• [I want to remind you that I am bad in English and that it is not my mother tongue. I'm sorry for mistakes or phrases that do not make sense. :/]

    The village with so many memories would burn... Nothing for Dzete now. Blooden, the leader of this succubus group had told him that everything had been done in vain and that he was the last survivor. The succubus left him a heavy sword before fleeing and letting Dzete fall from the ground. He would never forget this succub with caramel skin, hair firecracker, eyes purple and luscious curve. Dzete swore it, he would hunt down and kill Blooden. He approached the blade Blooden had left him, she was very imposing, black and double-edged with unknown engraving and an eye close in the center. Dzete lifted her without any harm, despite her heavy wound, the blade seemed light as a feather. He should think about having it examined and understand where this lightness comes from. Dzete ties the scabbard to his belt and starts moving towards the exit of the village.

    He decided to leave for the nearest town to announce the news before resuming his hunt. He suspected he was going to be responsible, the "monster" of the city alone surviving a succubus attack. The enormous colone of smoke when the village had burned had probably warned everyone around. Dzete thought, to get to the nearest city, he would have two choices. The road fills with bandit or Orc attracted an attack and seeking to catch fugitives. The plain fills with monsters girls and especially, Dzete would become an easy prey for harpies. The other option was the forest, the most formidables monsters girls at this time for him would have been the so-called Amazoness village after a rumor and the few Arachne who were starting their season in search of husband. The Alraunas came out of their beds like the Giant Ant and they would not be powerful enough to charm the boy and should undoubtedly use the force... At least, it had to be hoped.

    Dzete entered the wood slowly and wary of every corner of the tree. In the end, he was attracted by the tears of a person. Another survivor of the attack ? He moved as if he were lamenting with sadness and he came face to face with a monster of dark, melancholic beauty who draped their deathly pale, white skin in black garments. The banshee smiled for a moment and opened her arms while crying. The monster must have been attracted by the carnage and the negative feelings of Dzete who would have preferred to die like the others. The survivor advanced towards the Banshe, beguiled by the cries and wanting to comfort her.

    Fortunately, the memories of the killing come back to him. The victorious face of the Blooden succubus and the fact that he was left so humiliated brought him to reason just in time. His hatred and his desire for vengeance had triumphed over the promise of a macabre but sincere love of one of the creatures of darkness. What would the church think ? A blow of the blade to roll back the monster and Dzete started running in the opposite direction. He heard the Banshee weeping, throwing him into an immense cry of fright.


    A quick glance made note that the monster woman was not moving, she was still crying and moaning in the direction of Dzete. He did not turn around and flee, for a moment before finally falling head first on the ground. A tree branch coming to open his right leg. He stifled a groan of pain, his little mad rush without paying attention trying to escape the undead worried him... But no sign of having alerted an Amazoness or Arachne .... Or other things of the same kind wanting him "difficulty".

    The next few hours, Dzete tried to orient himself by paying attention to his surroundings so as not to fall into a trap or under a spell. He met monster girls like the Greenworm that left him alone, Dzete was useless for them... He would probably die before the night came. Dzete stopped for a moment to breathe and quickly look at his wounds, some did not seem healed and he was bleeding continuously. An Amazoness or Arachne would catch up quickly by following the blood trail... But, hopefully, an elf or a centaur could also help him. That's it, you have to think positive, otherwise ... He could not take revenge on Blooden. He took two steps forward to get back on the road and heard a thud behind him. Turning around, he saw a giant slug lying on the ground in the place he occupied.

    - Are you OK ?

    Giant Slug: I missed you.

    - Escuse me ?

    Giant Slug : You are mortally wounded and I can heal you, in return become my man !

    - No !

    Giant Slug: My belover... Do not you want to do something better before? Mate with me ...

    She does not listen to Dzete at all and she seems under a desire of lust too strong to be reasoning. Dzete can not allow me to lose energy in a fight and he starts running away with his injuries. Dzete hear the Giant Slug follow him...

    - Foul injury to the leg ! If I did not have it, I would already be far away ...

    Giant Slug: A marriage proposal ? It's so sudden... I... I... I have to refuse for the moment ! Come to me, my human sugar.

    Giant Slug continues to throw more and more obscene sentences towards Dzete. He tries to keep a distance between him and her so that the monster girl does not catch him. Alas for him, he feels his body bend under his wounds, it will not last long and this scene between a lame human trying to escape a giant slug catching him gradually frightens. Dzete then whispers while trying to advance with his weapon to regain a second wind.

    - Best day of my life, the destruction of the village, the only survivor, banshee and soon died in the forest by a giant slug ... Help ... Anyone or anything. Help ... I don't want to die.

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    • All of the sudden Dzete’s wounds heal and the giant slug disappears. “Have you taken any blows to the as well as your leg? Because coming into this forest, wounded even if you have a tough looking sword, is a sure sign of brain damage.” A calm voice said.

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    • Upon a nearby road there was a rather strange sight. That sight being a rather strange mamono that looked to belong to the Reptile family.

      The mamono was larger then the average human, and could probably match a Ogre in height, and her legs and arms were coated in aquamarine scales. In both of her clawed hands were whips that glowed with green, sorcerous flames. Her eyes were orange in color, and instead of hair she had a writhing nest of Orange scaled snakes. She wore steel armor that would probably repel most assaults by swords.

      The strangest thing perhaps was the symbol upon her armor, which appeared similar to the Order Cross, but with blue flames around it and serpents curling around the bottom.

      The Mamono was most certainly unaware of Dzete.

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    • When the healing curse applied to Dzete, the giant slug found that another person was helping the boy. The giant slug was frightened, turned around and ran away at a slow but fast speed for her to the nearby road where the Reptile was screaming without seeing it.

      Giant Slug: No ! Help me !

      Dzete looked at the person who had just saved him, he planted his sword on the ground to support him. The adrealine stopped and the pain returned. The healing curse had healed the most important wound and left the miners, he now had to rest to recover. Dzete was trying to answer in a few words that might seem incomprehensible.

      - My village... Destroy... Genocide... Succubus... BLOODEN !

      On the name of the succubus, he had screamed to fall from exhaustion.

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    • The Snake-Haired mamono looked at the slug. Though She doubted the Giant Slug wanted anything other than help catching a husband, it could be something worth her time. "Yes? What do you need?" She asked, her hair looking around.

