• The basic scenario:


    Species variable.

    Try to write it so somebody who did not listen to the song understands what's going on, though I expect anybody who reads or writes here to listen to it anyway, for context.

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    • I enter my house to see that my mindflayer wife with a crossed look. She doesn't seem to be happy at all. She's usually joyful, but it seems the rain has washed that away. Instead of hearing laughter, I hear held back sobbing.

      "Honey," I spoke first, "what's wrong?"

      Without a second, she slaps me. hard. As I readjust my face towards her, my wife grits her teeth. Her tears become prominent. The sobbing has become loud.

      "Why?!" My mindflayer wife cries. "Why were you so unfaithful?!"

      "What," I ask in confusion. "What do you mean by-"

      "Shut up!" she yells. "I saw you with that human bitch!"

      I think my wife was refering to my co-worker. Yes she is young, but she is not my type of person. I was only talking with her about the company's plans.

      I try to place my palm on her cheek, but my wife flicks it off. My face gives a shocked expression in reflex. I try to do it the second time, yet that also is flicked away. 

      "Quit touching me!" She orders.

      "Let me explain," I protest.

      "Shut up! I saw you with-"

      I have enough of her screaming. I grab her wrists and push her on the wall. My face comes close to my wife's sobbing looks. I know she's conflicted, but I have to explain the situation regardless.

      "The woman was a co-worker," I give my answer.

      My wife starts to calm down. Her mouth starts to close. The sobbing becomes less frequent. 

      "Like I said," I remark. "She's only a co-worker. We were discussing business plans and nothing else."

      I let my hands and and walk back. My wife starts to calm down. Her breathing becomes slower. Her arms went limp as she breaths. 

      "Really?" my wife asks.

      I nod. 

      "That's the case," I answer. "Can we have some dinner, now? I don't want to explain further."

      With her calming down, my wife looks towards the ground. When she brought her head up, she show a little smile. I sigh in relief and take her hand. We then went to the kitchen to eat

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    • Huh.


      Anybody else?

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