to walk on all fours, though for now she appears to be standing. Lilac fur also covers her bottom privates and well-defined ass though she doesn’t appear to have a tail like someone might expect. The Heartless Emblem is of course, centered above her belly-button and below her breasts, slightly covered up by her fur.

    An Emblem Behemoth are one of the few Emblem Heartless to be almost never seen outside of a Heartless Demon Realm or the Shard of Darkness, or at the very least, not attracted to the scent of a powerful man or an incredibly dark Heart to corrupt. Behemoths are a sign of the land’s corruption, a sign of a very dark person is around, or their behavior and personality are different to what the generalization of this profile will state to you. Whatever the case, what is common about all Behemoths is their raw physical power is unmatched compared to most Heartless, they are capable of some magic, and their indestructible body is not a false rumor, it is completely true, except for one thing. While it is true that no magical weapon, magic in-general, or physical might can punch or slice through a Behemoth’s hide. An Emblem Behemoth’s small black horn can actually be damaged and if destroyed completely, will kill them.

    For the most part, Behemoths rarely attack anyone outright and are almost peaceful despite being 20ft tall and with very scary horns. Most Behemoths are actually a bit lazy and could care less about changing their forms to go smaller even though any of them could easily do so. They very rarely listen to others and find the act of bossing around other mamonos tiring, even though when considering other Emblem Heartless like their own, that is supposedly their ‘job’ within Heartless Demon Realms. Other Heartless do appear to perform more actively when a Behemoth’s presence is nearby in these areas though they don’t order them around or anything like that usually. If challenged or attacked without provocation, Behemoths will often gleefully fight back against foes, and are often giddy when such a person does not actually know what the weakness they possess is and often taunt them or make dramatic shows of their power.

    Behemoths can easily stomp or leap on people, crushing them of their Spirit or Demonic Energy but leaving them alive. Their magic usually consists of both darkness magic and lightning magic, which they often use in the form of massive beams or orbs falling from the sky to strike at multiple foes if need be. Oddly enough, lightning appears to travel through all three horns whenever they intend to cast darkness-based spells and whenever that is happening there is an odd chance for the vulnerable black horn to actually deflect an attack instead of just being hit. Be ready for a lot more boasting if that’s the first attempted hit against their horn and it just bounces off. There, however, is a sure-fire way to defeat a Behemoth and it usually requires a lot of jumping or the ability to climb.

    Their black horn is sensitive to Men’s Spirit Energy and just brushing up against the horn will cause an Emblem Behemoth to be paralyzed in-pleasure, stroking it repeatedly will only cause them to break down, orgasming constantly, in the response of a potential mate pleasuring her, the Behemoth will shrink herself. Thus, allowing the man to take her down and go down on her, though this will often result in the Behemoth to get the upper hand and ‘punish’ their new husband with constant pleasure as they wrap their breasts across his mast and other such sexual techniques will be used to make his mind to go blank just as hers did.

    Unusually for an Emblem Heartless, whenever a Behemoth is killed and eventually reforms within the Shard of Darkness, they undergo a transformation into a weaker version of themselves known as an Arch Behemoth. These Behemoths have the same body-type but their curved horns are black and the straight horn is now a dark-grey color. The fur and hair of an Arch Behemoth is a dark blue, while their skin-color and bull ears are a lighter blue. Flame-like patterns can be sometimes seen with the fur around the legs, arms and where the claws start of the Behemoth. The claws themselves are colored-purple.

    The Arch Behemoth has all of the abilities as a regular Behemoth, they are just merely lesser in damage and durability of their horn. What the most importance change is that they become rather meek and almost scared of interacting with others and are almost exclusively seen within the Shard of Darkness recovering from their damages. Unlike before where a Behemoth is meant to be a leader and they just don’t do the ‘leader’ roles, Arch Behemoths are also supposed to be leaders but they act more like a follower. Arch Behemoths can be born naturally if the husband of a Behemoth desires her to stay like that and born Arch Behemoths generally function the same though they’re a bit more inclined to exit the Shard of Darkness.
    Arch Behemoth KHFM

    An Arch Behemoth in her old form.

    While a regular Behemoth can be courted naturally if someone just started talking to them and showed interest, Arch Behemoths are generally much easier to get them to fall in love with a man, if he can get close to her within the Shard of Darkness or find a rare one outside of that Spirit Realm. The Destroyed Behemoth on the other hand is the complete opposite of the apparent extreme. While a regular Behemoth is quite boisterous and responds aggressively to provocation, they don’t generally provoke others, Destroyed Behemoths quite often do, though they do share that same taunting-like behavior.

    A Destroyed Behemoth occurs whenever an Arch Behemoth is able to turn back into a regular Behemoth, such a Behemoth is able unlock a new limit and by stealing or tainting Hearts enough they are able to absorb enough energy to transform into a Destroyed Behemoth. The name referring to that this Behemoth was destroyed, but came back twice as strong. Destroyed Behemoths have grey-skin, and grey-hair. Their curved horns are a bright red and the straight horn is a dark blue. Their fur and ears are a bright orange with the fur over her chest, legs, and arms possessing a flame-like pattern. The claws for a Destroyed Behemoth also appear to be a pale green.

    Destroyed Behemoths possess no new abilities and just simply possess twice the durability and strength of a regular Behemoth, though some pursue their own personal abilities at this point than rely on their own. Unlike the other Behemoth species, Destroyed Behemoths gladly take on the role of leader and go out on attacks to corrupt areas around them. They generally do this to get back at the person that killed them, and will for the most part, stop once they tainted or stolen the Heart of the one that killed them, or gain a husband in their rampages with other Heartless mamono in the current area. Destroyed Behemoths themselves don’t care for specific Heartless and will ‘recruit’ any as long as they’re willing to come with her for her attacks.

    Destroyed Behemoths, like Arch Behemoths, can be born naturally from a man and a Destroyed Behemoths. These ones are generally less aggressive as they aren’t out for any personal revenge, but they definitely do like starting fights or more proactive dating with any men that could be potentially found in the area. If you’re looking for a Behemoth not in the Shard of Darkness or within Heartless Demon Realms, you’re probably going to find a Destroyed Behemoth.
    Destroyed Behemoth KHFM

    A Destroyed Behemoth in her old form.

    Behemoths and Destroyed Behemoths are also rather special, as like Emblem Phantom and Emblem Kurt Zisa, they are capable of going back into their ‘old’ forms for a time and gain a massive power boost for doing so, though their smaller horn becomes much more pronounced and easier to hit. As suspected, Arch Behemoths do not possess enough power to turn into their old forms. Though a Behemoth that takes on the colors of an Arch Behemoth at her man’s wishes, will also take on such colors when they turn back into their old forms.

    Behemoths are decent as wives, though the perfect medium of them is obviously a regular Behemoth. They’re generally the most nicest to be around with other people and while for the most part they’re really tall, they’re comfortable enough at this time to constantly be at a much smaller size at her husband’s request. Most Behemoths also get polymorph magic to be able to turn their hoof-hands into actual hands though they might still be clawed in a way.

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