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    • “Someone’s harming my husband!” She points to a pale man picking up the unconscious Dzete. “Actually, I was speeding up his recovery. He’s may be patched up for now, but he’s still exhausted and this forest is filled with mamono who would take advantage of his current condition. I have a cabin further in the forest, if the two of you want to come with your more then welcome to.” He states before walking off without waiting for a response.

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    • The Reptilian Templar looks at the retreating man. "Will you be pursuing him? And if so, do you require assistance?"

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    • Unbeknownst to the people in the scene below, a quiet figure watched from the trees. Their movement was still, and their colours blended with the scenery around them, keeping them hidden. All they did was watch, clearly not wanting to get too involved.

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    • Giant Slug: Yes, I can not beat him alone ! I want to get my husband back before this strange person tries to do "things" to him !

      The Giant Slug started crying in front of the Reptilian Templar.

      Dzete remained unconscious, his mind was far from his current situation. The only gesture showing that he was conscious was that he kept his fist shut, no doubt a sign of the anger he had in him against a succubus.

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    • The Reptilian Templar sighs. Well, at least she isn't helping someone find a husband. "Stop Crying, I'll help you get your husband back."

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    • “Sheesh, your really banged up pretty badly aren’t ya?” The man says not really expecting an answer “ but guess what? a former killer such as myself, who doesn’t deserve a chance to save the life of anything not even a rock, is giving you a chance for survival.” The man enters at his cabin, still carrying Dzete. “Good thing I chose today to desert otherwise, you might be dead” The man says as he sets Dzete down on his bed before getting himself a chair. “Now to wait for you to wake up.”

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    • Giant Slug: That's right ?

      The giant slug has a big smile while drying its tears. They followed the two people to the cabin and watched from afar.

      Giant Slug: What are we doing now ?

      Dzete on his side remains deeply asleep. The boy's face began to become tense. He relived the elements of the day in a loop. The fact that he is trying to defend his village. He was the last survivor fatally wounded for the unhealthy pleasure of the Blooden succubus, the encounter with the Banshee, a desperate flight, his encounter with the giant slug, an escape attempt and finally the appearance of a Unknown person coming to save him... Followed by the face of the banshee smiling or crying. And start again in loop. The face of the Banshee is considered more recurrent and terrifying at each appearance.

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    • "Well, we walk inside and reunite you with your husband. By force if needed." Saying this, the Snake-Haired monster walks up to the cabin and knocks.

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    • “Give me a second.” You hear the man’s voice say. When the door opens you see him holding an woodcutters axe which had a red stain on it over his shoulder.

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    • Giant Slug : Yeah !

      The Giant Slug was very happy and they came forward to knock on the door. When the man opened the door. She screamed immediately.

      Giant Slug : GIVE ME BACK MY...

      The Giant Slug looks at the big ax and backs away screaming in fear.

      Giant Slug : Did... Did you dare to kill my... My husband ?

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    • The giant reptile's eyes widen at the sight of the red stain. She remains silent however.

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    • He looks at the axe he was holding and said “well That’s not blood, that’s-.” Before he can finish speaking the giant slug tackles him in anger, attempting to make this man pay for what he did.

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    • The giant slug was slow, the effect of the surprise attack could make it win. She walked slowly to attack him and the man was perhaps surprised to hear Dzete scream.

      - DEJA VU ! (Sorry, it was stronger than me XD)

      Dzete was still sleeping, but could soon regain consciousness. The giant slug yelled at the man.

      Giant slug : My body is always covered in slimy ! I'm going to kill you for killing my husband !

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    • The Reptilian Templar just stands there, surprised at how murderous the Giant Slug was. "Can we all perhaps calm down?"

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    • All of the sudden the giant slug is pulled off of the man by an unseen force “good to see someone has the tiniest bit of sense in their head.” The man says, obviously annoyed. “Now as I was saying, it’s not blood, it’s clay the axe is for chopping firewood. If I wanted to kill him, I would have done it where I found him and I’d have killed you to” he looks at the giant slug. “He was wounded pretty bad, if I left him to be raped by you he would have died for blood loss. He passed out from his wounds,but he’s still alive. If you want to see him you can but don’t expect him to be awake yet. And for god’s sake don’t glomp on him otherwise the wound on his leg will reopen.”

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    • For a few seconds, the face of the Giant slug tensed with anger and embarrassment at not having support. She turned around and backed away, mimicking an embarrassed face.

      Giant slug: So ... Sorry. I love my husband, we had fun as always to run one after the other, like the young couple that we are.

      The Giant slug had forgotten that Dzete was suffering from several injuries and his face went very white when he heard the man talk about a leg injury.

      Giant Slug: Y.. Yes. I... I wanted to heal him. We went out of the table, he hurt him and he did not want me to give him any care.

      The Giant slug tried strongly embarrassed to find some escapes to forget the details of the wounds.

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    • "Well, looks like my work here is done. I hope you and your husband enjoy yourselves when he gets better." With that the Snake Haired mamono turns to leave.

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    • “Not so fast!” The man says angrily “ if he’s really your husband, what’s his name?” Upon seeing that the giant slug is unable to answer he continues “ do you think I’m an idiot? I’ve worked as a soldier for the order for 57 years so I know when a mamono is telling the truth and when it’s just lust talking! If I hadn’t intervened, you would have raped him utill he bled to death and then some! The only traces of your demonic energy on him is from a few minutes ago! He isn’t anymore your husband then I am the demon lord!” Both mamono are surprised at this sudden change in attitude and at how long he said he worked for the order because he didn’t look a day over 23.

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    • Giant slug: His name? Yes.. It's.... It's... The name is...

      The giant slug hears the discord of the man. The word of the order makes it completely pale and it she say mechanically.

      Giant Slug: Adam?

      The giant slug with a very frightened face raised his arms and screamed like hysteria before fleeing.

      Giant slug: AAAAH ! THE ORDER IS HERE ! I will avenge and save my husband !

      The giant slug falls head first on the ground and gets up by letting go the crying.

      Gug Slug: I fell again !

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    • The Reptile sighs. "Do you want me to help you home? I have nothing better to do." She says to the Giant Slug, patting her on the back.

