• It's the middle of the night and you're on the way home. You're taking a shortcut through the forest when the ground beneath you gives way and you fall into a hole. You slide down it for a while until you land in a small room on something soft.

    Exiting the room you find yourself in a corridor. As you explore the setting, trying to find your way out you hear chatter.

    You move to the source of the chatter and find a large room with science equipment, computers, and a group of mamono, some of whom are dressed in interesting attire.

    There is an Automaton wearing a glowing red monocole that has the outline of a crosshair, a White Horn wearing a visor and wielding a freeze gun, a Jinko whose clothing is spotted rather than striped like her fur, a Minotaur wearing a mask along with a suit that has green tubes sticking out of the back of it, a Dragon Zombie in a tattered dress, and finally a Gremlin piloting a mech suit.

    "You have all done very well thus far," the Gremlin speaks, "With everything in place, the next phase of our plan will bring the Team of Justice to their knees, and once they've been dealt with, nothing will stop us from succeeding in our ultimate goal."

    The Team of Justice are a group of powerful mamono dedicated to defending Earth from all kinds of threats, and you just uncovered a plot that seeks to take them all down.


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    • "Where's the exit? And before you do, don't rape me, I can not relay this information as i still want to keep my pelvis intact, please let me go i am not a valuable hostage"

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    • With any luck I can sneak out before...."Hey, who are you?" *fuck*.....that happens.

      Shit, I need an excuse. "Er, the cleaner? Just, erm...doing my job. Yanno, cleaning."

      I quickly grab a nearby broom and begin sweeping the floor while backing off towards what I hope is the exit. As I do I hear the monsters begin discussing my random appearance.

      "When did we hire a cleaner?"

      "Did we hire a cleaner?"


      "He musn't be particularly good at his job, this place is filthy."

      Oof, right in the pride. I'll show these bitches! This place is gonna be spotless! I'm gonna clean it so good they're gonna be calling me Mr Clean by this time tomorrow!

      And that's how I started working for supervillains. Can't complain, pays well.

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    • Smorstin: That's not gonna be enough to make them let you go you know.

      Beyondrapture: I'm surprised that fib actually worked. At least you have a well paying job...until the heroes find it that is.

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    • Well when i wrote it i didn't expect it to

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    • Well, fuck I'm not ready for this.

      I sneak back up the corridor, and begin walking towards them more loudly.


      I hear them stop talking.


      "Hello, is anybody there? I fell down a hole in the woods, can anybody help me out?!"

      Suddenly, I'm dangling un the air, held aloft by the dragon zombie.

      As we pass a black screen, I see that she's wearing an odd helmet, which looks to be sticking into her-


      "Ah, excellent work, Amanda! Was he difficult to capture?"

      The voice of the gremlin echoed in my mind, she was speaking into an odd microphone, so it was probably some kind of gadget.

      "No, he was too busy staring at his stomping feet, and I was able to sneak up on him."

      The dragon had an odd, metallic sound to her voice.

      She set me in a chair, and then seated herself in the corner of the room again.

      "Now, sir. I understand you've fallen into our lai- err. . . Manor."

      I answered as calmly as possible.

      "Uh, yes?"

      She gave me a stern look.

      "Have you been eavesdropping on us?"

      I hesitated.

      "No, can I go now?"

      She drew closer.


      She moved her mechanical steed away, heading for the tunnel.

      "Take us to where you fell, so we can keep rainwater from flooding in."

      I quickly led them to the shaft I had fallen down, and they set about repairing it.

      "Alright, knock him out!"



      I woke up at the edge of the woods, near the path which I had abandoned in favor of a shortcut.

      I glanced at the nearby mountain, where many mineshafts lay, long abandoned.

      And I kept walking.

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    • Nice. I'm surprised that none of them decided to just keep you Justheretowrite.

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    • A FANDOM user
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