• Family: Lamia

    Type: Elemental.

    Habitat: Caves in the Emberlight Depths, Mines in the Emberlight Depths.

    Disposition: Simple, Devoted.

    DIet: Spells, Men's Spirit Energy.

    The Glitterscale Gorgon is one of the most common Crystal Elementals within the Emberlight Depths.

    They take the form of Medusae made out of glowing crystals. These crystals are surprisingly good feeling, and are rather susceptible to enchantments.

    They are also capable of consuming spells for energy. Making magical weapons ineffective against them. Indeed, they are far more likely to enhance her.

    They are rather similar to undead mamono, having the ability to transform into more powerful Glitterscale monsters when they get enough spirit energy.

    Speaking of Spirit Energy, they will often lie in wait within caverns and mines, disguised as a pile of crystals, and appear in front of men they are fond of. Afterwards they'll coil around them and have intercourse.

    After each session they'll grow stronger, and their husband will gain enhanced stamina and magical capabilities, until she transforms into a even stronger Glitterscale.

    They reproduce in a manner similar to slimes, as when they have enough excess energy a shard will break off and then into a Baby Glitterscale, who will learn how to pleasure their future husband from watching their mother.

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