• You're a hero from an age since past (so you grew up with a different CG and DL). You weren't just a hero, you were one of the best, so good in fact you almost managed to slay your current DL, keyword being almost. During your battle, which took you to the north most part of the world, as a last ditch effort to kill you, the DL hit you with all their remaining energy using an ice spell in an attempt to kill you, but because you're not one of the best for nothing, you survied. But the spell still did something, so you've been frozen for who knows how long. Finally, after all this time, the ice begins to thaw, you've appeared in a different time.


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    • (I'm gonna try something new. I'm going to change the hero into my profile pic but it will have a snake form as well as a human form.)

      I feel the ice begin to weaken around my body. With all the force I have left, I make one final attempt to break free. Unlike all the other times the ice shatters like glass. FUCKING FINALLY!! My body flames ignite (the ice was magical to stop my flames from igniting), oh have I missed having my flames. I start to slither around making sure to mold my skin not just once, not twice, but eight times! I look at my tail to see that I've almost doubled in length.

      "Alright, Natthhen you got thiss," I whisper to myself and try to turn into my human form. It took a lot of energy, but I was successful. I look around to see a trail, I start to walk down the trail. But then it connects to... a paved road! I'm pretty sure only rich people could afford a paved road. "Geez, how long have I been frozen?" I say out loud to myself as I walk on the paved road. It's in good condition too, I wonder how they keep it clean with all those fucking monsters everywhere. I wonder if the humans killed Vanessa, I mean she's the toughest Demon Lord out there so probably not. I start to think if anyone I know is still alive, but I'm brought back to the world when I hear a moan.

      I activate my infrared eyes. I start looking around until I lock onto a close heat source. I wait for what I believe to be a hellhound, but its infrared radiation is somewhat different. It has a more humanoid look unlike the wolf-like body I'm used to. Wait, what is she doing... Ewww, gross. I don't remember monsters masturbating. I almost throw up because of what I'm seeing. Knowing that her pack must be nearby I'll let her live to not attract more monsters. I decide to continue walking down the path as I deactivate my infrared eyes.

      I keep moving down the path until I reach a town, it seems to only be inhabited by humans. Let's make sure people know I'm back, I think to myself as I begin to smirk. I start to transform back into the fire snake and approach the town. I hear screams as the people rush into their houses, a group of men wearing armor approaches me. They have a weird cross on their chest piece, the group stops and the leader steps forward. I burst into flames making him step backward, I chuckle at his response.

      "In the name of the Order, I demand that you leave this town alone." says the leader. Order? That's new, I wonder what it is. I look at him with a confused look and slither closer. They all take a step back and ready their weapons. 

      "What iss thiss Order you sspeak of?" I ask him as I stare him right in the eyes. They all look at me in disbelief, like how could you not hear about.

      "We are the Order of the Cheif God," he started to say. BULLSHIT! Eden would never leave her will to the stupidity of humans, I screamed mentally. "Our mission is to worship the Cheif God and destroy all mamono," he states as if he believed every word he was saying.

      "SSorry if I sseem like a curiouss fellow, but what iss mamono?" I ask as I slither even closer to their location in a nonhostile way.

      "Have you been living under a rock?" says a soldier next to the leader.

      "I'm sorry you idiotic mortal! I've been frozen for about 20,000 yearss, and that'ss an underesstimation. If you wish for me to go on a rampage, then be my guess and keep talking," I say as I go right up into the idiots face. I think I made him shit himself, he gulps and starts shaking. "You may continue leader," I say as I look at him.

      "Ever since Thellnessa, came into power she changed monsters to look like attractive women. Those monsters were given the name mamono. They have limitless lust and rape man to bear their offspring. They are an infection to human society and must be destroyed," he tells me.

      "Tthhankss for the information, I tthhink I'll leave your city alone for now," I say as I slither away. I have a lot to catch up on.

      (I'll finish this story later.)

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