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    • “Hold up! I wouldn’t be doing my job as an order hero if I let two mamono get away now would I?” He then draws a sword out of thin air, but before he can use it a gray spike bursts out of the ground and stabs him in the spleen “ Ross! That’s enough! We deserted the order remember? Now apologize.” He says calmly . “Sorry, old habits die hard Carric” The angry voice, apparently called Ross says “I’ll go back to sleep now.” With that the spike disappears and the wound heals “I apologize as well.” The calm voice, Carric says “Ross was very...overzealous about his job when he had his own body. If you want to see the man you claim is your husband you may do so. Again I offer my sincerest apologies, and Ross’s too.” When the giant slug looks unsure he adds “Ross is just worried about him because he looks similar to Ross’s grandson who was killed as a traitor.”

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    • "Serves him right." Was all the Reptilian Templar said, deciding to wait for the Giant Slug to make her decision.

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    • The giant slug would respond negatively to the reptile's proposal.But she suddenly witnessed a sudden and frightening sight coming from the human who had been hurt.

      Giant slug: Waaah ! I do not understand anything and I'm scared ! AAAAAH !

      The giant slug flees in panic... She will soon realize that she could have tried to get her husband back at that moment.

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    • "I'm.... going to make sure she's ok." The Templar begins to follow, confident that she could catch up to the slow moving Slug.

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    • “I’ll stay with this guy should he wake up.” Carric replied. “And my grandson was was protecting a baby doormouse who was killed as well as him.” Ross added regretfully before they walked inside.”Actually I still need to get some firewood first” Carric remembered before he closed the door.

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    • "Sucks to suck!" She replies as she continues on her way.

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    • Catching up a giant slug is a pretty easy thing, it is very slow and the Templar had no trouble catching the slug.  

      Giant slug: AAAAH ! Please ! Don't kill me ! I... I'm lying for my husband, but he's fine now and I could not see him again.

      The giant slug started crying again. Still without doubt, no trick to soften the person and avoid confrontation.

      Dzete woke up with a start and quickly scanned the room. His sword ... Where is the sword? His only defense. His skull hurt, he put his hand as if to try to calm the pain and the events came back to him. 

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    • The Reptilian Templar sits down next to her. "It'll be ok. Can you tell me your name?"

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    • “Ah, your awake ,good A certain mollusk was desperate to see you” an old angry voice said. Entering the room were two men. the unfamiliar one who had spoken looked to be in his late sixties but was still very muscular, and the other Dzete remembered as the one who saved him was skinny and looked to be in his early twenties. “I’m Ross and this is Carric.” The first one introduced them “now may we know your name?”

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    • The Giant slug rubbed his hands over his eyes to dry his tear by keeping a deliberately sad face.

      Giant slug : My name is Apate, I have a large family... But I'm the only one who does not have a husband. Normally, I'm a diplomat, but they always run away. I wanted to change my approach.

      She lied, people just managed to escape, this place of the forest being dry, her speed was very slow and inevitably, the escape was simple for a man. The Reptilian Templar seemed to be a manipulable person for the giant slug.

      Dzete looked at the two men. He got up with some difficulty from the bed with his clothes still torn. He felt dizzy and nearly dropped to the ground.

      - I'm Dzete, I live in a village... I lived. Everyone else died.

      He see the face of the succubus responsible for this canarge in his mind'.

      - I'm going to kill the origin of this massacre... Blooden must die. Thank you for saving me gentlemen, I must now resume tracking the succubus.

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    • "I rather doubt you're a Diplomat, and think that you're just very very slow, but who knows? I've only just met you." 

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    • “No” Ross said sternly “Carric only healed the most serious injuries so you need to rest. As you are now you’d be an easy target for a baby kobold.” “Also that giant slug seems like she would murder us if we let so much as a cat accidentally scratch you.” Carric added “besides, do you even know how to use this aside from simple stabs and slashes?” He holds up the sword “blooden isn’t some drunken bum on the side of the road, she has been killing ever since the time of the first demon lord. We fought her once and the only reason we’re here is because a lich who served her decided to use us as an experiment, and we were order heroes with an army of highly skilled soldiers behind us.”

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    • The face of the Giant slug pouted for a second. The reptile woman had fallen into the panel from the start and now she was beginning to understand.

      Apaté: I... I told him I was going to heal him. Humans use our fluids for their jars. I could have healed him and in exchange he would have become my husband... But he fled.

      The giant slug fluids are well taken by humans yes ... but only to create poisons. A false rumor says he might as well heal human beings.

      Dzete wanted to interrupt him immediately. The hunting of succubus being his absolute priority... Alas, the two men were right. He could not do anything at all and would be at the mercy of the first comer. Giant slug was the perfect example.

      - You... You're right ! Anger tells me to follow the trail, but the reason is in your direction. For your question... I am more skilled in handling the fork than the sword. The only ones I used were pieces of wood.

      He laughed lightly thinking back to his childhood. He shook one shoulder, then the other to disarm the muscles.

      - You said that the giant slug is still there ? To make her escape was not enough, I would like her to leave me alone without resorting to death. I am a little against this kind of practice which took me several "problems" with the church... I also have another question. Nothing to report ? I mean, apart from the giant slug ?

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    • "Well, at least you had good intentions. Though I doubt that would have made him anything but really horny. And my name is Ascendare."

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    • The figure in the trees would have followed Dzete to the cabin. Now, they sat still, eyeing the cabin and any possible movement inside.

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    • Back at the cabin

      Carric answers “Actually yes, I’m cooking tonight.” “No! Anything but that!” Ross says with mock fear “hasn’t he suffered enough today?” “To bad Ross! It’ll be your turn to cook tomorrow.” Carric says while he heads towards the kitchen. Ross then turns serious again “give the girl half a chance, you don’t have to marry her. Just be nice to her because while you might leave when you’re better, we have to live here. The order doesn’t take kindly to deserters.”

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    • The Giant slug shows a warm and happy face towards the Reptilian Templar.

      Apate: Glad to meet you Ascendare ... Maybe we should go back to the others? I must apologize and explain myself after all, but I am also intrigued by this armor and your appearance.

      The Giant slug taps both hands and seems a little confused in his face, implying an embarrassment to want to address a subject undoubtedly delicate

      Dzete laughs a little when he sees both of them talking about cooking. The boy sat on the bed. His head continued a little to turn, Ross seemed to be serious again and left a lot of implied on his relationship with the order.

