• You're the first male mamano born to the DL. Due to plot reasons, you're going to remain the only male born to a mamano for a while. Sadly, the thing between your legs is over hyped and that's literally the only thing you're known for, being the first male born to a mamano. So in an act of teenage rebellion and to become more than the first male born to a mamano you've decided to become a pagan war god with hair dyed black to further push yourself away from your lineage


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    • (Not really a WWYD. You wrote “So in an act of teenage rebellion and to become more than the first male born to a Mamono you’ve decided to become a pagan war god with hair dyed black to further push yourself away from your lineage. WWYD”. You told us what we do.)

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    • Where cpuld we go from here?

      The story of our ascent is told, and no new plot thread has been introduced, so now what?

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    • (This is what I call a brick wall WWYD... you could dig and maybe find something you could do with it... but you gave us no cracks to start with...)

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    • Black-dyed hair is in reference to incubi having white hair, I think.

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    • @justheretowrite I think it's because all his sisters and his mother heve white hair.

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    • The climb was extensive, and the path was slow.

      I could have ascended the cosmic food-chain quite easily by murdering beings like mother, but I was raised better than that.

      So I began with the human maidens, the seven who sealed our true potential and kept mothers corruptive force at bay.

      One by one, I hunted them down, gathering an army of powerful, competitive mamono in my wake, all of whom I outpaced with ease.

      Soon orcs rolled in the mud for me, and ogres knelt.

      My strength served me well, and as my strength grew, so too did my corruptive aura.

      With each maiden defiled, I became that much more powerful, and it wasn't long before women who stepped too close were twisted into mountains of muscled monster, stronger than their predecessors by far, and ready to provide me new challenge.

      Even random succubi were far buffer than the norm.

      Eventually, it was time to complete my quest, the last maiden sat in a keep secluded from the outside world, and her power was far greater than that of the others.

      My comrades were brought low by her celibate force, but I was different, I fell no more before such a pitiful display.

      I continued up the mountain, alone.

      Soon, I had neared the peak, and the sky was thick with dark mist.

      I passed the fog, and there stood the mountaintop fortress, a miniscule monestary with a simple wall surrounding it.

      An austere iron gate blocked the only entrance, on the eastern side.

      So I wrested it from its mantle, and hurled it down the mountain.

      I pressed onward, into the sandy expanse of a rock garden.

      Gentle lines and straight rows were swept into the sand, and I spent no effort in preserving them.

      A woman sat meditating opposite the entrance, her form contained within clothes which had in all likelihood once been much looser in certain places.

      I stepped out of the ruined sand, and as I passed by several trees and flowers, I marveled at them.

      They changed not, as my power had grown, my mere presence had begun corrupting the plants in the other maiden sanctums before I had even touched the maidens.

      I had already won those battles before I had even entered the struggle, all of my fights had been like that, until now.

      A large pile of unearned victories, scattered over a silver platter.

      Now, I would have to prove myself.


      The woman opened her eyes, and stared at me.

      Her eyes were a light, piercing blue, and she seemed to almost stare into my soul.

      I would enjoy turning those icy pools red with lust.

      "Welcone, traveller. Have you come to be cleansed of corruption? Many have made the pilgrimmage to this place for my services, and I am always willing to oblige."

      I can't help but stare, one of her buttons is straining, and it's kind of funny.

      "Oh, well if you're so willing to help a poor traveller such as myself, then why not?"

      I slowly approach her, unsure where this facade will lead.

      "Well, if you wish to be cleansed, please knee-mmph!"

      I yank her down, as she's got more than a bit of a height advandage, and go for a deep kiss while climbing into her arms.

      Slowly, her hands grow ravenous, gripping me with increasingly hreedy lust, her body swells more, busting her clothes slightly, and horns sprout from her head in tandem with her new ears, marking her as my minotaur.

      Almost immediately, the plants begin to contort into suggestive shapes, and the pear tree begins to sprout a familiar, creamy fruit instead.

      At last, ultimate power, for myself, and for mother.

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