• Family/Type: Pureblood/Heartless

    Habitat: Shard of Darkness, practically anywhere

    Disposition: Lustful, calm, melancholic, devoted

    Diet: Hearts, Men's Spirit Energy

    One of the only Class-3 Pureblood Heartless mamono that like Darksides almost always are seen within the Shard of Darkness or in Heartless Demon Realms. They’re also one of the only Purebloods to have a weapon that is a part of their body. They act as proxy leaders for Darksides for when they’re not around or near areas with large amounts of unmanaged Heartless mamono.

    Flying in from a Corridor of Darkness, this pale-skinned blue-haired semi-muscled woman stands at about 7ft and her glowing yellow eyes look particularly fierce. Her ears appear to be strangely elf-like in length and shape. Her arms and legs end blackened in-color and she’s one of the few Heartless around here to possess five fingers. She has purple-blue sharp horns that when both of their horns line up, they curve into a heart-shape. She has two sets of small wings, one set of wings are black and bat-like, appearing on her back. The second set are feathered, start off a dull blue before becoming golden-tipped, and appear on their elbows. Below her rather perky bust that is covered with shadow-stuff like their privates is a small heart-shaped hole that like a Darkside’s ‘heart’ is incredibly sensitive to touch. Her feet have two-toed claws with black-purple balls of energy that appear behind it, aiding them in her speedy moment. She also has a long scaly tail that ends in a dark purple crescent-shaped blade.

    The weapon all Invisibles have is a large dark blue silver-edged scalloped-greatsword with edges that appear blunt are actually deceptively sharp, the guard and pommel of this sword is golden, while the grip is red-colored. Strangely enough, there is writing on the front of the sword, written in Zipangu it reads ‘Hard Core’ when it is translated. Like all Heartless, an Invisible can call this sword to go within herself when time calls for it and can teleport it back to her when needed. Unlike most Heartless with weapons, she can also teleport herself to the blade if needed.

    As their name suggests, Invisibles can cause their body to disappear from sight. Their shadows are not seen while invisible this way like a Stealth Sneak or Sneak Army does it. Their ability of effortless flight allows them to be all but silent. Thankfully, an Invisible does not use this magic willy-nilly and if you’re about to be attacked by one, you will most certainly know. Invisibles can also curse foes while invisible, though in order to do so they must leave their sword behind to channel such magics. While cursing an opponent, a ring of black and purple fires will surround a target and inflict them with heavy amounts of lust till they tip over the sword of the Invisible which will cause her to turn visible again and have to get her sword.

    The dark-balls of flame under an Invisible’s feet allows them to move and dodge around much quicker than one would expect, but it also helps them in an attack. Generating mana around their feet, they can quickly spawn more of these dark balls of flame to fire down from them and inflict massive amounts of debilitating lust whenever it hits a person. Though more often than not, an Invisible is more than happy to hit people with her sword and she is quite good at parrying or blocking blows as well as dishing it out. The blade of course does not real damage but it can easily corrupt or steal a person’s Heart if hit enough times as well as inflicting DE and that just means more paralyzing-lust and pleasure.

    Invisibles are rather strange as they act like they don’t have any emotions at times. When in-truth they clearly do, caring about the well-beings of other Heartless mamono much like a Darkside. They almost seem to want to be just like their much larger ‘mothers’ at times and practice by leading mock bands of Heartless around Heartless Demon Realms or into places nearly about to be corrupted into one to get husbands for the Heartless so that they might feel better or become happier. They rarely consider their own feelings in such processes and that leads to their almost depressed states, it can be a tad bit uncomfortable.

    While as a Class-3 Pureblood, an Invisible is quite powerful, it is suffice to say that they are not as powerful as say, a Guard Armor or a Stealth Sneak. Though an Invisible might possess more skill, they do not have more over-all power. As such these groups are rather small in-size when compared to a Stealth Sneak’s group. The Heartless mamono within the Invisible’s group love her all the same and usually get her a husband for their appreciation for her. It warms her Heart dearly to see such a thing happen, though she might be a bit awkward with him since it will probably be her first time, working so hard for others. Though suffice to say, he won’t escape with the others just going to capture him again.

    An Invisible encountered alone is not uncommon and are a tad more aggressive and personal with their feelings than with ‘leader’ Invisibles. Though they are possible to engage in conversation, they are quick to wanting to steer the conversation to ‘sealing’ their Heart with love and lust, preferably his. Though preferring a man with more darkness within his Heart, they’ll gladly take anyone that will offer themselves up to her. A bit more expressive, they’ll make sure that their new husband drowns within their love and lust. Like a Darkside, an Invisible that is married has the heart on their chest completely filled up.

    Other times, a lone Invisible will straight-up attack a man that they fancy or a woman that has potential to become a strong Heartless mamono in their eyes, they’re rarely wrong. An Invisible prefers their man thoroughly tainted before they make him their husband and will often tease the man with her magic or her body until he’s roaring to go and violate her, herself. They’ll gladly let him if he proves able and actually wanting for such a thing.

    As an odd note, Invisibles that are encountered within Zipangu appear to be more combat-oriented and respond to challenges more favorably than anywhere else. This applies only to born Invisibles in Zipangu, not to Invisibles that simply end up there with a husband or the like. Still, the ones in Zipangu do love a good fight.

    An Invisible as a wife are good, their devoted nature would see to it that they would leave all orders fulfilled completely and any duty done to the absolute letter (unless its murder.) Their man’s happiness they see is above their own and unless cared about in a specific way they’ll think that for way a good amount of time.

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