• (Inspired by the "On the Run" WWYD)

    You are a Mercenary/Adventurer from Order aligned territory who had a brother who was a soldier in the Order's forces. You recently learned that you brother was killed in battle with a deserter who was renowned for his skills with polearms and Smithing.

    You approuched an Order commander offering to take on the hunt for the deserter without claiming the bounty on his head, telling him about your brother's death thus he give the infromation needed to begin your hunt.

    On the deserter's trail you manage to fend off Mamono who attacked you and hear the accounts of soldiers who survived attacks by the deserter.

    You eventaully come accross what looks like the aftermath of a battle, judging from the few Mamono and human bodies and blood it was recent. Realizing that your close to confronting you brother's killer you quicken your pace to catch up to find he's the company of a group of Mamono lead by a Salamander.

    What happens next?

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    • I slowly creep through the underbrush, waiting for my chance.

      They're arguing about something.

      "-him out?"

      "No, are you crazy!?"

      The salamander?

      "You saw what he did to those dragon twins!"

      She seated herself.

      "As much as I like to boast, we're fucked."

      I spot him, he's seated on a wyvern's legs, reclining against her.

      I draw back my bowstring. . .


      The arrow flies true!

      It soars strait for his-


      He. . .

      He caught the arrow.

      I loose a second, a third.

      He catches them all.

      He calmly stands, the others not noticing, except for the wyvern.

      She stirs, flapping restlessly.

      He lifts a massive polearm, and she takes to the sky, hoisting him by the shoulders.

      I turn tail and run.

      Maybe I can outrun them, or hide, or-


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    • I quickly grabbed the biggest, most jagged and sharp blade I could carry, a sword bent out of shape. It had parried so many other weapons the blade was practically serrated. Whatever I hit sould look like a pound of ground beef when I was done. No human could survive even a glancing blow.

      In blind rage, I began thundering through the undergrowth, screaming bloody murder and slashing everything that moved. I had cut apart a few local animals by the time I roared into the clearing. There were some thirty odd monster and human soldiers, and every single one of them turned to face me as I charged, catching them off guard.

      The first one, some grey-haired werewolf, didn’t even have time to react as I slammed a fist into her skull, sending her crumpling to the ground like a bag of sand. A Minotaur charged up to me.

      I managed to dive under a ferocious hammer swing, before inflicting a nasty gash on her chest. Then, with a kick to the knee, she was on the ground. I pulled the hammer out of her grasp, only just managing to lift the massive thing, before dropping it on her chest. More screaming.

      By then almost every monster in the entire clearing had dived on me. I was in my own world, full of unbridled fury and rage that I had never thought possible. Ripping through them, stabbing, slashing, gouging eyes, scratching bare skin, relishing the screams. I only managed to get out from sheer anger and spinning around with a blade.

      Finally! My brothers killer was in sight! I ripped myself free of the group, dodging clawed hands and ornate blades as I made the final sprint. Lungs burning, throat raw from screaming, entire body slick with blood and dotted with wounds. I made a mad midair dive for him, blade in a wide arc, poised to inflict pain and death. The terror on his fa-

      My face was met with metal. The flat of a gigantic blade slammed my face so nard my nose cracked and I was sent tumbling away into the dirt.

      The blade was held in the hand of a vile and heretical salamander, no less! I had fought off around two dozen warriors! This one has stopped me in my tracks without making so much as an effort.

      Her blade happened to be held in a hand missing a finger. Right now I wanted to bite one of those fingers off.

      I screamed in rage and pain, as the scaled harlot pulled the mangled blade from my grasp, before turning it down and stabbing into my chest, drawing another shriek from my raw throat.

      “That’s for attempting to murder by beloved,” she hissed, spitting on my body.

      Another monster came up. “He killed two of ours, he deserves to pay. We should send his body to theli hes, make him the sex-pet of a Dark E-

      She was cut off by an arrow to the forehead. Dozens of soldiers began to pour from the treeline, slashing and ripping the monsters apart with blades and firearms; something the disgusting monsters had none of.

      The rest of them began to flee but were caught in a volley of flaming arrows, peppering their bodies like massive insects taking bites.

      The killer of my brother stood there, mortified, before a spear lunged from the treeline, ripping into his chest and pinning him to an oak. I watched in morbid glee as a group of teens, enlisted for army experience rushed in and beat him to death with blunt weapons bfore my eyes.

      As soon as it had started, it was over. The good soldiers were gathering their wounded and their dead, and taking prisoners away for some excruciatingly painful interrogation. Good. The one with the missing finger was with them, writhing in her bonds, her jaw broken, an eye missing, bruised, and tail hanging off her body by a few sinews.

      Conciousness left my body. To join the chief godess. I died happy.

      (Christ, I’ve been reading to much 40k.)

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    • @Justheretowrite: So I'm guessing you died during that assassination attempt then.

      @SmartProtagonist: Wow, you really went full Khorne Berserker there.

      Thanks for the replies guys.

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    • Corvus29 wrote:

      @Justheretowrite: So I'm guessing you died during that assassination attempt then.

      Can't beat slogra and gaibon.

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    • I stare, and something dawns upon me. I'm not doing this for money. I've wasted so much time and so much money on something that only benefits my want for revenge! I get up and turn around, prepared to walk away and report to the Order where this group is. 

      I find myself staring into the eyes of a Medusa. I also find my body from the waist up turned to stone. What happens next should be obvious.

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    • I'm guessing you and the brother weren't that close.

      Thanks Tikkit.

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    • Im not one for head on conflict instead I stay hidden I spy and gather information i follow them from a distance and keep my weapon at the ready.

      If and when I’m later caught or if I find an opening I’d take a quit shot to get my revenge I’m not in this for my love for brother I’m doing this I’m superior to him in every way shape and form after being compared to him so much it happens.

      I take after my target is killed I take a spear or Glaive due to it being a battlefield I’m sure I’d find one if I can’t find a place to hide so I can do hit and run or other gorilla warfare tactics then I’ve lost the battle but on the off chance I can I’ll do this till night fall after which I set fire where they are hiding.

      (Sorry about my writing and I’m playing off chance and stealth but most likely I died so oh well)

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    • Thanks Vampyrlord.

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    • A hard choice, and a long answer. Good to be back.

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    • A FANDOM user
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