• Family: Fly.

    Type: Bug.

    Habitat: The Plaguewood.

    DIet: Blood, Plants, Men's Spirit Energy.

    Disposition: Lustful, Mean, Lazy.

    The Pox Mosquito is often considered to be the greatest of Greenmuck's plague spreading creations, indeed, being partially one herself it only makes sense.

    They are rather different physically then their Vamp Mosquito counterpart, being around the size of say, a Ogre, and having breasts that would make any member of Sabbath label them heretical. They have a rather large Abdomen, which ends in a organ that spews a pink mist. Other then having a green and black exoskeleton on their legs and arms rather than white and black, there aren't any more differences.

    The mist they else has a effect similar to that of a Girtibilu's Venom. In that woman who come into contact with it will feel intense pleasure and become a mamono, and men will instantly get an erection, and search out a mamono to ravage. 

    When a man comes to them they will first inject him with a aphrodisiac by biting him. Unlike the normal Vamp Mosquito bite, this one doesn't cause irritation. However it also provides less pleasure, and more blood is drained. Afterwards she'll proceed to ravage the man, not stopping until she is completely painted white by his spirit energy, inside and out.

    The first man they attract this way is the one they Marry, and all others that she up coming to them are given to nearby unmarried mamono.

    Afterwards they'll become docile, busy caring for their daughters, and teaching them how to hunt for and pleasure their future husbands. This is a rather but change, as when not married they will often spend their days lazing about and getting other mamono to do things for them.

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