• It starts, of course, with you falling.

    But, unlike most starts, it is a gentle fall... more like you're gliding really.

    Also important, who "you" are, though matters of name can wait for now.

    You look downwards and see blackness, complete and utter unfailing blackness. You open your mouth and bubbles escape you.


    You're underwater, of course! As well, you're also upside down.

    There is a shifting in the water (?), and you're no longer upside down. You feel your feet, which are also completely black touch down on what feels like glass. Suddenly, all around you, birds of white start appearing and flying off into the blackness and eventually fade away. The ground beneath you however, reveals itself to be completely solid. A massive glass-stained mural that spreads off more than a couple dozen feet into the distance is what you are currently standing on.
    Heartless awakening by slimedile d4x1u13-pre

    Your Awakening

    There is a twitching on your head. You instinctively reach up with a hand which has one less finger than you remember and is also completely black.

    You feel two twitching things, you tug it a little and find out these ropy-protrusions are apart of you, looking up a you see two twitching black insect-like antenna flopping about. You definitely don't remember having those.

    You don't remember much of anything, but what you do remember is that you were probably human and a girl, so there's that.

    The only thing that isn't black is the skin of your torso, which is actually kinda pale. Shadow-'stuff' covers your privates, so that's also nice... huh, you aren't wearing clothes.

    You'd think you might have been more bothered by that some other time, but right now you are standing on this stained glass mural with symbols and creatures you've never seen before! Though they do look 'kinda' cool, still wouldn't want to have faced them up-front however, that's for sure!

    There appears to be nothing outside this massive platform and it is just completely black. That's not what catches your attention, at the edge of the mural, shaped to look like a triangle are three small pedestals with a item floating on each. On one, there appears to be a disembodied dark blue hand with four fingers that are crimson and claw-like. On another is a dull grey-blue shield with a... dog's head in the middle of it with a spiky collar and three glowing yellow eyes. The last just looks to be a purple and blue staff who's top end has a bright yellow gem and is in the shape of a lilac 'W.'

    Light shines on each of these three pedestal and they look easy enough to get on. even if it feels like you have to jump on them. You feel... smaller than you remember, among other things.

    Despite having never seen or remember seeing these things in your life, you feel compelled to walk up to one of them and do... something.

    Which do you walk up too?

    {X} The Claw

    {X} The Shield

    {X} The Staff

    {X} (Write-in?)

    (No-one else is to join, merely vote for what you want to happen next.)

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    • The Shield

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    • The hand touches the staff. An unseen link form the inducted individual. The nameless. Why the staff, she could not hope to know. Only that, it calls to her. Wishes to he held by her. To be protected by her hand.

      And in exchange, arcane might? A pact? She could not know, like she does not know the place which surroundes her, nor what she is.

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    • Wait for something else to happen.

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    • (You are to merely vote Jester, not alter the course of what is to happen.)

      (So like, keep your responses within () that are not the vote itself, and have the vote be simply put as {X} The Shield, etc. You can write a somewhat detailed response when I give the option of a 'Write-in.' There are other people voting of course.)

      (You may write-in possible scenarios of things to come, reactions of others and other such things but always within (), they are to not disturb this Quest. I might take such ideas I might not, I'm assuming your voting for the Staff however.)

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    • (Right, apologies. The staff)

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    • (Another one in the Discord chat voted for the staff.)

      You take one look at each of the pedestals, rays of light glinting on each perfectly. The ‘W’ of the staff captures your attention the most out of anything. Now the question of getting there is walking, and how to do that indeed.

      You look down and note how your feet is just one solid ‘darkness’ foot with no digits. Alright, a little weird, but this entire place is weird.

      Taking a couple steps forward to the staff, the sounds of bathroom tiles accompanying you as you move forward.

      A couple more steps and you’re right in-front of the pedestal. The staff on its unprotected display is tantalizingly close. Black-grubby hands latch onto the edge of the pedestal and you hop on up on its smooth marble-like surface.

      The staff is just a couple inches away from your hands and you grasp it tightly. There’s another shift in this world.

      Than you hear a voice, gentle and yet… toneless? It comes from nowhere and everywhere.

