• You were accused of dealing with monsters.
    That was true, you actually had helped some Trolls that had gotten lost, and wondered in to order territory, from the neighbouring monster friendly state.
    While they might have been intimidating by appearance, they had been friendly towards you, and were rather eager to get away from the order territory. Unfortunately someone had seen you talking to them, and that had been enough to prove you guilty to the crime.
    You weren't exactly fond of monsters, and while order was probably right about majority of them, you knew quite well that there were some species that didn't deserve to be hunted to extinction. Kobolds, Cu Siths, Honeybees, Unicorns, and probably some others. How ever majority could very well be exterminated.

    For past 15 years you have been sitting in prison for your crime, another 15 still to go. The monster friendly state has turned to full blown demon realm, and if recent news have any truth to it your home nation is now fighting a losing battle against their expansion.
    Then again, looking out of the windows, it's pretty obvious that you see less and less people walking around. Normally there is people walking by all the time. But recently the amount of people has reduced, somehow you get the feeling that there is less and less people in the city.

    Couple days ago, a whole bunch of soldiers arrived to the city. Since then you have pretty much only seen soldiers outside. not a single civilian walking around anymore.
    This morning only one guard came to work. He brought news that the town has been lost. Order lost the battle, the prison is now surrounded by monsters, but order reinfocements are coming.
    If you could hold out for day, maybe two you probably get evacuated.

    That's when the alarms start to go off. It's not prisoners wanting out, it's monsters who want to get in.
    The guards have no chance to hold them off so any prisoner who is willing to fight by their side is welcome to do so. How ever there arent enogh weapons for everyone.
    Right now it looks like what ever you do the monsters will get in before the reinfocements arrive.

    As you looked out of the window, you see Hellhounds, Ogres, Demons, Hornets, Well... anything but those tolerable species. How ever, with quick estimate the prison population is larger than the amount of monsters outside.
    Then again in the prison population there most likely are those who aren't wanted even by monsters, in fact, you most likely are in the most wanted end of anyone inside.

    The prison main gate collapses, as wurm plows trough it. the monsters are flooding in.


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    • (Warning: might be violent.)

      Fuck. I wasn’t going to be taken by one of those T H O T S.

      Thinking quickly, I pulled a weak lead pipe from the wall and advanced over. Me, thin and malnourished, looked totally out of place amongst the meaty brutes in the front, (the majority of the convicts) all with weapons that could mulch me in a hit.

      Instead, I cowered behind them with the thinner convicts, feeling at home amongst gaunt chests and sallow faces. Most of the guards were there too, but standing behind the majority of the prisoners.

      As the door exploded inwards, the larger guys charged, shreiking into the fray. The monsters thought it was just some other malnourished pigpen full of males.

      How mistaken they were.

      Befkre the first one had even made it through, I already saw bodies drop to the floor, blood gushing from sputtering lips as they felled many harlots.

      The rest of us began to slowly make out way up through the complex. There were about seven levelz, full of criminals, before the roof, which had a landing pad for a helicopter. A few of the brutes followed as well, but most of them were stuck in fighting, letting out all their anger on monsters.

      It was at level four that we began having problems. Half of the brutes were busy slashing monsters or fucking them, while the other half were letting more prisoners out to use as meat shields. The monsters reappeared, gaining ground uninterrupted since out last retreat.

      The hulking prisoners, as well as a few scrawny guys, met them with more weapons, while the rest of us made a run flr it, barricading the fifth floor with everything we could, piling office desks and setting traps, before our incursion into the sixth floor so we could settle and lick our wounds.

      No sooner than we sat down to count supplies, the horde blasted in, catching us unawares. The handful of brutes, too tired to fight, were overwhelmed as us little guys and the guards rushed into the fray. They mopped us up, and I just managed to escape with a handful of prisoners to the roof.

      I’m still writing this as they pound and screech on the armoured doors. I don’t lnow what we’ll do. May the chief god have mercy on our souls.

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    • me: dead before sex * I proceed to commit suicide *

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    • Well damn, I've gotten myself into a bit of sticky wicket. Only thing is I've been in here for a while and seeing what the monsters were actually doing, contrary to the Order's lies, I figured what the hell. I deliberately get myself caught by two hellhounds and carried off for the funsies.

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    • I’m not exactly a warrior, all I know is a bit of magic. Couldn’t those trolls wait a bit longer for when I learned some actually useful spells for this situation. I could cast mana marker, and a spore mana shot that causes a lapse in judgement.

      I won’t be able to put up a fight… I got to escape. Which won’t be easy considering they got in while I was planning… ok I got to be quick.

      We have about 75 men to their about 45… actually make that 60 to 30… 15 got caught already. I’m here for helping monsters so I’m on the top of a few of their lists. Ugh, I’m panicking. I don’t need to describe every detail just focus.

      Ok I just use this little Mana marker here, I will use most of my mana on it and just keep enough for a mana shot. Now I run the opposite direction of the mana marker. The marker should distract most monsters for a bit atleast.

      I will give the other prisoners credit, they are putting up a fight. They are making a even better distraction then the mana marker. Ok I need to make it to the back..

      After a little bit most men have fallen and I’m in the back. Sadly I got a unexpected greeting from a demon looking at me. I try to shoot her with my mana shot to maybe get a opportunity to run, the issue was I wasn’t expecting a spell of her own. My spell fizzed out in the air.

      “Huh, how fitting, plant based” the demon said in a soft tone.

      “Wha-What do you mean by that”, I nervously say. I don’t get a answer, instead I see her grab me and That’s all I remember from that day.

      The next day I wake up in a traveling group with a Ogre carrying me and another man. The ogre is doing their best to make sure they don’t hurt the other man, but me on the hand… ow my back. I dare not speak, I certainly don’t want all eyes on me.

      I see a lot of the demons chatting to their prizes while most of the other monsters just go straight to the dirt. I do see the demon from earlier with another man… this is certainly strange. The ogre that’s been carrying me even has their prize as the other man. I was expecting someone else to grab me…

      It takes two days to get to where their taking me, a lot of the other monsters have left the group already even the ogre carrying me. All that’s really left is the demon, me and their prize. The demon takes me off to a cave and take me in.

      I see three trolls in the cave… and I know their names, Tiny, Median and Supercalif- I’m not going to try to say that full name. They are the same ones I helped before but why am I getting tak-

      Oh… that’s why they said the plant mana shot was fitting… Seeing that Tiny and Name I’m not saying have a man of their own… yep. Welp better then sleeping with a demon… way better.

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