• (a story of all of the charecters in my previous storys)

    You work for your own private investigantion company and as your sitting at your desk a Mamono busts through the door and gives you the scoop on her case.

    Basically she has seen some shady people like a demon in a checkerd suit and a lot of loading trucks carrying god knows what and she is willing to pay $50,000 to invesigate it (like i said, she is rich...oh i did'nt say that. oh well) so i take the job. she tells me the location and i get the keys to my muscle car, my Gun, My knife and my camera.

    I sneak into the warehouse and wait. I see light and hide and look at the load of people gathering around the table. I see many people like A cult of Mamonos included  in a multiple of kiddnapings of familys, A Demon in a Checkerd Suit with a number of girls with her, A Redcap that look more supreme then other redcaps, A Minotaur With a strange mask, A gang of Gremlins with cybernetic enhancements, A science Mamono with a strange weapon, A small milltia with a leading Aphopis, A Trumpart carring a deck of cards and a scientist carrying some sort of serum on a silver plater.

    A man comes out of the shadows with large scars on his face and carrying a illegel butterfly knife and he speaks mysteriouly "Quite a meeting we got here, Know we plan to cruch the system now and replace it with US!" You are an ex-cop and you get angry. He continues "We will end all pain to the people at the bottem and the people at the top will die...sexually you know. are we good to roll out." 

    They all nod there heads and as they are walking out you get your knife and run to the demon and hold the knife to her neck.

    One of her apostles exclames "No, not sensei!!!" and you yell nervously "Look i am not to cut some up so you call off the pla-" she grabs behind her and lifts you up in the air with one and and slams you to the ground. you paniced swish your knife around to keep them away and all the raise there guns. They all smile and the demon says "We will end all goverment with that portal gun and you look like you would be my personal "persom" if you know what i mean."


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