      - I'll be honest. I don't want to give a chance to a slug. I just do not want her to come near me and I do not want to kill her... Can I ? Considering my ability to wield a sword and my legendary luck, I'll wave my blade that gets caught in the gooey body of the slug without hurting it. And now, I'm disarmed and she takes the advantage. I just want her to stay away from me, that she can not have the opportunity to lead a lustful project towards me...

      Dzete sighed for a moment before talking in a very serious and slightly worried way.

      - The slug is not my biggest concern I have in mind. Shortly after the succubus attack, when I got back in the woods... I met a banshee, if I had not remembered my revenge against Blooden, I will probably be...

      The boy was cold and trembling all over his body.

      - She may still be looking for me.

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    • Ascendare was silent. She really didn't want to talk about her appearance. "Prior to becoming a Mamono i was part of a group similar to the Order. Except instead of being Anti-Monster, it despised the corruption that came with them. I would go around and slay sources of corruption, like Demons and Inari." 

      Ascendare pauses. "Yet when you spend your life bent to the task of driving back corruption, you eventually become corrupted yourself."

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    • At the cabin(I’ll put Ross’s words in italics so it’s easier to distinguish between him and Carric)

      “Don’t worry about the banshee, Carric was a magic prodigy, and now he outclasses elven archmages in magic. He put a spell on this cabin’s borders that let’s him know the exact position of all mamono within 40 feet of them. and I am, I mean was one of the best order heroes. not to toot my own horn, but in my prime I could fight an entire pack of hellhounds and win. As for the giant slug. Just tell her that your wounds have a really high chance of reopening if she glomps on you, the reptilian Templar with her will help make sure she doesn’t . She seems to be quite the little spitfire that lizard, just like my wife.” At this Ross looks out the window as if remembering his past before shaking his head to clear it. “Anyways you’re safe here so just rest and heal up, I need to go make sure Carric isn’t putting poison in the food.” Ross then joins Carric in the kitchen, leaving Dzete with his thoughts

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    • The Giant slug was a sad head.

      Apate: Oh, I'm really sorry for you. I did not want...

      Dzete sat for several minutes. He quickly looked at his body as best he could to assess the injuries he had left.

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    • Carric’s spell would not detect the tree-hopper, indicating that they were not a mamono.

      The figure continued to silently watch the cabin, barely moving if at all. Despite this, they kept a careful eye about their surroundings, knowing anything could appear.

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    • "I hope my answer satisfied your curiosity."

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    • From inside the cabin a frantic voice could be heard “GOD NO! SOMEONE, ANYONE HELP! PLEASE!!!!” What couldn’t be heard was a different voice saying “Ross, not everyone likes half a barrel of hot sauce in their chili. We don’t even know if our three guests like spicy food.” “I understand why you’re not putting any salt in the chili Carric. but if you don’t put anything spicy in it, why make it?”

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    • The tree-hopper’s curiosity spiked as he heard the cries for help. “Hmm,” They let out, starting to slowly descend the tree. Then again, maybe they had spotted them...

      The figure stopped halfway down, considering the thought of a trap. However, they soon started to make their way down again.

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    • Apate : Yes, of course, I would like to give you a hug to apologize for this delicate question.

      She touches her face and removes his fingers that are all "slimy".

      Apate : I'm a little too "sticky" because of my nature.

      Dzete hears the cry for help and tries to limp, he catches the thing that can be used as a weapon near him that happens to be a kind of little miroir. He arrives in the kitchen screaming.


      He understands that this is just a fight over food.

      - Sorry...

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    • (Tikkit, you there?)

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    • Ascendare sighs and hugs Apate, ignoring the weird feeling of her slime upon her scales.

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    • Ross and Carric continue to argue until Carric drops the spoon he was using to stir the chili. “What’s wrong?” Ross asks “I don’t know how, but a mamono just appeared within 20 feet of the cabin’s boundaries and the DE is different from the giant slug and the reptilian Templar. It seems……dead but at the same time, alive. It’s heading to the door. How did it get so close without me noticing?”

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    • The Giant slug blushed with surprise and a little shame, she did not know what to do and remained paralyzed on the spot.

      Apate: I... I... Thank you. There are not many people who can show me affection. I thought that finally having a husband could have allowed me to make him love the "sticky" girl that I am.

      Dzete went back and sat down again, squatting the mirror. He thought only of Blooden, despite the smell coming from the "kitchen"... all in his mind turn on Blooden.

      So that when he looked again at the mirror, he saw only the face of the banshe he had abandoned. He took a terrified face and pulled the mirror away from him... He braced himself with a little courage and looked again. Nothing but his reflection.

      Dzete was starting to hallucinate, it was not good. A good meal and rest would do him only good.

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    • "Um... Well, speaking of your husband, do you want to go back for him?" Ascendare asks, changing the subject.

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    • “Should we tell Dzete?” Ross asked. “No, it disappeared. Besides, he needs rest. Let’s not worry him unnecessarily. It might not be the banshee, maybe it’s a zombie or a skeleton.” Carric replied. “Ok, you’re right, I’ll take over stirring the chili. Don’t worry,I won’t put hot sauce in it.”

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    • The Giant slug continues to remain motionless.

      Apate: As I said earlier yes... I must apologize for lying about my husband.

      Dzete put the mirror down and tried to drive Blooden out of his mind. He thinks for a second to get up to ask where is his sword... He changed his mind in the end, afraid to bring unnecessary tension.

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    • “That sword he was carrying.” “What about it Ross?” You hid it right?” “Of course I did. It’s demon realm silver from the time of the third demon lord.” ”Just like that mirror he found. I wonder what it showed him?” “Probably either Blooden or the banshee. It does show a person their deepest regrets and emotions after all.” “Why did we even keep it?” “To remind us of what we once were, and what we should never become. What’s with that look?” “It’s not often you show how old we really are. It brings back memories.” At this they thought back to their past.

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    • The tree-hopper remained in the bushes as he neared the cabin, listening closely to anything else that might indicate danger. The closer to the cabin they got, the quieter they became as to stay hidden.

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    • ??? : My lacquered duck...

      The mirror seems to call it. A voice he hated ... He went slowly to see Blooden's face. The back of the mirror was rocked by the flame.

