• Family: Lamia.

    Type: Elemental.

    Habitat: Caves and Mines in the Emberlight Depths.

    Diet: Spells and Men's Spirit Energy.

    Disposition: Devoted, Lustful, Gentle.

    When a Glitterscale Gorgon receives enough Spirit Energy, and will transform into a stronger mamono, the Glitterscale Coatl.

    After this transformation, she will grow in size and strength, and her sexual abilities will be enhanced. Her serpentine hair becomes capable of injecting a magical aphrodisiac into their husband, and their crystal skin feels even better.

    They also become more like a Dragon, growing crystalline wings and becoming capable of breathing a magical fire, which foreshadows the next transformation they will undertake.

    Within this form they also grow more lustful, seeking to be covered by their husbands love, and will spend their free time thinking of ways to coax it out. 

    Due to the fact that all Glitterscale Coatls are already married, nothing is known about they hunt, or if there's any differences between them and a theoretically unmarried one. However, it is suspected that an unmarried one will probably chase after a man tirelessly, in a manner similar to a Wurm.

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