• You are a mid-twenties man that's invited to a frat held by an adventure's guild. You did enjoy frats when you were yound, but don't like the violent games that may come from the frat. The things you enjoyed in a frat are games, social drinking, and competitions. When partying, you may do some crazy stuff, but still try to not get hurt during a party.

    The frat invitations states that there will be a singer group there. The group in question is named Harsh Disasters. There are only three mamono in the group: a slyph, a kraken, and a youko. You only recognize the kraken from her looks. Though you were friends since elementary school, you haven't heard from her since high school graduation.

    When you arrive the adventure's guild, the crow was already rowdy. As you enter the guild, the concert hasn't started yet. Knowing that, you decide to play some games until the concert comes. Though some of the games are quite lame, you enjoy them regardless.

    By the time that the concert is starting, all activity is stopped. The lights suddenly shut off. After a few seconds, lights at the stage suddenly light up. The light reveals the Harsh Disasters on the stage. They start to sing and the crowd crys out. This cycle of feedback runs around until the concert ends.

    At the end of the frat, you decide to leave. However, someone taps your shoulder. You turn around to see a human woman in some kind of formal suit. You seem to be confused since you don't know her.

    "Can I help you?" You ask.

    "I'm the manager of the Harsh Disasters," she answers. "One of the girls want to see you at the back parking lot."

    You follow the manager to the parking lot. You see a double decker bus that's decorated, but it has no seats. You assume that the bus has been converted into a mobile home. The exterior is black as the background. In the front, there is a fire pattern. In the middle, a wind pattern is present. The rears has wave patterns.

    The managers advises you to enter the bus on your own. You ask her why and she replies she got her own car. When you open the bus door, you see a carpet stairway. Entering even more, you are at awe that a kitchen and living room is fitted in the first room. At the end, there is a toilet. When you went to the second floor, you see a room with three beds. On your right, there is a door. 

    You approach the door out of curiosity. Upon openning the door, you see your friend and the other girls naked. They are even taking a bath. Shocked, you close the door as a reflex.

    As you leave the door, it opens again. A gust of wind blows behind you. The slyph forms in front of you with a lewd expression. She then rubs herself all around you lewdly. Your body starts to shiver.

    "my, my," she comments, "you got a good sex drive."

    The slyph got knock out by a tentacle. You look back to see your friend. She is still wet. Nevertheless, she procceeds to pounce you. Her tentacles cover your body. Your body shivers even more.

    "Has been a while, dog," she cheers. "I wonder if we could start over and-"

    Before your friend could ever finish, the youko grabs her and throws her to where the slyph is. She then grabs you and pin you at the wall. With the youko naked, she slowly goes up and down on your front. The sensation is too much for you. The youko starts to give a lewd grin.

    "I see that you like it," she comments. "Perhaps you want me?"

    You can't think of the question because the three of them were raising you libido. You can't seem to hold it in anymore.

    What would you do?

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    • ask my old friend what this is all about and why she'd invite me someone she hasnt bothered to contact since highscool

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