      Blooden: Hello sweetie. I just got home, I was wondering how you went after your first day?

      - You are not real.

      Blooden laughed haughtily and naughtily before raising his hand. Dzete had the sensation of the almost magical touch of succubus stroking his throat to hold his chin.

      - Impossible...

      Blooden: I am the leader of the castle's "birth" pits of the mighty demon lord, it is me who is busy inculcating the "ferocity" and "restraint" to lilim and young succubes. Of course I can do that...

      -No, you are not real.

      Blooden: I assure you that I am real. Since you still have doubts ...

      Blooden lowered his hand and pretended to catch it. Dzete felt the dove of the succubus beginning to smother him more and more.

      Blooden: Never forget that, I'm everywhere my love... Every shadow informs me where you are. I gave you a blade so that I could not find you and kill you easily... Tell me my treasure, why can I communicate with you?

      - I do not have it anymore. It's a friend who took it for the moment.

      Blooden squeezes the pressure and Dzete falls to his knees, unable to breathe.

      Blooden: You humans, you are so stupid ! He stole it ! He's want at his magic enchantments... I swear that every time you find a moment of respite, I'll tear you off. Fond your happiness, find a woman, make children.. But keep in mind that I would massacre your children and that I will try to make you laugh by juggling with the body of your wife that I would have dismembered.

      He feels his throat being released, he was two fingers away from air and Dzete breathes heavily.

      Blooden: You'll go get your sword. I'm going to send a succub, you'll have no chance to win without the blade. The succubus will be ordered to kill you and bring me back your head... Have fun both, I give you lots of kisses. I hope to see you again darling.

      The communication ends. Dzete gets up and breathes as he can. He takes the mirror and puts it face down. He goes to the exit door.

      - Sorry guys, I have to go out to breathe and stretch... I.. I think I'm going crazy by doing nothing. I can have my sword, I would like to.. To shake him like an idiot.

      He lets go of a fake laugh. 

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    • Ascendare shrugs. "I don't care, I've gone this far helping you, why stop now? I might as well put the effort in to get you your happy ending."

        Loading editor
    • The Giant slug showed some discomfort. She had certainly lied to him by saying that she was a diplomat and she had to accept that lie.

      Apate: I told you it was a mistake, I tried a violent method to make it mine... I prefer to do it diplomatically as before.

      She laughed amusedly. An almost lustful face took her.

      Apate: You advise me to do mine both ways, I approach slowly by doing me docile and enjoy my nature "sticky" to slowly do mine without his agreement ? I like the idea for an unknown reason...

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    • Ascendare was confused by her words. "Uh, since I couldn't really understand you, I'll just advise that while diplomacy is good, sometimes you just have to pounce on a man." She mutters something after saying this.

        Loading editor
    • The giant slug doubts and seems to be afraid.

      Apate: Yes, but there is this other man. I'm afraid he's hurting me, my surprise attack will no longer work on him now... I'm sure he keeps some salt to weaken me with my "future" husband now.

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    • "Well, if attempting to make a man yours is harming you, just don't attempt to make that man yours. Though this shouldn't be an issue because of your recent discovery."

        Loading editor
    • Apate: My recent discovery ? Which exactly... The injury to the leg of the one I want to do my husband ?

        Loading editor
    • Ascendare suddenly realized that Apate was talking about Dzete, at least she thought that was the case. "I was referring to the man himself. I kinda thought that you had made attempts at other men and that they had thrown salt at you or something."

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    • The face of the slug was sad, close to crying.

      Apate: I told you... I'm pretty peaceful. Alas, the reputation that "monsters" violates humans terrifies and some of my meetings ended like this... The human attacks me with salt. My species become like children. Already I'm crying easily...

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    • (sorry i was gone so long. school has really been bearing down on me as late of late so Ross and Carric will be disappearing for several lenths of time for a while)

      "ok, Here you go." Carric says as he hands a sheathed blade to dzete. "I found you a sheath and sword belt for it so you woln't have to drag it every where. oh! by the way, me and Carric are have some lose ends that need tying up so we'll be gone for a while, but dont worry. About an hour ago i noticed something was watching us. It dosen't seem to be a mamono or agressive so I have a feeling you'll be safe, untill we meet again."  Ross added before he and Carric walked off. what they didn't tell Dzete was that Carric had put a spell on it so that it could only be drawn in either life or death situations, or to protect others from danger.

        Loading editor
    • Ascendare sighs. "Well, please don't cry. It's going to be ok." She said, hugging the slug mamono.

        Loading editor
    • (Ok, no problem, I could not have answered, I was study for my driving license Last Saturday... I got it ! :D)

      Dzete grabbed the sword and the weight of the latter made him fall almost forward.

      - It's strange, it looks like my sword, but it seems heavier. It must be my imagination.

      He nodded and watched Ross and Carric leave.

      - Are you sure ? I... I don"t mean I'm still weak, but..

      Once both were gone. Dzete leaving the door open slipped into the kitchen to grab some food.

      The giant slug accepted the hug as to prevent crying.

      Apate: I'm really sorry ! I'm bothering you with this whole story.

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    • "No, it's fine. I'm here to help you. And if that means listening to you then so be it." Ascendare responded, lightly patting her on the back while her serpent hair rubs against Apates' head.

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    • Apate will not be more Ascendare against her. His slimy body was more annoying.

      Apate:' I... Thank you.' Should we go back to see the others and the man I would like to be my husband so that I can apologize.

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    • "We sure can Apate."

        Loading editor
    • Apate : Well, let's go Ascendare... I'm sorry for my "slimy" side.

        Loading editor
    • "Don't be, I'm completely ok with it. And I'm certain your future husband will be too." Ascendare gets up and begins the walk back to the cabin.

