• It's opening night, and you've tested the waters with a few jokes already, and your audience has not been receptive.

    Your telling of the aristocrats nearly had a vampire at your throat, and not in a fun way.

    It was only downhill from there, the cannibals and the clown, the antenna marriage, the asphault beer, all of them flopped.

    The audience is getting restless, you need a good joke-and fast!

    As you peer out at the audience for inspiration, you spy. . .

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    • As I gazed upon the crowd, I saw something odd, and Order Mage and his pet Kobold. This was odd because said Order Mage wasn't beating up random children or well liked mamono.

      Inspired by the fact that said mage wasn't killing the other members of the audience i gather up my courage.

      "An Order paladin who doesn't beat up children!" As I say this, the audience begins to laugh, except for the Mage, who says something to the kobold before leaving with her.

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    • I used to date a weresheep, but she broke up with me.

      She said she was tired of meĀ falling asleep on her.

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