• You took a trip to a savanna type area to get away from things for a bit. Things went well until you accidentally anger a hoard of Jinko... it’s not your fault the stick you used to poke them was sharp.

    You end up running off a cliff to escape them, and at the bottom you see a Jinko with darker fur then the others looking down at you. They start singing, “I never thought men essential They're crude and unspeakably rude But maybe they've a glimmer of potential If allied to my vision and love I know that your powers of relations Are as wet as a your wonder of dream”

    What do you do (Yes I know Jinko isn’t a lion but go with it)

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    • "NO, WHEN I SIGNED UP FOR REINCARNATION IN A FANTASY WORLD I HOPED FOR HIGH OR DARK FANTASY, NOT MUSICAL PRETENDING TO BE FANTASY, LET'S GO WEIRD DOLL" I yell as i pick my living doll and storm off in the vauge direction of the group i got seperated from

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