        Loading editor
    • (thanks for understanding. I'll try to be as active as i can still, but just in case i'm moving Ross and Carric to where you woln't have to wondre where i disapare to)

      once they were far enough away that they woulden't be seen or heard by the others. "Alright Carric, you can drop the ilussion now." "ok" Carric replyed. when he lowerd the spell, the two dissapeared, in their place was the pale humonoid that had been origenaly seen. "I still don't feel right, tricking them like this." "We have to. Blooden promised that she'd return us to normal if we helped speed up Dzete's transformation. Now let's go tell the banshee where he is." the figure said useing the voices of both Carric and Ross. "if it'll hasten our return to humanity from this sewn together abomination, then fine." the two voices concluded before walking off to find the aforementioned banshee 

        Loading editor
    • [No problem, I hope everything will be fine for you. Just want to say two things. I'm on the ass, I even take my hat... The idea of ​​Blooden behind that is just perfectly mastered. I just love it..
      Secondly, I planned to use a false banshee later, she will only be there to force Dzete to change places for fear and to remind him that Blooden is still there to kill innocent people. But it will not be real, unlike the one your character is looking for.]

      Dzete sat down on a small table. He was holding his blade and pulling it out, like training to draw it again and again.

      Apate acquired a happy face from being supported.

      Apaté: Yes, let's find them.

      Both of them made their way to the cabin slowly because of the slug's speed.

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    • "Hey, mind if I pick you up so that we can go faster?"

        Loading editor
    • She scratches her right cheek all embarrassed.

      Apate: I'm very "slimy"... I do not know if it suits you to have your armor sticky.

        Loading editor
    • "I've hugged you over three times since we met. Carrying you won't get it that much stickier. And you'll be reunited with your future husband faster."

        Loading editor
    • Apate was very embarrassed.

      Apate: I... I'm pretty embarrassed, hardly anyone would want to do that for us. Go ahead... And... THANK YOU !

        Loading editor
    • Ascendare picked up and began to carry the Giant Slug towards the cavern. The sticky slime actually felt rather nice upon her scales.

        Loading editor
    • Apate: That's really nice of you... On the way to the cabin. We are going to find my future husband.

        Loading editor
    • "I sure hope so, because despite how pleasant it is to be around you I have other things to do. Don't worry, I won't leave you until you're enveloping your husband in your slimy body."

        Loading editor
    • Apate nodded and found a smiling face.

      Apate: You're really nice... I can not wait for my surprise attack on my future husband. Once I have properly covered it with my mucus. He can only understand my love and accept it... Or it will only be a rape for several hours, see days. A human mind ended up giving in... I hope.

        Loading editor
    • "I'm certain he'll love it! I know that if I were a man I would." Ascendare said as she continued towards the cabin.

        Loading editor
    • Apate was dropped off and hesitated to open the cabin door.

      Apate: And if the other human launches me salt or it does not work. I have to do... Sorry, I'm so scared and worried.

        Loading editor
    • The mysterious figure watched as the two left. Once he was sure they were far enough away, he slipped in through one of the windows and unsheathed his blade.

        Loading editor
    • "Just to in and claim your husband! I'll be with you every step of the way." Ascendare said to the Giant Slug to encourage her.

        Loading editor
    • The giant slug had a happy face while blushing with pleasure.

      Apaté: YEAH !

      Apate opened the door screaming.

      Apate: I came back to take my husband !

      The room in front of her was empty. A voice; that of Dzete sounded in the cabin.

      - NEVER !

      Dzete was sitting at a table eating chili prepared by the owner before he left. He took the blade out and stopped eating.

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    • "Calm down please. This lovely lady just wants to give you pleasure. So why don't you let her?" Ascendare asks Dzete, standing behind Apate.

        Loading editor
    • The giant slug advanced slowly towards Dzete. The boy pointed his blade at the two women.The giant slug shook for a few seconds, stopping short of fear.

      - I don't have time for this kind of thing ! I have to find Blooden.

      Apate: Who ?

      - The succubus that destroyed my village.

      Apate: I'm sorry for you... I did not know.

      - So I have to find her and kill her !

      Apate does not dare to come forward and Dzete seems to be on the defense.

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    • Ascendare rolls her eyes. "How about you two have some fun together, and then we can all hunt Blooden Together? Doesn't that sound good? You both win that way."

        Loading editor
    • A sudden dagger is thrown between Apate and Dzete as the mysterious figure reveals himself. "There is no time for meaningless words. We must go." The man explains, keeping his face hidden by a mask as he spoke.

        Loading editor
    • - I don't have the time to...

      The dagger planting... the boy listened to the newcomer. Dzete directed his blade in his direction.

      - Who are you ? Is it you, the famous succub sent by Blooden to try to kill me ?

      Apate was frightened, but seeing Dzete lower her guard towards her, she walked very slowly toward him. The idea was to take advantage to make his surprise attack, unless Ascendare or the newcomer had to stop it.

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    • (I’m back again. also Ross and Carric were created by a lich working under Blooden so it makes sense they would be working for her.)

      Unbeknownst to those inside the cabin the pale figure returned staying out of sight. “Well Ross, looks like that banshee was just a figment of Dzete’s imagination.” “So it would seem, how disappointing. Wait, what’s going on?” It used divination magic to look inside the cabin without revealing themselves “looks like this could work out in our favor” Carric noted “so that means…we still have a chance to become ourselves again, instead of being this sewn together piece of shit? Ross asked hopefully “maybe,maybe.”

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    • “No, I am here to get you out of this demonic place.” The figure explains, noticing the two mamono standing nearby. This seemed to put him in a defensive stance. “You about to be grabbed.”

        Loading editor
    • "Yes, and I would like to request that you don't interfere." Ascendare says, calmly walking behind Apate.

        Loading editor
    • (No worries ... I had my driver's license officially today. \o/)

      - What do you...

      At the word that he was going to be grabbed, he turned to see the giant slug almost on Dzete. He stepped back  and dodged Apathé's "hug" attempt, which fell to the ground. She stand up crying.

      Apate: BWAAH ! I missed again...

      Ascendare's support restored confidence in the giant slug. Dzete pointed his blade at the two mamono.

      - Ok, I asked questions later and I think I'll have to get out of here quickly...

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    • (Congratulations)

      “should we intervene somehow?” Ross asked his other half. “Well Dzete is Blooden’s target and she wants him to be fully merged with the cursed sword she gave him. maybe we can use the spell ‘crown of madness’ on one of them” Carric answered But would lady Blooden approve? If she doesn’t we-.” “I know!” Carric interrupted “fine we’ll wait, I was just saying that we could use it to stir up a blood lust in the target and give the blade a chance to feed.” He said defensively.

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    • Ascendare gently pushed the slug towards Dzete. "Go on, you can do it."

