• You are invited to a large banquet at a mansion at the outskirts of town. To make the banquet lively, you brought your guitar. This banquet that's being held takes shape once every three years. However, the only way to get in the banquet is through an invitation. 

    As you enter the mansion, there are many people of all members of society in it. Some where fancy clothes while others wear their street clothes. You ask a guard to escort you to where the musicians are. The guard complies and leads you to the area.

    There are performances that go before you. As such, you waited for your turn. The crowds seem to not care of the performers. By the time is your turn, your brought out a chair for you to sit on. Once you are in front of the crowd, you set the chair and sit on it. The microphone is brought by a security guard

    You adjust your strings before you play. Then take some breaths. By the time you're ready, a gentle riff starts off your performance. You start to sing Show Them to Me towards the crowd. 

    The crowd itself becomes mostly silent. You play the song despite the silence. By the time you are done, you got a smile on your face. The crowd is still a silent, not even a clap is made. You feel sweaty from the short performance.

    You left the area to get a drink your yourself. Though the crowd was packed, you manage to find the drink station. When you arrive, you scoop a laddle of fruit punch into a glass cup and drink it. At the second scoop, you decided not to drink it at the spot.

    When you turn around, a lot of monster girls are in front of you. You accidently dropped the glass and it shatters on impact. All of the ladies that are in front of you have their breast area cupped with their hands. You don't even know what's going on.

    What would you do?

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    • Gh-gh-gh-gh-gh-gh-hh-hh-hh!

      Okay, now that's really funny!

      You've cheered me up loads.

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    • To serenade the ladies on display, I would launch into a chorus of THIS: 99 Words for Boobs

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    • A FANDOM user
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