      “The power of the Wizard’s Relic.”
      “Might that comes from within you”
      “A staff to destroy and create your own realm”

      Odd, you can’t pull the staff away from its plac-

      “Is this the power you seek?”

      The voice cuts you off from your thoughts. Rather rude, isn’t it?

      But still, it has a point.

      Is this the power I seek?

      {X} Yes

      {X} No

      {X} The Claw

      {X} The Shield

      (Choose one of  the last two only if you have also chosen: {X} No)

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    • (Yes, if only because we want to use our dark Magic.)

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    • Looking hard at the staff you’ve grasped in your hands, you nod.

      Yes, this is the power I seek.

      The staff heeds your mental confirmation. Its form dissipating into flakes of darkness and then disappears completely into nothing.

      “Your path is set.”

      The voice speaks up again as the staff vanishes. Hopping down from the pedestal, you note that the two other ones are still floating their respective items.

      “But, such power comes at a cost.”
      “What will be sacrificed for your gain?”

      You take a couple small steps to the center of the ‘room.’ Glancing around once again with the Shield and the Claw now being the objects of your scrutiny.

      What will be lost under the darkness? Only to come again in brief, fleeting moments of time.

      Once again, it is your choice.

      {X} The Claw

      {X} The Shield

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    • (The shield.)

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    • The ‘Shield’ looks more like it will bite me more than anything else.

      Yeah, that can go.

      Taking more hurried steps to get this over with, you finally reach the pedestal with the shield and hop onto it.

      Your blackened claws grasp at the dog-head shield and again the voice comes back.

      “Power of the Defender.”
      “Unbreakable shell.”
      “A shield to protect the world’s kindness.”

      Hmm, interesting.

      “You would give up this power?”

      Of course, just to make extra sure if you want to change your mind.

      Do I give up this power?

      {X} Yes

      {X} No

      {X} The Claw

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    • [X] Yes

      Maximum magical offense!

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    • You don’t even take a second to think about it.

      Yes, I would give up this power.

      In another burst of darkness, the shield that was once in your hands has now vanished much like the staff you once held as well.

      “You’ve chosen the path of the Wizard.”

      “You’ve given up the power of the Defender.”

      There is a sense of finality in these next words spoken from the voice as you gaze upwards into the light shining down from above.

      “Is this the form you choose?”

      A certain spark forms in your mind, and then comes to surface. Memories that you thought gone have now come back, though you still don’t have the complete picture.

      You were an apprentice, a practitioner of magic. Someone, a master, was teaching you and others on how to use spells and you were quite good at some. Though, you aren’t sure what type of magic specifically.

      Yes, this is the form I choose.” You’ve found your voice, it is squeaky, and so terribly small, but it is yours. Perhaps you’ll regain your voice’s power once you remember talking into it.

      “An interesting decision.”

      “Another small path lays before you.”

      “What is your favorite color?”

      What is my favorite color? Ah, another memory comes to you, there it is.

      My favorite color is…”

      {X} Red

      {X} Blue

      {X} Yellow

      {X} Green

      {X} Orange

      {X} I know black isn’t technically a color, but I still like it!

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    • [X] Violet

      If thats not an option, then [X] Red

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    • (Yellow.)

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    • - red” You finish your sentence.

      There is no response from the voice. Though as soon as you say the color, the pedestal your standing on breaks and slants to the side causing you to tumble off onto the mural.


      The sound of glass shattering hits your ears and the ground beneath you begins to crumble rapidly and once again you’re falling into darkness.

      Falling, the falling is gentle and once again it feels like water.

      You still. There is ground beneath you, a sandy trail appears before you. It is surrounded by greenery and trees. Though it is also rocky and you consider that you might be near a mountain.

      There is a sky, it’s deep horizon of blue is laid with very few wispy clouds in it. It makes you feel nostalgic though you don’t remember this place.

      You look behind you and see a torrent of green, there appears to be no going back. Only going forward.

      Taking more confident steps forward, you find that the trail is winding and goes upward. A minute or two later and you reach the top where upon you see a building.

