• Family: Lamia.

    Type: Reptile.

    Habitat. Rivers, Lakes, and cities in the Emberlight Depths.

    Disposition: Gentle, Kind, Intelligent.

    Diet: Omnivorous.

    The Slimescale Cult is rather peculiar, being one of the two important Cults dedicated to the Saurian Goddess of Water and Fertility, Gahrin. 

    They have the lower body of a purple scaled snake, which is covered by a sticky slime similar to that of a Mucus Toad. They had the upper body of a woman, with purple scaled arms covered in the same slime. In fact, their entire body is coated in it. Instead of hair they have a writhing nest of slime coated snakes, which are known for dutifully attending to their husband.

    The slime they are covered in is a gift from their goddess, and it not only can be used for healing, but also is known to cause their husband to shoot far larger loads, and to have increased stamina. They have been known to discourage attempts of using it on men other then their husband, unless a life depends on it.

    They often don't even need to hunt men in their natural habitats, as they are seen as holy beings along the lines of angels by those who worship Gahrin, and men will often come to them.

    However, should they be somewhere where they do need to hunt, they will approach a man they are fond of and bring him gifts and help him. Going out of their way to make his life easier, all the while making sure to tell him of how great her slime feels.

    When they win the heart of a man, they will use their slimy body to extract his spirit energy and then have their marriage blessed by another Slimescale Priestess, after which she'll get to work on having children. 

    The Slimescale Priestesses all answer to the Slimescale Hierophants, a mutation of them that gives them greater magical strength, and their slime is far more potent. However, only one of them actually does leading, as the others are busy being mothers.

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