        Loading editor
    • The figure watched with a see, turning his gaze to the windows. He knew they were out there, so they needed to hurry, not waste time.

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    • (Thank you)

      Dzete was now on his guard. The giant slug advanced to be carried again to try to catch it.

      Apate: It's only for a few days and then...

      - I said NO ! I have to get out of here...

      Dzete put a sword against Apate, the sword seemed to have gone through the body of the slug and it was stuck. Apate did not scream and feel nothing. She laughed amused at the situation.

      Apate: I feel "so good" now, I'm not even hurt or bleed !

      - Shit !

      Apate: Come on, come hug and kisses your "wife" !

      The slimy hand the giant slug approached and Dzete dropped his weapon to back off and avoid being hit by Apate.

      - I need help ! If I put my foot on it, I'll be trapped like the blade. I can not save myself, the two mamono blocks me the way to the exit !

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    • ”Now we intervene, without out being seen. Got it Carric?” “Got it.” All of the sudden, an unseen force yanks both Dzete and the sword away from the giant slug. Unseen and undetected by all in the room except the one who was looking out the window the pale figure stood between the two would-be combatants, erecting a barrier and sent telepathic messages to the slug and the observant one. The slug’s message said “look at the sword,another has already claimed the one you desire.” To The watcher “we mean no harm, though we serve Blooden we are not her puppet, we only desire to regain our former bodies,he must stay alive until he faces Blooden in battle.”

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    • (Is this RP down for the count?)

        Loading editor
    • (I thought AddictionInfliction or Tikkit wanted to reply in and I left for a while... If not, I can give a little answer.)

        Loading editor
    • (I was waiting for you, as the message was for the Slug and Addiction.)

        Loading editor
    • (Well... My bad, sorry.)

      Dzete seized the moment to resume the blade without any difficulty The giant slug was in a form of exstase with the blade in her. Apate stopped short after hearing the voice in her head and watched the blade in the hands of an angry Dzete and on the defensive. She was frightened and screamed at the human.

      Apate: Droop this sword... It's a Cursed sword !

      - Of course, yes... I will withdraw my only defense against you two! I'm going to cut you off if you're approaching me.

      Dzete stepped back and felt the wall behind him. A charge towards the giant slug would be suicide, but he does not really have the choice but to cut off his opponent slightly and try to escape afterwards. Apate does not move and keeps her face a little bit terrified.

      Apate: Poor madman, the cursed sword will talk to you and ask you to do horrible things! Please, droop the cursed blade...

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    • Ascendare stood ready to intervene should Dzete try and kill Apate.

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    • The soul-stitched, while staying invisible and holding the barrier up, grabbed the sword from Dzete’s grip before stabbing it into the scabbard,pushing him back a bit.

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    • Dzete looks out the blade that seems stuck.

      - ****! What is happening ?

      Apate advanced slightly as if he wanted to jump on Dzete. She stopped short and backed away, gesturing for Ascendare not to move.

      Apate: Wait, I think it's a trap, if I get close. The cursed blade will come out to hurt us and to feed us. If I don't advance, My "husband" have no reason to attack me... What do you think?

      Dzete kept trying to pull out the blade, he threw various insults under the fear.

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    • "Just talk him out of his violent attempts from there."

        Loading editor
    • Carric held the blade in the sheath. And noticing that the watcher had seemingly disappeared, decided it was somewhat safe to lower the barrier for now.

        Loading editor
    • Apate smiled slightly at Ascendare.

      Apate: I am open to other proposals and ideas if...

      - SHE  IS HERE .... Banshee of hell.

      Dzete saw a banshee, a hallucination. Apate turned to see the void and looked at Dzete with a most lost look.

      Apate: What banshee ?

      - They are three now... Fucked sword who does not want to go out!

      Dzete seemed to be seen in panic when he saw the banshee "approaching" him. Apate seemed appalled at seeing the human stick to the possible mutt and fprcer no longer rained out his blade.

      Apate: Calm down ! Only my friend Ascendare, you and me... Drop this cursed sword and rest in my arms or in a bed. Honey, you scare me !'

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    • Ascendare, who at this point was growing tired of this, walked up to Dzete and tried to take the weapon away from him.

        Loading editor
    • “I don’t care what you say Ross! Dzete needs help and he won’t listen to the slug or Acscendare! He might listen to us though.” Carric thinks towards his fellow soul. “I was just about to suggest that.” Ross stated. The show themselves useing the form that Acscendare and the slug knew. “Dzete! It’s just a figment of your imagination caused by fear,pain,hunger,and tiredness. They are not real.” Carric assured him

        Loading editor
    • Ascendare advances as if to join the "banshee". Dzete heard that voice inside him telling him that everything was a hallucination. Alas, the fact that the banshee seemed to be trying to catch him taken over... No for Dzete it was real.

      - You know what, we must always do the unexpected !

      Dzete jumped forward and dodged the banshee hug before rushing to the exit. Apate set out on Dzete's path. The giant slug easily managed to catch him, and her slimy side seemed to help her to imobilize him.

      - LET ME GO !

      Apate: NO !

      Dzete tries to struggle, Apate hugs him more and more against her to neutralize him.


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    • “ I apologize for this” Carric says before pulling out a dagger and hitting Dzete on the back of the head with its hilt, knocking him out for the moment.

        Loading editor
    • Apate watched Dzete lose consciousness, withdrew from him and walked away a little under the fear of the cursed sword. She could easily take her "husband" if that powerful object was not present.

      Apate: I believe.. The cursed blade could... Ascendare, what should we do with this cursed blade ? Why does my "husband" have this kind of "girl" with him ! I... I'm scared !'

        Loading editor
    • "Just throw it away. Now, I assume that you'll be in a position where you can have slimy fun with this man when he wakes up, correct?" Ascendare asked, picking up the cursed sword and tossing it out the window.

        Loading editor
    • Apate gives her a big happy smile.

      Apate: 'Yes, I'll be able... It's thanks to you' Ascendare !

        Loading editor
    • “Don’t!” Carric yells in fear “it’s to late for that! She has already latched onto him.” He says “from now on,it’s the only thing that’ll give him any chance against Blooden.” He then brings the sword back in. “Also, this is my cabin and I will not give you permission to have sex in here. But the chili is still warm so if you want any just ask.” He peacefully offers.