      It is a massive white-stone keep with flags presented proudly that show a symbol of white wings and a golden cross.

      This feels familiar, you know you’ve seen that symbol multiple times, but no idea where. Despite being heavily fortified, there is no-one manning the walls and it actually looks empty.

      There appears to be a path of red and blue flowers surrounding the path that leads to the keep and beyond that, lush greens of grass.

      In the middle of the path that obscures the gate of the keep is a large sand-stone colored rock. As you approach, you notice that there are many finely carved lines on its flat-surface. A carved circle can be seen in the middle of that face of the rock that has only a single line going through its diameter.

      You are within arms-reach of the rock when the voice comes back from nowhere.

      “Crave your name into the rock.”
      “Show your deeds to the world.”
      “Another you remembers.”

      Carve my name? Another you remembers?

      But, yes, your name, it suddenly jumps out to you. You’re honestly surprised this wasn’t one of the first things you remember.

      {X} Carve your name into the rock
      -{X} ‘Write-in’

      {X} You don’t have a name, don’t carve anything into the rock.

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    • [X] Selena Sol

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    • (Zwup.)

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    • Selena Sol, that was your name. A odd feeling of exasperation comes over you all of a sudden but you shake it off.

      Nodding your head, you take a look at your black-clawed hands and curl them together. Its stone, it’s going to look rather scratchy.

      You reach a single finger up and press it down into the stone. Expecting you have to press hard against it, your surprised when it gives away almost like mud.

      It doesn’t take for you to fully write out your name and as you complete the carving of your name. The name fades away from the line on the circle and reappears up above at the highest most line on the rock.

      There’s this sensation of completion as you look upon the name. A smile on your lips that you didn’t feel beforehand.

      The voice does not return and you move past the rock and finally see the complete entrance of the keep.

      Two massive wooden and steel doors can be seen that is slightly ajar and allowing for you to just walk right in if you wanted too.

      You can’t appear to move around the keep even if you wanted too and those walls don’t look like the most climbable.

      Approaching carefully to the door, but not going inside just yet.

      Do you?

      [X} Waltz right in, uncaring of who can see you.

      [X} Crouch down and attempt to be sneaky as you enter.

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    • [X] Crouch down and sneak over, looking through the door as stealthily as possible.

      Or just enter sneakily if that's not an option.,

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    • You peek your head in through the door, careful not to disturb anything or make a sound. Immediately you note that there are training dummies off to the right side, they appear to be worn and have multiple slash marks on them.

      Pillars can seen as some-sort of decoration around the training grounds and more flags bearing that same symbol outside are also present.

      To the left are a three small buildings made out of the same white stone as the keep that have the wooden doors on them closed. There are black chains tied taut around the each of those wooden doors. Giving you the impression that they are perhaps not to be opened.

      In the middle of this complex is a massive cathedral-like building with massive stone doors fully opened.

      Within the building you see a figure dressed in what looks to be dark blue, white and golden-trimmed robes. He’s carrying a staff with a golden crystal in it that pulsates with light and he’s wearing a necklace with a cross on it.

      You know the figure to be male as his white hair and beard sort of give it away. He’s looking straight ahead out the door and possibly right at you.

      Well, if he’s seen you, he hasn’t reacted yet. Beyond him on the wall are pictures of winged-beings on stained glass and a cross-shaped opening can be seen on the same wall.

      He’s standing on a light blue carpet that’s reaching all the way down to the entrance steps.

      At such a distance away his expression is hidden, though he appears to be holding himself non-threateningly… you think.

      Well he appears to be the only living person around here and that’s a sight for sore eyes for sure.

      He also seems vaguely… familiar. You know you’ve seen him before, but can’t place a name or where.

      Standing here isn’t going to solve much however.

      How do I proceed?

      {X} Walk into the cathedral
      -{X} Call out to him.

      {X} Call out to him to see his reaction before going in there.

      {X} Explore the training grounds.

      {X} Explore the other buildings that are closed and ‘locked.’

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    • {X} Walk into the cathedral.

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    • [X] Explore the training grounds.

      If he saw us, he hasn't given any indication so far. Might as well avoid getting into trouble...for now.

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