• Your an (insert mamono) with a boyfriend who has been acting strange recently. He refuses to tell you whats going on. Then one night you find him sleeping in an alley. It turns out he has been fighting with his parents for a while and they threw him out. WWYD?

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    • I (A blue oni) walk over, and lift him (Shiro) up. I turn around and carry him back to my place. When he wakes up, he immediately recognized his surroundings. He looks for me, and finds me making dinner.

      Shiro: E-Erica?

      Me: That's my name, don't wear it out.

      Shiro: What Am I doing here?

      Me: You were asleep in the alley next to (Insert store name here). My best guess, it that your parents gave you the boot, which is also why you've been acting strange.

      Shiro: That's... You're right. My parents and I fought about something, and they disowed me... I'm sorry you had to go through the trouble of bringing me in...

      Me: The only thing I'm mad about is that you didn't come to me in the first place. But it's alright. I would never abandon you

      Shiro: I see... Can I have a drink?

      I pass him a can of beer, and talk out a bottle of sake for myself

      (The next day)

      When I wake up, I'm the one sleeping on the couch. I look around the room, and notice an empty bottle in my hand. I stare at the bottle for a bit, and place it down. I look down, and see that I'm also naked. Shiro is still sleeping with his head on my breasts. He seems to be naked as well. I stare again for a while, and kiss Shiro on his forehead, drifting back to sleep

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