• You are an angel who helps souls that have passed into the after life find love with a mamono. Your next clients are Steve Irwin, Mr. Rogers, Bob Ross, and Stan Lee who would you pair them up with and why?

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    • Steve Irwin with a hellhound. Since he was dumb enough to poke every creature he came across, he might as well be put with something that would poke back.

      Mr. Rogers with a Maid Gecko. Both kindly, both mild mannered. Their offspring would be so sweet they'd cause spontaneous diabetes in everyone within a five mile radius.

      Bob Ross with a Kikimora. She'd keep his art studio clean, inspire even greater works of art, and take care of his occasional blowups. (Honestly, a white guy with a 'fro? Don't tell me he didn't lose it now and then.)

      Stan Lee with the Demon King herself. Why? BECAUSE HE'S STAN MOTHERF***IN' LEE, THAT'S WHY! 'nuff said! Excelsior!!!

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