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    • "Well, if that's it than I will be taking my leave. I have other things to do."

        Loading editor
    • Dzete lies unconscious on the floor and Apate hesitates to take advantage of the occassion to violate... Or at least cover much of his slimy mucus to snared his movement and prevent him from escaping.

      Apate: That's nice, we should eat chili... Ascendare, you must be hungry too and you should eat too. I hope my "husband" does not eat everything.

        Loading editor
    • “Well we made plenty,so there’s enough for everyone” Carric told the slug “and to make sure he doesn’t fly into a frenzy when he wakes up” they create grey spikes to safely and gently hold Dzete in place.

        Loading editor
    • "I'm not a fan of chili, so no thank you." Ascendare says.

        Loading editor
    • “Oh, okay. Is there something else you would like to eat?” Carric asked Ascendare.

        Loading editor
    • The slug bowed politely.

      Apate: Thank you... Why this sudden change in your behavior?

      She ran her hand behind her own head, embarrassed.

      Apate: I... I have to apologize and thank you for offering me food. I hope there is no salt.

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    • "Not unless you have some manner of slime jelly." Ascendare says.

        Loading editor
    • To the slug Carric answered “when we first met, you seemed to be acting out of lust only. but after what just happened you showed that, even though you obviously knew nothing about him other than the fact he’s a human male, you actually have love for him. And I made sure to stop Ross from adding salt” He then split himself and Ross apart, making them two different entities again. “What kind of slime jelly would you prefer “ Ross asked Acscendare.

        Loading editor
    • The giant slug acquiesce.

      Apate: Uh... Thank you.

        Loading editor
    • "Bubble Slime if you have it."

        Loading editor
    • “Let’s see,regular slime,red slime,ah! Here it is.” Ross said as he hands a portion to the reptilian warrior.”we used to keep this around as bait for mamono back when we...” he stopped remembering that there were two mamono in the room.”when we were in our former occupation.” He quickly finished.

        Loading editor
    • The giant slug frowned for a few seconds, she was afraid for a moment, she tried to hide as much as she could.

      Apate: Your occupations you say... Why capture mamono ?

        Loading editor
    • Ascendare drinks the slime jelly, visibly relaxing.

        Loading editor
    • Both Carric and Ross look uneasy at the question “you don’t want to know.” Ross answered. “So, what should we do when Dzete wakes up? We don’t know if or when he’ll go crazy again.” Carric said, changing the subject.

        Loading editor
    • The giant slug squinted and began to retreat slowly.

      Apate: I don't like when i'm forced to make a decision... Why do you bait mamono here ? It's a trap from the beginning ?

        Loading editor
    • Sighing Carric said “no this isn’t a trap, we didn’t bait mamono here. The reason we did was for Bl-“ Ross then covered Carric’s mouth with his hand before answering ”for the order to get more information about their weaknesses. But as Carric mentioned earlier, we defected.”

        Loading editor
    • The giant slug keeps a suspicious face, she still scared and the explanation really struggles to convince her.

      Apate: All right, I'll believe you, even if it's really strange... Serve me a plate of chili.

        Loading editor
    • “Alright here you go.” After setting up the table for everyone Ross and Carric seem to have a silent argument from which only one name is gleaned,Blooden.

        Loading editor
    • The giant slug begins to eat chili.

      Apate: It's good, you very good for cooking and...

      A scream suddenly interrupts the giant slug.

      - BLOODEN !

      Dzete is still unconscious, he has probably scream the name unconsciously, relive the massacre of his village. The last picture being Blooden mocking him,  let him alone and alive... The lonely survivor.

      Apate: Is he awake?

        Loading editor
    • Carric gets up and pokes Dzete about ten more times then needed before saying “nope, but then again, he has had a long day, What with all his friends and family being wiped out by a homicidal succubus.”

        Loading editor
    • Apate finished her plate and seems shocked by the words she heard.

      Apate: What, is it Blooden who dared to do that ? I thought that the orders given by the demon lord were to love and convert human beings into incubus, not to exterminate them

        Loading editor
    • “There is always at least one who can resist the changes that demon lords bring upon monsters, and Blooden is one of them. This means that if she wants to she can and will kill. Be it humans or other monsters, she is able to kill.” Carric answers.

        Loading editor
    • The giant slug opened its mouth in amazement before closing it again.

      Apate: It's horrible... I was think those who did not bow to the demon lord's policy were eliminated.

      The giant slug revives chili plate will try to hide a fear. Finally, this boy was probably the worst husband in the world. This Blooden who leaves this man alive instead of killing it is not normal.

      Apate: If Blooden does not change his role in politics as a succubus... I think that means that she is very powerful and respectful.

        Loading editor
    • “Powerful,yes. Respectful, not towards her subordinates.” Ross bitterly muttered under his breath. “Don’t think negative of the young one.” Carric said “he is not a bad person. I’m not sure why Blooden targeted him, but it’s not because of how good a fighter he is. As you saw earlier.” He jokingly added.

        Loading editor
    • The giant slug is caught in his thoughts. She swallows the chili slowly, Apate is terrified.

      Apate: I... I may have walked on the territory of another.

      She leaves half of her chili and seems to overflow

      Apate: I... I'm leaving, I don't want to "annoy" Blooden.

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    • “Well, now to wait for you to wake up. Again.” Carric said looking at Dzete after Apate left.

        Loading editor
    • The vision continued again and again. Blooden mocking him after giving the sword to Dzete. An almost delicious insult ...
      In the end, after a few hours of the same scene .. His body under the fear of the scene where he understands that it remains only him to live takes it. His sweaty body of fear rose with a scream he had said at that moment.


      Dzete put his hands on his face. He was still breathing, and he would never forget all that.

        Loading editor
    • Carric poked Dzete a few more times. “Are you up now? If so, are you gonna go crazy again?” He asked while still poking the poor boy.

        Loading editor
    • Dzete pulled his hand away from his face and panicked for a few seconds, his breath quickened and he threw small moans of fear. The boy's hands and part of his body were slimy and the events with the giant slug came back to him.

      - There is a giant slug protected by a Mamono in armor who wants to give me a banshee !

      He began to breathe and looked around him, no sign at first glance of a Mamono.

      - I... I'm sorry, I panicked. You were not gone ?

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