• Having traveling for a while, you decide to go into a lake naked. The water is calm and clear. Fireflies hover over the lake and the lakeside. The moonlight is a bright blue. The chirps of crikets become the white noise.

    You rest on the lakside to rest your legs. After a while, you decide to swin out to the lake. The water feels cold as you swim. That doesn't matter since you are acclimating to the water's tempature. As you got use to the water, you feel so good for every stroke. 

    As you stop for a bit, you feel something bump into you. It is something fluffy. You turn around to see a bunyip that is nude. Her face seems to be a bit timid. Despite that, she's giving a smile with a beat-red blush. Her hair has straighten due to the water.

    "Um," she mumbles, "would you mind that-"

    Before the bunyip could finish, multiple splashes are heard. Looking behind her, you see each individual monster girl from the lamia family- except for the bunyip that's near you. Furthermore, you can hear their pants. Though, those pants aren't from someone in a state of exhaustion, but from someone in heat.

    What would you do?

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    • “SHITSHITSHITSHIT!” I shout repeatedly as I swim back to shore. As I reach land, I’m swiftly tackled and wrapped up by the Bunyip.

      “He’s mine!” The Bunyip protests.

      “But we saw him too!” Cries the Lamia “WE SHOULD SHARE!”

      The Snek type Mamono all talk amongst themselves until they agree on sharing me. And that’s how I got my Snek Mamono harem.

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    • Oh no, this can't be happening.

      I suck at swimming, and I'm barely afloat now as it is.

      "H-hi ladies! I have a f-feeling I know what you w-w-w-w-want, b-but I'm not a very g-good swimmer, could one of you brave, kind, nurturing women please help a p-poor man in need? I'll do whatever the one who g-gets me to shore unharmed wants."

      Their eyes practically glaze over, but I see that the cold water has made all but the bunyip lethargic.

      With her being closest as well, she has a major advantage, and she siezes it!

      In a flash, I'm moved to shore.

      Just as we arrive, I see a plain lamia sink like a stone.

      "Honey! You gotta help them, they dodn't account for the freezing water!"

      She whips around, and almost too fast to see, rushes off to save the others from drowning.

      By the time she's returned, I've started a cooking fire, and begun preparing hot cocoa for our guests.

      Once everybody's warmed up, we send them on their way, and retire to my cot in the covered wagon.

      By morning, my travels resume, a new companion in tow.

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