• You've been on an fps game for about an hour now. You're pretty good at this game for about a month. Though your name is not in the leaderboards, you got the skill to not die so often. However, you don't show much of a good sport. 

    Currently, you keep killing a female player on the game so often. Whenever she dies near you, you would perform a teabag on her body. You always done teabags as a taunt mostly. However, the player's reaction are so outrageous that you provoke her more. The more you kill her, the more you laugh. You laugh so much that you're laughing so loud.

    "You ass!" She yells. "I'll get you at your house after this match."

    After the match, the player left the server. Knowing online gaming, you assume that she gave a blank threat. When the next game was about to start, the doorbell rings. You open the door to see an ogre with cracking fists. You feel cold feet after seeing her.

    "Want to do that again?" The ogre asks.

    What would you do?

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    • One loud gunshot later

      "Your honor, I was in danger, she intruded in my house, I felt i was being threatened , i shot. And she intruded over such a petty thing" And so after a heated debate between lawyers, the court ruled in favor of...

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    • Pineapples, how dare you shoot that pineapple that was right behind the ogre that was intruding

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      • ZZZAAAP!!!*

      After tazering her into an immobile and half-conscious state, I proceed to teabag her for real.

      "Go home, noob," I say over my shoulder as I go back inside.

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    • Butterkingly wrote:

      Pineapples, how dare you shoot that pineapple that was right behind the ogre that was intruding

      Alternate take, he aimed for the foot.

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    • I stoop low before the ogre, practically on the floor.

      "Please, come in."

      She follows me into my home, the walls lined with faded tapestries and game posters, the floor in disrepair and dotted with hastily patched rugs.

      I lead her to my armchair, the only furniture in the small house, aside from my bed, nearby, and the table my flatscreen and Y-cube are on.

      I sit cross legged, on the floor in front of her, looking up into her big, beautiful, piercing green eyes through my greasy, unkempt bangs.

      She's not formally dressed, or wearing ragged clothes like me, she has on black leggings and a black T-shirt, beneath a blue poncho with white trim.

      She looks more uncomfortable with every passing second, as if she's slowly realizing she hit a deer instead of a speedbump, or something.

      "Where are your, uh-"

      "Dead, but I'm fine, I've got a nice job, and games are fun!"

      She looks disturbed, now.

      "I-I should get goin-"

      I leap from the floor, resting my torso in her lap and circling my arms around her.

      "Please stay! I'm so lonely lately, nobody visits anymore, and they won't return my calls!"

      She looks down at me, and I see tears in her eyes.

      She settles back into the chair, and scoops me up into her lap.

      Moments later, I drift off to sleep in her arms, finally free from my own thoughts.

      With a splash of cold water, I wake up in a strange bed, and she's there, her cold, wet hand on my forehead.

      She's grinning, and as I look around the room, I see game systems along the wall, and a well dressed man with a food cart.

      He hands me a plate of food, and walks off.

      She calls out after him.

      "Thanks, Daddy!"

      Several hours later, I've settled into the large bed she's assigned me, and soon enough, she's joined me for the night.

      With a big kiss on her cheek, I embrace her tightly, and we drift off to sleep in each-other's arms.

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