• You’re an Order “heretic” who stole bread and money from the slums to try to survive in the hellish enviroment of the Order Lower-Class District. As a punishment, they chose you for a top-secret attack.

    You’ve been fitted with wrist shackles inbuilt with extendable razors, and a metal collar with a high-powered explosive device. These have been wielded into your skin and a neural scanner has been put into you so any action made to remove the collar or shackles causes the shackles to slit your wrists, promising a slow painful death.

    You have a remote. This activated the collar, which will pulverise everything in a ten-meter radius, and has silver shards to slice into any demonic foes nearby.

    You’ve been kicked from a plane, and thanks to a remotely-activated parachute, landed right on top of the city hall, where the leaders of the country are. A powerful Incubus husband, and an equally powerful Lilim wife. They are the targets of your bombing. You don’t care about the odds. You saw what the bombs did to the testing laboratory. Nothing will stop them from dying should you decide to press the button on the remote. You have a way in through the skylight, but only there.

    A voice crackles out from the collar.

    “Thirty seconds.”


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    • What the fuck?

      No no no.


      What. The. Fuck?

      I leap into the room from the skylight, ready to push the button, but I drop the remote, and it skids aside.

      I land on the bed, and the two lovers are separated.

      I fumble desperately for the remote, but it seems they've seen this schtick before, and mere moments later, I'm suspended by nothing in mid-air.

      The husband hurls something at my face, and soon my neck is enveloped by a slime.

      The red, oozing creature slowly worms her way into the charred flesh around my neck.

      If I could move, I'd be reeling with agony.

      "He's coming to, everybody back off!"

      It was the lilim, and her husband.

      They sat over me, her hands glowed with a white light, which spread from tendrils of black magic.

      Like a cat being pet, I shoved my neck further into ger hands, and the cool, soothing sensation of healing strengthened.

      The ruby-red slime now perched on my stomach, and was slinking to my waist.

      I looked for the manacles, which should have killed me for failing.

      They lay snapped to bits on the floor, a reminder of the slime's strength.

      And the odd metal lump they had stitched to my skull was gone, too.

      I was free at last!


      I was so overjoyed that words failed me.

      I reached for the incubus, and pulled him weakly, until he lowered himself for a hug.

      The lilim soon joined in, once I was healed completely.

      "Th-thank you."

      They practically purred.

      "You're welcome."

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